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This quick glance feature shows all horses running today (who have a previous run) and if data in LR was the same. Ive just created it for a very specific request, but as with all - it can be developed. Send me a mail with any feedback/suggestions. Chris

Use this shortcut for more information on horses that have changed trainers

1.55 Fairyhouse Realtin Geal (USA) SAME-1fSAME
1.55 Fairyhouse Roman Gal (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.25 Fairyhouse Blood Red Sky (IRE) SAME-1f
2.25 Fairyhouse Boom Star (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.25 Fairyhouse Beat Of My Heart (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.25 Fairyhouse Boragh Steps (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.25 Fairyhouse Leedle Lady (IRE) SAME-1f
2.25 Fairyhouse Scoil Naisiunta (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.25 Fairyhouse Seamount Lady (IRE) SAME-2f
2.25 Fairyhouse Solar Wave (IRE) SAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Mo Henry SAMESAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Strategic Heights (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Pillar SAME+1f
2.55 Fairyhouse Rosa Klebb (IRE) SAME+1f
2.55 Fairyhouse Tom Dooley (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Eleuthera SAME-1f
2.55 Fairyhouse Your Pal Tal SAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse A Likely Story (IRE) SAME+1f
2.55 Fairyhouse Count Of Carabass (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Nightflight (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Red All Star (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Mr Michael (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Suburban Sky (IRE) SAME+1f
2.55 Fairyhouse Stanley Daley (IRE) SAME-2f
2.55 Fairyhouse La Fee Verte (IRE) SAME+1f
2.55 Fairyhouse Get Some (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Kingwilliamstown SAME+1fSAME
2.55 Fairyhouse My Butterfly (IRE) SAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Zeeyalater (IRE) SAME+1f
2.55 Fairyhouse La Fleur De Force (IRE) SAMESAME
2.55 Fairyhouse Bluesbreaker (IRE) SAME+1f
3.25 Fairyhouse Geological (IRE) SAME+1f
3.25 Fairyhouse Red Avenger (USA) SAME-2f
3.25 Fairyhouse Red Sabor SAMESAMESAME
3.25 Fairyhouse Captain Power (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
3.25 Fairyhouse Bainne (IRE) SAME-1f
3.25 Fairyhouse Independence Day (IRE) SAME+1f
3.25 Fairyhouse Rivellino SAME-0.5fSAME
3.25 Fairyhouse Palavicini Run (IRE) SAME-1f
3.25 Fairyhouse Midnitemudcrabs (IRE) SAME-2f
3.55 Fairyhouse At Your Service SAME-1f
3.55 Fairyhouse Barca (USA) SAME-1f
3.55 Fairyhouse Chanamee (IRE) SAME+1f
3.55 Fairyhouse Dravid UKC5+1fCHANGE
3.55 Fairyhouse Guardia Svizzera (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
3.55 Fairyhouse Perfect Soldier (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.25 Fairyhouse Landsman (IRE) SAMESAME
4.25 Fairyhouse Specific Gravity (FR) SAME+4f
4.25 Fairyhouse Sharjah (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
4.25 Fairyhouse Enzani (IRE) SAME-2f
4.25 Fairyhouse Political Policy (IRE) SAME-1f
4.25 Fairyhouse King Of Aran (IRE) SAME-7f
4.55 Fairyhouse Daybreak Boy (IRE) SAME+2.5f
4.55 Fairyhouse Fiesole SAME+0.5fSAME
4.55 Fairyhouse Brokopondo (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
4.55 Fairyhouse My Brother (IRE) UKC3SAME
4.55 Fairyhouse San Remo (IRE) SAME-1f
4.55 Fairyhouse Black Ruby (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
2.20 Newton Abbot Weld Arab (IRE) SAME+1f
2.20 Newton Abbot Arty Campbell (IRE) -1-3fSAME
2.20 Newton Abbot Knight Commander -1+0.5fCHANGE
2.20 Newton Abbot Magnus Romeo SAME+1f
2.20 Newton Abbot Fauve (IRE) SAMESAME-2fSAME
2.20 Newton Abbot Findusatgorcombe -1-2fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Carumba (IRE) SAME+1+0.5fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Horse Force One (IRE) SAME+2+5fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Mister Mister (IRE) +1+5.5f
2.50 Newton Abbot Silver Quay (IRE) SAME+10fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Vet Cert (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Whoshotwho (IRE) SAME+6fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Cheyona (IRE) SAME+1+0.5fSAME
2.50 Newton Abbot Spanish Queen SAME-1SAME
3.20 Newton Abbot Bagad Bihoue (FR) SAMESAMESAMESAME
3.20 Newton Abbot Vosne Romanee +1-0.5f
3.20 Newton Abbot The Land Agent (IRE) SAME+3-0.5f
3.20 Newton Abbot Valshan Time (IRE) +1-0.5fSAME
3.20 Newton Abbot Ivors Queen (IRE) +1SAME
3.50 Newton Abbot Amadeus Rox (FR) +2+5f
3.50 Newton Abbot Charlie Rascal (FR) +3+5fCHANGE
3.50 Newton Abbot Il Sicario (IRE) +3+7fCHANGE
3.50 Newton Abbot Phoenix Dawn +1+0.5fSAME
3.50 Newton Abbot Yorkshire Star (IRE) +1+0.5f
3.50 Newton Abbot Hot N Sassy (IRE) +2+7fCHANGE
3.50 Newton Abbot Performance Art (IRE) +3+8f
4.20 Newton Abbot Calin Du Brizais (FR) SAMESAMESAME
4.20 Newton Abbot Patricktom Boru (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME
4.20 Newton Abbot Dawnieriver (IRE) SAME+5f
4.20 Newton Abbot Royals And Rebels (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.20 Newton Abbot A Tail Of Intrigue (IRE) SAME+2.5fSAME
4.20 Newton Abbot Strumble Head (IRE) SAME+6.5fSAME
4.20 Newton Abbot Beuvron (FR) SAMESAMESAMESAME
4.50 Newton Abbot Retrieve (AUS) +2+7fCHANGE
4.50 Newton Abbot Bistouri Dhonore (FR) SAMESAME+2fSAME
4.50 Newton Abbot What A Scorcher +1+7f
4.50 Newton Abbot Theo (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
4.50 Newton Abbot Towering (IRE) SAME-4.5fSAME
4.50 Newton Abbot Gone Platinum (IRE) -1-4f
4.50 Newton Abbot Treasure The Ridge (IRE) SAME+2.5fSAME
4.50 Newton Abbot Gannicus SAME+3fSAME
4.50 Newton Abbot Scorpion Star (IRE) SAMESAME+2f
4.50 Newton Abbot Panis Angelicus (FR) SAME-1.5f
5.20 Newton Abbot Decimus (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
5.20 Newton Abbot Kentford Heiress SAME+6fSAME
5.20 Newton Abbot Sam Noir SAME+5.5fSAME
5.20 Newton Abbot Sutters Mill (IRE) SAME+2f
5.20 Newton Abbot Brave Helios +1+3.5f
5.20 Newton Abbot Archie Rice (USA) SAMESAMESAMESAME
5.20 Newton Abbot Bankhall (IRE) +1+6fSAME
5.20 Newton Abbot Superman De La Rue (FR) SAME+8f
5.20 Newton Abbot Backoftherock SAME+7fSAME
2.00 Redcar Falmouth Light (FR) -1SAMESAME
2.00 Redcar Arbalet (IRE) -1+1fSAME
2.00 Redcar Barbarianatthegate -1SAME
2.00 Redcar Crazy World SAME+2f
2.00 Redcar David Fallow SAME+1fSAME
2.00 Redcar Jaycols Star -1SAMESAME
2.00 Redcar Knowing Glance (IRE) -2+2fSAME
2.00 Redcar Tebay (IRE) SAME+1f
2.00 Redcar Angie B (IRE) SAME+1f
2.30 Redcar Hamba Moyo (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.30 Redcar Lethal Lady SAME+1fSAME
2.30 Redcar Molly Mayhem (IRE) SAMESAME
2.30 Redcar Tight Lines SAME+1fSAME
3.00 Redcar Green Howard SAMESAME
3.00 Redcar The Dukkerer (IRE) -1+0.5fSAME
3.00 Redcar Lozah -1+1fSAME
3.00 Redcar Kensington Palace (IRE) SAME+0.5f
3.00 Redcar Mr Sundowner (USA) SAME-1f
3.00 Redcar Twistsandturns (IRE) -1-1.5f
3.00 Redcar Sooqaan -1+0.5fSAME
3.00 Redcar Graceful Act SAME-1f
3.00 Redcar Leonard Thomas SAME+2f
3.00 Redcar Snappydresser SAME+2fCHANGE
3.00 Redcar Dylans Storm (IRE) -1+0.5f
3.00 Redcar Nelsons Bay -1+1f
3.00 Redcar Cosmic Dust SAME-1fSAME
3.00 Redcar Rupert Boy (IRE) SAME+2f
3.00 Redcar Pindaric SAME+1f
3.00 Redcar Navajo Thunder (IRE) -1-1f
3.30 Redcar Something Brewing (FR) -2-1f
3.30 Redcar Chipping (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
3.30 Redcar Roys Dream SAME+1f
3.30 Redcar Haworth SAME+1f
3.30 Redcar Fortuities (IRE) SAME-1.5f
3.30 Redcar Channel Packet SAME-1f
3.30 Redcar Hitchcock SAME-0.5fSAME
3.30 Redcar Clear As A Bell (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
3.30 Redcar Prince Of Clappers SAME-1f
3.30 Redcar Darvie +1+1fSAME
3.30 Redcar Redrosezorro SAMESAMESAME
3.30 Redcar Atrafan (IRE) SAME+1f
3.30 Redcar Silk Mill Blue +1SAME
3.30 Redcar Regal Decree SAME+1f
3.30 Redcar Baby Helmet +1SAME
3.30 Redcar Thornton Mary SAME-3f
3.30 Redcar Zarkavon +1+1f
4.00 Redcar Dutch Artist (IRE) -1+2.5fSAME
4.00 Redcar Kiwi Bay -1+2f
4.00 Redcar Chelwood Gate (IRE) -1SAME
4.00 Redcar Hannington SAMESAME
4.00 Redcar In The House (IRE) SAME-6f
4.00 Redcar Mysterial -1-2fSAME
4.00 Redcar Warfare -1-0.5f
4.00 Redcar Attain -1SAMESAME
4.30 Redcar Singeur (IRE) SAME+1f
4.30 Redcar Art Obsession (IRE) SAMESAME
4.30 Redcar Zapper Cass (FR) SAMESAMESAME
4.30 Redcar Muscika SAMESAMESAME
4.30 Redcar Duke Cosimo SAMESAMESAME
4.30 Redcar Funding Deficit (IRE) -2-1f
4.30 Redcar Highly Sprung (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.30 Redcar Stone Of Folca +1SAMECHANGE
4.30 Redcar Monks Stand (USA) SAMESAME
5.00 Redcar Lil Sophella (IRE) -2SAME
5.00 Redcar Alexandrakollontai (IRE) -2SAME
5.00 Redcar Connemera Queen SAMESAMESAME
5.00 Redcar Flourishing -1+0.5f
5.00 Redcar Lyric Harmony (IRE) -1SAME
5.00 Redcar Beatbybeatbybeat SAME+0.5fSAME
5.00 Redcar Totally Magic (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
5.00 Redcar Beadlam (IRE) +1+1fSAME
5.00 Redcar Vaulted SAME-0.5fSAME
5.00 Redcar Pantera Negra (IRE) SAME+0.5f
5.00 Redcar Nancy Hart SAME+1fSAME
5.00 Redcar Someone Exciting -1+1f
5.00 Redcar Bertha Burnett (IRE) SAME-2.5f
5.30 Redcar Serenity Now (IRE) -1-3f
5.30 Redcar Ingleby Hollow SAMESAME
5.30 Redcar Ominotago SAME+2.5f
5.30 Redcar London Glory -1+1.5f
5.30 Redcar Jan De Heem -1+2fSAME
5.30 Redcar Maple Stirrup (IRE) +1-2.5f
5.30 Redcar Midnight Warrior +1+2f
5.30 Redcar Picture Painter (IRE) +1+1.5fSAME
5.30 Redcar Adrakhan (FR) +1+1.5f
5.30 Redcar Angel In The Snow +1SAME
2.10 Stratford Champagne City SAMESAMESAMESAME
2.10 Stratford Mister Universum (GER) SAMESAMESAME
2.10 Stratford Chasing Headlights (IRE) +1-6fSAME
2.10 Stratford Fair Frank +1+1f
2.10 Stratford Justice Knight (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME
2.10 Stratford Kalanisi Glen (IRE) SAME+0.5f
2.10 Stratford Not At All (FR) SAME+0.5f
2.10 Stratford Ocean Eleven SAME+0.5fSAME
2.10 Stratford Diamondsaretrumps (IRE) +2+9.5f
2.40 Stratford Lightentertainment (IRE) SAME+1.5f
2.40 Stratford Finch Flyer (IRE) SAMESAME-4fSAME
2.40 Stratford The Kvilleken SAME-5.5f
2.40 Stratford Buble (IRE) SAME-3fSAME
2.40 Stratford Cliffside Park (IRE) IRE+2fCHANGE
2.40 Stratford Gambol (FR) SAME+5f
2.40 Stratford Art Looker (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
3.10 Stratford Definite Future (IRE) +1-3f
3.10 Stratford Canicallyouback +2-2.5f
3.10 Stratford Cape Caster (IRE) +2+1.5f
3.10 Stratford Red Riverman +2+1f
3.10 Stratford Irish Thistle (IRE) +1-3.5fSAME
3.40 Stratford Policy Breach (IRE) +1+3.5fSAME
3.40 Stratford Land Of Vic SAME+3.5fSAME
3.40 Stratford Miss Mobot SAMESAMESAME
3.40 Stratford Beneficial Joe (IRE) SAMESAME
3.40 Stratford Mighty Leader (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
3.40 Stratford Lillian (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.10 Stratford Buck Magic (IRE) -1-2.5fCHANGE
4.10 Stratford Bonobo (IRE) SAME+4f
4.10 Stratford Conteur dHistoire (FR) SAME-1f
4.10 Stratford Kalaskadesemilley SAME+3fSAME
4.10 Stratford Skilled +1-0.5f
4.10 Stratford Miami Present (IRE) SAME-0.5f
4.10 Stratford Orchestrated (IRE) +1+3.5f
4.10 Stratford Icanmotor SAME+1-3fSAME
4.10 Stratford Blackfire (FR) +1-0.5fSAME
4.40 Stratford Charlie Papa Lima (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
4.40 Stratford Wynford (IRE) +1+2.5fSAME
4.40 Stratford Vital Evidence (USA) SAME+2.5fCHANGE
4.40 Stratford Hazamar (IRE) SAME+1.5f
4.40 Stratford Hongkong Adventure +1+2fCHANGE
4.40 Stratford Mizen Master (IRE) -1+2fCHANGE
4.40 Stratford The Otmoor Poet SAME+7.5f
4.40 Stratford Distant High +1+6.5f
4.40 Stratford Holy Cross (IRE) SAME-2f
5.10 Stratford Celer Et Audax SAME+1SAMESAME
5.10 Stratford Pure Affection (IRE) +2+0.5fSAME
5.10 Stratford Nicely Done (IRE) +2+0.5fSAME
5.10 Stratford Oksana +2+0.5f
2.05 Tipperary Mandamus (IRE) SAME+4f
2.05 Tipperary Bhutan (IRE) SAMESAME
2.05 Tipperary Born To Size (GER) SAMESAME
2.05 Tipperary Canny Tom (IRE) SAMESAME
2.05 Tipperary Friary Gold (IRE) SAMESAME
2.05 Tipperary Gabriel Archer (IRE) SAME-1fCHANGE
2.05 Tipperary Guitar George (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
2.05 Tipperary Mick Charlie (IRE) SAMESAME-4fSAME
2.05 Tipperary Petit Chef (FR) SAME-4.5f
2.05 Tipperary Pound A Stroke (IRE) SAMESAME
2.05 Tipperary Toor General (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.05 Tipperary Diego Manchego (IRE) SAMESAME
2.05 Tipperary Super Bowl (FR) SAME-3fSAME
2.05 Tipperary Field Robin (IRE) SAME-3f
2.05 Tipperary Mysloegin (IRE) SAMESAME
2.35 Tipperary Cap Daubois (FR) SAME+8f
2.35 Tipperary Prince Garyantle (IRE) SAMESAME
2.35 Tipperary Bay Of Freedom (IRE) SAMESAME
2.35 Tipperary Gladiator King (IRE) SAME+11f
2.35 Tipperary Thanks For Tea (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.35 Tipperary Old Meadow (IRE) SAME-1.5f
2.35 Tipperary Rock Road (IRE) SAME+6f
3.05 Tipperary War Of The Pennys (IRE) SAME-1f
3.05 Tipperary Wolfslair (IRE) SAME-3f
3.05 Tipperary Persistent (IRE) SAME+3.5f
3.05 Tipperary Maighnealta (IRE) SAME-0.5f
3.05 Tipperary For Freddie (IRE) SAME-5f
3.05 Tipperary There Was A Time (IRE) SAME+4f
3.05 Tipperary Derrygereen Girl (IRE) SAME-4.5f
3.05 Tipperary Marshim (IRE) SAMESAME
3.05 Tipperary Caniwillyegiveme (IRE) SAME-5f
3.05 Tipperary Courtin Bb (IRE) SAME-5f
3.05 Tipperary Youngnedofthehill (IRE) SAME+4fCHANGESAME
3.05 Tipperary Back In Black (IRE) SAME+5f
3.05 Tipperary Gold Smoke (IRE) SAMESAME
3.05 Tipperary Jamesmicheal (IRE) SAMESAME
3.05 Tipperary Disparue (FR) SAME+4f
3.05 Tipperary Silver Planeur (FR) SAMESAME
3.05 Tipperary Generous Guest (IRE) SAMESAME
3.05 Tipperary West Light SAME-2f
3.35 Tipperary Shake The Bucket (IRE) SAME-3fSAME
3.35 Tipperary Jack The Wire (IRE) SAME-7fSAME
3.35 Tipperary Game Puppeteer (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
3.35 Tipperary Shes Everything (IRE) SAME-4f
3.35 Tipperary Oighear Dubh (IRE) SAME+0.5f
3.35 Tipperary Summer Storm SAME+1f
3.35 Tipperary Banker Burke (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
3.35 Tipperary Longhouse Music SAME+1f
3.35 Tipperary Magnetic Force (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
3.35 Tipperary Arthamint SAME+1fSAME
3.35 Tipperary Just Wait And See (IRE) SAME-7f
3.35 Tipperary Table Tips (IRE) SAME+0.5fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Bakers Street SAME+3.5f
4.05 Tipperary Hurricane Sky (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Mossy Island (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Oscar Buzz (IRE) SAME+0.5fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Pass The Ball (IRE) SAMESAME-4fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Rolling Revenge (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Sam King (IRE) SAME-1.5fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Strideout Euro (IRE) SAME-5fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Double Windsor (IRE) SAME-5fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Kalinite (IRE) SAME-5fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Charlottes Chum (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Cheiliuradh (IRE) SAME-1f
4.05 Tipperary Rock Solid (IRE) SAME+3.5f
4.05 Tipperary Shaluna (IRE) SAME+4f
4.05 Tipperary Satnav Sally (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
4.05 Tipperary Emigrated (IRE) SAME+6f
4.05 Tipperary Tortueuse (IRE) SAME+4f
4.05 Tipperary Clonleney (IRE) SAME-2f
4.05 Tipperary Jonathan Wild (IRE) SAME+0.5f
4.35 Tipperary Round Tower (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
4.35 Tipperary The Winkler (IRE) SAME+4f
4.35 Tipperary The Gatechecker (IRE) SAME-5f
4.35 Tipperary A Decent Excuse (IRE) SAME-1f
4.35 Tipperary Capture The Drama (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
4.35 Tipperary Coldstonesober (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.35 Tipperary Mitebeall Forluck SAMESAME
4.35 Tipperary Jack Slade (IRE) SAME-1f
4.35 Tipperary Tisamystery (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.35 Tipperary Nobody Home (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
4.35 Tipperary Eiri Na Casca (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.35 Tipperary Ballyfinboy (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.35 Tipperary Robin De Roost (IRE) SAMESAME
5.05 Tipperary Fabulous Saga (FR) SAME-4fSAME
5.05 Tipperary Pass Hymn SAMESAMESAME
5.05 Tipperary Thermistocles (IRE) SAME-4.5fSAME
5.05 Tipperary King Ned (IRE) SAME-4.5fSAME
5.05 Tipperary Ballybrowney Jack (FR) SAMESAME
5.05 Tipperary Battery Park (IRE) SAME-1f

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