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This quick glance feature shows all horses running today (who have a previous run) and if data in LR was the same. Ive just created it for a very specific request, but as with all - it can be developed. Send me a mail with any feedback/suggestions. Chris

Use this shortcut for more information on horses that have changed trainers

2.25 Catterick Canfords Joy (IRE) SAMESAME
2.25 Catterick Emphatic (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.25 Catterick Three Saints Bay (IRE) SAME-1f
2.25 Catterick Dalawyna (FR) -1-1f
2.25 Catterick Swiss Marlin -1SAME
3.00 Catterick Barford (IRE) SAMESAME
3.00 Catterick Tunes Of Glory SAMESAMESAME
3.00 Catterick Bungee Jump (IRE) +1SAME
3.00 Catterick Austin Powers (IRE) IRE+0.5f
3.00 Catterick Poets Dawn -2-1f
3.00 Catterick Dontgiveuponbob +1-1f
3.00 Catterick Star Of Zaam (IRE) -2-1f
3.00 Catterick El Chapo +1-1f
3.00 Catterick Bibbidibobbidiboo (IRE) SAME-1f
3.35 Catterick Undercover Brother SAMESAME
3.35 Catterick Bow Belles -2SAME
3.35 Catterick Funkadelic +1SAME
3.35 Catterick Bahuta Acha SAME-1fSAME
3.35 Catterick Mocead Cappall SAMESAMESAME
3.35 Catterick The Auld Hoose (IRE) SAME-1f
4.10 Catterick Mr Globetrotter (USA) +1-2.5f
4.10 Catterick Brandon Castle +1SAME
4.10 Catterick Star Of Lombardy (IRE) SAME+2f
4.10 Catterick Fulham (IRE) SAMESAME
4.10 Catterick Up Ten Down Two (IRE) SAME+2f
4.10 Catterick First Quest (USA) +1+2.5f
4.10 Catterick Sheriff Garrett (IRE) SAME+1SAME
4.45 Catterick Mukhayyam SAME-2fSAME
4.45 Catterick Airton +1SAME
4.45 Catterick Je Suis Charlie SAME+2SAME
4.45 Catterick Sellingallthetime (IRE) +2SAME
4.45 Catterick Monaco Rose +2-2f
4.45 Catterick Wotabreeze (IRE) SAME+4SAME
4.45 Catterick Mr Sundowner (USA) SAME+4SAME
4.45 Catterick Midnight Warrior SAME+3SAME
5.20 Catterick Old China +1SAMESAME
5.20 Catterick Embers Glow -1-0.5fSAME
5.20 Catterick Ambrosia -1-1f
5.20 Catterick Guiding Passion (FR) +1SAME
5.20 Catterick Kirkbys Phantom -1SAMECHANGE
5.55 Catterick Bernies Boy SAMESAMESAMECHANGE
5.55 Catterick Celtic Artisan (IRE) SAME-1.5f
5.55 Catterick Chickenfortea (IRE) -2+2f
5.55 Catterick Tanawar (IRE) SAMESAME+1f
5.55 Catterick Jack Nevison -1-1f
5.55 Catterick Be Bold SAME+1fSAME
5.55 Catterick Bold Spirit SAMESAME+1fSAME
5.55 Catterick Carlovian SAME-1.5f
5.55 Catterick Rebel Flame SAME-1.5f
5.55 Catterick Regal Decree SAMESAME
5.55 Catterick Ginger Love SAMESAME+1fSAME
5.55 Catterick Lukoutoldmakezebak SAMESAME+1fSAME
6.25 Catterick Donnellys Rainbow (IRE) -1SAME
6.25 Catterick Iceaxe SAMESAMESAME
6.25 Catterick Sugar Beach (FR) -1+1f
6.25 Catterick Tellovoi (IRE) SAMESAME
6.25 Catterick Blue Jacket (USA) SAMESAME
6.25 Catterick Mischief Managed (IRE) -1+1fSAME
6.25 Catterick Danot (IRE) SAMESAME
6.25 Catterick Someone Exciting SAME+1f
6.25 Catterick Melaniemillie SAME+1f
6.25 Catterick Redrosezorro SAME-1fSAME
6.25 Catterick Refuse Colette (IRE) SAMESAMECHANGE
6.25 Catterick My Angel -2SAMESAME
1.50 Navan Asbury Boss (IRE) SAME+2fCHANGE
1.50 Navan Askance SAME-0.5f
1.50 Navan Doo Wakka Doo (IRE) SAME-0.5f
1.50 Navan Edelpour (IRE) SAME+4fCHANGE
1.50 Navan Fern Owl UKC4SAMECHANGE
1.50 Navan Gertoni (IRE) SAME-4f
1.50 Navan Golden Jewel (IRE) SAMESAME
1.50 Navan In Our Blood (IRE) SAMESAME+6fCHANGE
1.50 Navan Lusis Naturea UKC5+0.5fCHANGE
1.50 Navan Mickey Shea (IRE) SAMESAME
1.50 Navan Mistiness (IRE) SAME+4f
1.50 Navan Mustmeetforapint (IRE) SAME-4f
1.50 Navan Onthewayback (IRE) SAME-1.5f
1.50 Navan Soleglad (IRE) SAME-1f
1.50 Navan Urbanist (IRE) SAMESAME
1.50 Navan Boris Grishenko (IRE) UKC5-0.5f
1.50 Navan Mengli Khan (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
1.50 Navan Niven (IRE) SAME+8fCHANGE
1.50 Navan Santiago de Cuba (IRE) SAME-1f
1.50 Navan Share The Honour SAME-1f
1.50 Navan The Mouse Doctor (IRE) SAME+6f
1.50 Navan Hip Hop Dancer (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
1.50 Navan Piranto (IRE) SAMESAME
1.50 Navan The Lady Of Brega (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
1.50 Navan Glamorous Nellie (IRE) SAMESAME
1.50 Navan Grallagh (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
1.50 Navan Repare Mon (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
1.50 Navan Swedish Connection (IRE) SAME-1.5f
2.20 Navan Little Stevie SAME-4f
2.20 Navan Soir De Chantenay (FR) SAME-0.5f
2.20 Navan Roachdale House (IRE) SAMESAME
2.20 Navan Bog War (IRE) SAMESAME+2f
2.20 Navan Fiesole SAME+4f
2.20 Navan Jacobs Well (IRE) SAME-4f
2.20 Navan Russian Roulette (IRE) SAME-5f
2.20 Navan Banjo (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.20 Navan Just Call Me (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
2.20 Navan Weightfordave (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
2.20 Navan Seas Aria (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.20 Navan Bakers Street SAME+2f
2.20 Navan Neddyvaughan (IRE) SAMESAME
2.20 Navan Creeping Ivy (IRE) SAME+3f
2.20 Navan Kilkeaskins First (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.20 Navan Bag of Diamonds SAMESAMESAME
2.55 Navan Runyon Rattler (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
2.55 Navan Moulin A Vent SAME-2fSAME
2.55 Navan Jaime Sommers (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.55 Navan Masterson (IRE) SAME+2f
2.55 Navan High Nellie (IRE) SAME+1f
3.30 Navan Salsa Sensation (IRE) SAME-2f
3.30 Navan State Of Origin (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
3.30 Navan Better Back Bob (IRE) SAME+2.5fSAME
3.30 Navan Swingbridge (IRE) SAME-3f
3.30 Navan Lets Twist Again (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
3.30 Navan Meadow Cross (IRE) SAME+2f
3.30 Navan Misdflight (IRE) SAME+2f
3.30 Navan Wee Small Hours (IRE) SAME+3.5fSAME
3.30 Navan Augher Castle (IRE) SAMESAME
3.30 Navan Brave Deed (IRE) SAME+2f
3.30 Navan Uptake SAMESAMESAME
3.30 Navan Muroor SAME+10f
3.30 Navan The Trigger (IRE) SAME+6f
3.30 Navan Phar Island (IRE) SAME+6fSAME
3.30 Navan Dry Run (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
3.30 Navan Joint Reaction (IRE) SAME-3fSAME
3.30 Navan Select Opportunity (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
3.30 Navan Mileys Dream (IRE) SAME+2f
3.30 Navan Ballygill Countess (IRE) SAME-2f
3.30 Navan Charlottes Chum (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.30 Navan Hannah Huxwell (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.30 Navan Jet Mistress (IRE) SAME+2f
3.30 Navan Ohherewego (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
3.30 Navan Run Dont Hide (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
3.30 Navan The Crane Man (IRE) SAME+2f
4.05 Navan A Sizing Network (FR) SAMESAMESAME
4.05 Navan Ballela Boy (IRE) SAME-2f
4.05 Navan Bel Ami De Sivola (FR) SAME-2f
4.05 Navan Call The Taxie (IRE) SAME-4f
4.05 Navan Diggin Deep (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.05 Navan Flycorn (IRE) UKC4-0.5f
4.05 Navan Little Haarth (IRE) SAME+0.5fSAME
4.05 Navan Marakoush (IRE) SAME+4fSAME
4.05 Navan Rebelion Boy (IRE) SAME+2f
4.05 Navan Star Counsel (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.05 Navan Django Du Pecos (FR) SAME+4fCHANGE
4.40 Navan Jarob SAMESAME
4.40 Navan Cocktails At Dawn UKC3-4fCHANGE
4.40 Navan Katnap (FR) UKC1-1f
4.40 Navan Hash Brown (IRE) SAMESAME
4.40 Navan Hurricane Darwin (IRE) SAMESAME
4.40 Navan The Winkler (IRE) SAME-0.5f
4.40 Navan Cecil Corbett SAME-2f
4.40 Navan Benemeade (IRE) SAMESAME
4.40 Navan Whatareudoingtome (IRE) SAME-5f
4.40 Navan Chief Of Panama (IRE) SAME+3fSAME
4.40 Navan My Hometown (IRE) SAME-4f
1.15 Newbury Boko Fittleworth (IRE) +1SAME
1.15 Newbury Cuban Heel SAMESAMESAME
1.15 Newbury Fennaan (IRE) SAMESAME
1.15 Newbury Reshaan (IRE) SAMESAME
1.15 Newbury Sam Gold (IRE) +1SAME
1.15 Newbury Peggie Sue +1SAME
1.45 Newbury Ateem (FR) SAMESAME
1.45 Newbury Capital Flight (IRE) -2SAMESAME
1.45 Newbury Emaraaty +1SAMESAME
1.45 Newbury Magnificent SAMESAME
1.45 Newbury Matewan (IRE) SAMESAME
1.45 Newbury Sapper SAME+1f
1.45 Newbury Foxangel +1+1fSAME
1.45 Newbury Sugar Plum Fairy SAME+1f
2.15 Newbury Secret Number SAME+1f
2.15 Newbury Fabricate SAME+1f
2.15 Newbury Across The Stars (IRE) SAME-1.5f
2.15 Newbury Desert Encounter (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
2.15 Newbury Dylan Mouth (IRE) +1-1fSAME
2.15 Newbury My Dream Boat (IRE) SAME+0.5fSAME
2.15 Newbury Scarlet Dragon SAME-1fSAME
2.15 Newbury Second Step (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
2.15 Newbury What About Carlo (FR) +1+1f
2.15 Newbury Architecture (IRE) SAME-1f
2.15 Newbury Wingingit (IRE) IRE-3fCHANGE
2.50 Newbury Enjazaat SAMESAMESAME
2.50 Newbury Grand Koonta (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.50 Newbury Helvetian +1-0.5f
2.50 Newbury Invincible Army (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.50 Newbury James Garfield (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
2.50 Newbury Lansky (IRE) SAME-1f
2.50 Newbury Nebo (IRE) SAMESAME
2.50 Newbury No Im Easy (IRE) +3SAMESAME
2.50 Newbury Rebel Streak +3SAME
2.50 Newbury Staxton SAMESAMESAME
3.25 Newbury Snoano SAME-0.5f
3.25 Newbury Banksea SAME+2f
3.25 Newbury Fidaawy SAME-2fSAME
3.25 Newbury Leshlaa (USA) SAME+2f
3.25 Newbury Eddystone Rock (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
3.25 Newbury Euginio (IRE) SAMESAME
3.25 Newbury Erik The Red (FR) SAME-2fSAME
3.25 Newbury Baydar SAME-0.5fCHANGE
3.25 Newbury First Flight (IRE) IRESAME
3.25 Newbury Azari SAME-1.5f
3.25 Newbury Law And Order (IRE) -1-2fSAME
3.25 Newbury Silver Ghost (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.25 Newbury Anythingtoday (IRE) SAME-2f
3.25 Newbury Al Neksh SAMESAMESAME
3.25 Newbury Shabbah (IRE) SAMESAME
3.25 Newbury Curlew River SAME-0.5f
3.25 Newbury Brorocco SAME-0.5f
3.25 Newbury Teodoro (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.25 Newbury Threat Assessed (IRE) +1-0.5f
3.25 Newbury Reaver (IRE) SAME+2f
4.00 Newbury Caspian Prince (IRE) IRESAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Muthmir (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Priceless SAMESAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Abstraction (IRE) IRESAMECHANGESAME
4.00 Newbury Cotai Glory IRESAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Encore dOr SAMESAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Goldream SAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Judicial (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
4.00 Newbury Just Glamorous (IRE) +1SAME
4.00 Newbury Line Of Reason (IRE) +1-0.5f
4.00 Newbury Mirza SAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Take Cover SAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Waady (IRE) +2SAME
4.00 Newbury Hit The Bid IRESAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Go On Go On Go On SAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Thesme SAMESAME
4.00 Newbury Rosie Briar SAMESAMESAME
4.35 Newbury Barye -1-4f
4.35 Newbury Youre Hired SAME+3f
4.35 Newbury Paris Protocol SAMESAME-1.5fSAME
4.35 Newbury Withhold +1-4fCHANGE
4.35 Newbury Sunblazer (IRE) -1-8.5f
4.35 Newbury Seafarer (IRE) -1SAME
4.35 Newbury Sea Fox (IRE) -1+2f
4.35 Newbury Weekender +1+2f
4.35 Newbury Daphne SAME-2f
4.35 Newbury Croquembouche (IRE) +1SAME
4.35 Newbury Okool (FR) +1SAME
4.35 Newbury Galactic Prince +1-1.5fSAME
5.05 Newbury Killay +1SAMESAME
5.05 Newbury Warsaw Road (IRE) SAMESAME
5.05 Newbury Inner Circle (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
5.05 Newbury Pursuing Steed SAMESAME-1fSAME
5.05 Newbury Ariena (IRE) -1SAME
5.05 Newbury Sfumato SAME+1fSAME
5.05 Newbury Esprit De Corps SAME-1f
5.05 Newbury Multicultural (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
5.05 Newbury Dourado (IRE) +1SAMESAME
5.05 Newbury Katheefa (USA) +1SAME
5.05 Newbury Mr Tyrrell (IRE) SAMESAME-1f
5.05 Newbury Dark Destroyer (IRE) SAMESAME
5.05 Newbury Awesome Allan (IRE) SAMESAME
1.25 Newmarket (Rowley) Quargent (USA) +1+1f
1.25 Newmarket (Rowley) Gift of Hera -2SAMESAME
1.25 Newmarket (Rowley) Late Change SAME+1fSAME
1.25 Newmarket (Rowley) Narodowa -2+1f
1.25 Newmarket (Rowley) Sheikha Reika (FR) SAMESAMESAME
1.25 Newmarket (Rowley) Stream Song +1SAME
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) Crowned Eagle -2-3fSAME
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) First Nation -1-2f
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) City Of Joy -1+2f
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) Apex King (IRE) -2-1.5f
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) Ay Ay (IRE) -1SAME
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) The Statesman +1SAME
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) Monticello (IRE) SAMESAME
2.00 Newmarket (Rowley) Harbour Rock +1SAMESAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Elysian Fields (GR) -1SAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Sagely (IRE) SAME+2f
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Lucy The Painter (IRE) -1+1.5f
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Langlauf (USA) +1SAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Vuela +1SAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Cribbs Causeway (IRE) -1SAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Three Duchesses SAME+2fSAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Tarte Tropezienne (IRE) +1+0.5f
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Lady Bergamot (FR) SAMESAMESAME
2.35 Newmarket (Rowley) Star Rock SAME+2SAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Oriental Fox (GER) SAME+1.5fSAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Agent Murphy SAME+6.5f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Shrewd SAME+3.5f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Seaport SAME+6f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Sternrubin (GER) +2+4f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Who Dares Wins (IRE) -1+4.5fSAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Oceane (FR) SAME+1.5fSAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Time To Study (FR) SAME+3.5f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) The Graduate (IRE) IRE+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Taws +1+2fSAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Havana Beat (IRE) +2-2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Arthur Mc Bride (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Great Fighter SAME+4f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Corpus Chorister (FR) +2+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Mister Manduro (FR) SAME+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Percy Veer +2+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Denmead +2+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Coeur de Lion +3+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Medburn Cutler +1+2f
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Hawkerland (IRE) SAME-2.5fSAME
3.10 Newmarket (Rowley) Graceful Lady +2+1.5fSAME
3.45 Newmarket (Rowley) Dance To Paris +1+1f
3.45 Newmarket (Rowley) Speed Craft +1SAMESAME
3.45 Newmarket (Rowley) Trump Alexander (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Noble Peace -1SAME
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Easy Tiger -1SAMESAME
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Medieval (IRE) -1-1f
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Prost (GER) SAME-1f
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Human Nature (IRE) -1SAME
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Robin Weathers (USA) -1-1f
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Wannabe Friends SAME-1f
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Bernardo OReilly -1SAME
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Daschas SAME-1fCHANGE
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Noble Star (IRE) SAME-1f
4.20 Newmarket (Rowley) Shyron +1SAMESAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Mont Kiara (FR) -1+1f
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Related -1SAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Open Wide (USA) -1SAMESAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Moonraker SAMESAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Hart Stopper -1SAMESAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Gorgeous Noora (IRE) +1SAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Ninjago SAMESAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Poets Princess -2SAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Majeste SAME-2f
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Glenamoy Lad +1SAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Ancient Astronaut +2-1f
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Farleigh Mac -1+1fSAME
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Captain Lars (SAF) SAME+1f
4.55 Newmarket (Rowley) Yorkee Mo Sabee (IRE) SAME-2fCHANGE
5.30 Newmarket (Rowley) Indian Blessing -2-2fSAME
5.30 Newmarket (Rowley) Soul Silver (IRE) -1SAME
5.30 Newmarket (Rowley) Dubara SAMESAME
5.30 Newmarket (Rowley) Shenanigans (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
5.30 Newmarket (Rowley) Panova SAMESAMESAME
5.30 Newmarket (Rowley) Blending SAMESAME
5.40 Wolverhampton Napping -1-1f
5.40 Wolverhampton Davids Beauty (IRE) SAME-0.5f
5.40 Wolverhampton Staffa (IRE) SAME-0.5f
5.40 Wolverhampton Elusivity (IRE) SAME-2f
5.40 Wolverhampton Swendab (IRE) -1SAME
5.40 Wolverhampton Tasaaboq SAME-2f
5.40 Wolverhampton Roys Legacy SAMESAME
5.40 Wolverhampton Tonis A Star SAMESAMESAME
5.40 Wolverhampton Lady Joanna Vassa (IRE) SAMESAME
5.40 Wolverhampton Digital Revolution SAMESAME
5.40 Wolverhampton Kodiac Pearl (IRE) SAMESAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Treaty Of Rome (USA) SAMESAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Dont Blame Me -2SAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Major Valentine -1SAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Lord Cooper -1SAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Miracle Garden SAME-1fSAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Liberatum SAME+1f
6.10 Wolverhampton Rockley Point SAMESAMESAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Thankyou Stars -1SAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Cat Silver -1SAMESAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Newstead Abbey +1SAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Trotter -1+0.5f
6.10 Wolverhampton The Amber Fort (USA) SAMESAME
6.10 Wolverhampton Mr Strutter (IRE) +1+1fCHANGE
6.40 Wolverhampton Joeys Destiny (IRE) SAMESAME-1fCHANGE
6.40 Wolverhampton Born To Finish (IRE) +1-1f
6.40 Wolverhampton Big Lachie SAME+1fSAME
6.40 Wolverhampton Murdanova (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
6.40 Wolverhampton Higher Court (USA) SAME-1f
6.40 Wolverhampton Debonaire David SAMESAME
6.40 Wolverhampton The Nazca Lines (IRE) SAME+1f
6.40 Wolverhampton Whitecrest -1SAMESAME
6.40 Wolverhampton Qatari Riyals (IRE) SAMESAME
6.40 Wolverhampton Logi (IRE) SAMESAMECHANGE
6.40 Wolverhampton Four Dragons -1+1fSAME
6.40 Wolverhampton Vastly (USA) SAMESAME-3.5f
6.40 Wolverhampton Magic Moments SAME+1SAME
7.10 Wolverhampton Our Man In Havana IRE-0.5f
7.10 Wolverhampton Bodybuilder SAME-1f
7.10 Wolverhampton Mirek (IRE) -1SAMECHANGE
7.10 Wolverhampton The Love Doctor (IRE) -1-2f
7.10 Wolverhampton Auntie Pam (IRE) -1SAME
7.10 Wolverhampton Highland Mary -1+1f
7.10 Wolverhampton Iconic Code -2-2f
7.10 Wolverhampton Inuk (IRE) SAMESAME
7.10 Wolverhampton Ruby Sound SAMESAMESAME
7.10 Wolverhampton Shesgotthelot -1SAME
7.10 Wolverhampton Violet Beauregarde SAME-1+1fSAME
7.10 Wolverhampton Western Dynamisme (FR) -1-2f
7.40 Wolverhampton Cheeky Rascal (IRE) SAME+1.5f
7.40 Wolverhampton Kind Act (USA) -1+0.5fSAME
7.40 Wolverhampton Society Secret (IRE) SAME+2+2.5fSAME
7.40 Wolverhampton Staunch (USA) +1+1.5fSAME
7.40 Wolverhampton Miss Mumtaz (IRE) -2+1.5f
7.40 Wolverhampton Rasima +1+1.5f
8.10 Wolverhampton Gavlar -1+0.5f
8.10 Wolverhampton Fleeting Visit -2+0.5fSAME
8.10 Wolverhampton Opposition SAME+4.5f
8.10 Wolverhampton King Calypso -1+0.5f
8.10 Wolverhampton Mister Bob (GER) +1+0.5fSAME
8.10 Wolverhampton Lady Makfi (IRE) SAME+1SAMESAME
8.10 Wolverhampton Wordiness -1+0.5f
8.10 Wolverhampton Duke Of Sonning +2+4.5f
8.10 Wolverhampton Noble Behest SAME+0.5f
8.40 Wolverhampton Almutamarred (USA) -1+0.5fCHANGE
8.40 Wolverhampton Innish Man (IRE) SAME-1-2f
8.40 Wolverhampton Hayward Field (IRE) -1SAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Hussar Ballad (USA) SAMESAMESAMESAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Captain Swift (IRE) SAMESAME-2f
8.40 Wolverhampton The Way You Dance (IRE) -1+1fSAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Gold Merlion (IRE) SAMESAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Singular Quest SAMESAMECHANGE
8.40 Wolverhampton Mr Frankie -1SAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Life Of Luxury SAMESAMESAMESAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Frozon SAMESAMESAME
8.40 Wolverhampton Simply Clever SAME-1+3.5fSAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Jumping Around (IRE) SAMESAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Miss Anticipation (IRE) -1SAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Arnold -1+1f
9.10 Wolverhampton Glenn Coco -2SAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Rey Loopy (IRE) SAMESAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Amherst Rock -1SAMECHANGE
9.10 Wolverhampton Showdance Kid SAMESAMESAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Gala Celebration (IRE) SAME+1f
9.10 Wolverhampton Zilza (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Challow (IRE) -1-5fSAME
9.10 Wolverhampton Mishari -1+1f
9.10 Wolverhampton Joys Delight SAMESAME

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