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This quick glance feature shows all horses running today (who have a previous run) and if data in LR was the same. Please be aware it looks very specifically at the last race etc, so the weight column could be misleading if for example a horse has changed codes. The weight column takes into account the jockeys claim both today and in the previous race. Send me a mail with any feedback/suggestions. Chris

Use this shortcut for more information on horses that have changed trainers

1.25 Fakenham Postbridge (IRE) SAME-1-7.5f+15 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Hurricane Rita (FR) SAME-4f-2 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Jamhoori SAME+6.5fCHANGE+21 lbsHcp Hurdle / Handicap
1.25 Fakenham Busy Baro (IRE) SAME-4f-2 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Northandsouth (IRE) SAME-3.5fSAME-1 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Dizzey Heights (IRE) SAMESAME-7.5fSAME-9 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Ataman (IRE) SAME-1SAME-19 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Gin And Tonic SAME-1SAMESAME+6 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Karl Marx (IRE) SAME-3.5fSAME-2 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.25 Fakenham Yourholidayisover (IRE) -1+0.5f-20 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Chase
1.55 Fakenham Rio Quinto (FR) SAME+1+3.5fSAME+4 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.55 Fakenham Earlshill (IRE) +2+4f-2 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.55 Fakenham Hay James +3+7.5f+1 lbsNovices Hurdle / NH Flat
1.55 Fakenham Oscar Star (IRE) +1SAMESAME-1 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
1.55 Fakenham Strawberry Spirit (IRE) +1+3fSAME-13 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
2.25 Fakenham Holly Bush Henry (IRE) -1+1f+10 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.25 Fakenham Popelys Gull (IRE) SAMESAME+3fSAME+4 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.25 Fakenham The Bosss Dream (IRE) SAME+5fSAME+10 lbsHcp Chase / Hcp Nvc Chase
2.25 Fakenham Halo Moon +1+4.5fSAME-7 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.25 Fakenham More Than Luck (IRE) SAME+1+1fSAME-8 lbsHcp Chase / Hcp Hurdle
2.25 Fakenham Morney Wing (IRE) +1+1f-13 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.55 Fakenham Captiva Island (IRE) +1-3.5f+6 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.55 Fakenham Dolphin Vista (IRE) -2+6.5f+29 lbsMdn Hurdle / Non-Hcp
2.55 Fakenham Flynnvincible IRE-3.5fCHANGE+5 lbsSAME (Mdn Hurdle)
2.55 Fakenham No Alarm (IRE) SAME+1SAMESAME-1 lbsSAME (Mdn Hurdle)
2.55 Fakenham Sanok (POL) +1+1f+2 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.55 Fakenham Potters Midnight SAME+1SAMESAME+1 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.55 Fakenham Investigation +1+0.5f-5 lbsMdn Hurdle / Hurdle
3.25 Fakenham Achill Road Boy (IRE) -1-2fSAME+10 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
3.25 Fakenham Wood Pigeon (IRE) -1+1.5f+5 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
3.25 Fakenham Mondo Cane (IRE) -1+1.5fSAME+10 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
3.25 Fakenham Tower Of Allen (IRE) SAME+2fSAME-3 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
3.25 Fakenham Wish In A Well (IRE) SAMESAMESAME-5 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
3.25 Fakenham Dougalstar (FR) SAME-3.5fSAMESAMESAME (Hcp Chase)
3.55 Fakenham Astrum SAME-1SAME+6 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.55 Fakenham Beyeh (IRE) -1+1f+16 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.55 Fakenham Little Windmill (IRE) SAMESAME-1.5f-17 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Chase
3.55 Fakenham Flow With Eve -1-1fCHANGE+12 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Nvc Hurdle
3.55 Fakenham Heresmynumber (IRE) SAME-3.5f-1 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.55 Fakenham Bisoubisou SAMESAME-11 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Nvc Hurdle
4.20 Wolverhampton Ravens Raft (IRE) SAMESAME-2.5f+8 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.20 Wolverhampton Ragstone Sand (IRE) SAME-1fSAME+5 lbsHandicap / Novices
4.20 Wolverhampton Ray Purchase SAMESAME+9 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.20 Wolverhampton Shyjack SAMESAMESAME+9 lbsHandicap / Hcp Maiden
4.20 Wolverhampton River Rule -1SAME+6 lbsHandicap / Novices
4.20 Wolverhampton Laydee Victoria (IRE) -1+1fSAME+8 lbsHandicap / Seller
4.20 Wolverhampton Hocus Focus (IRE) -2+1f-1 lbsHandicap / Novices
4.20 Wolverhampton Kylie Style SAMESAME+1f+15 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.20 Wolverhampton Harvest Day SAME+1f+3 lbsHandicap / Hcp Nursery
4.20 Wolverhampton Lastoneforthecraic (IRE) SAME+1f-6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.20 Wolverhampton Mops Tango SAMESAME-1.5f+4 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.20 Wolverhampton Born For Prosecco (IRE) -1+1fSAME+3 lbsHandicap / Seller
4.50 Wolverhampton Cross Counter SAMESAME+1fSAME+7 lbsSAME (Novices)
4.50 Wolverhampton Natch -2+1.5f-3 lbsNovices / Maiden
4.50 Wolverhampton Paddy The Chef (IRE) SAME+1.5fSAME+5 lbsSAME (Novices)
4.50 Wolverhampton Suprematism (USA) SAME+1.5f-3 lbsSAME (Novices)
4.50 Wolverhampton Destinys Rock SAMESAME+1f-3 lbsSAME (Novices)
4.50 Wolverhampton Just Right SAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Novices)
5.20 Wolverhampton Desert Doctor (IRE) SAME+1SAME+5 lbsHandicap / Novices
5.20 Wolverhampton Big Time Maybe (IRE) SAMESAMESAME+6 lbsHandicap / Hcp Nursery
5.20 Wolverhampton Emilia James SAMESAMESAMESAME-2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.20 Wolverhampton Gift In Time (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton Argent Knight -1-5.5f-14 lbsHandicap / Hcp Hurdle
5.50 Wolverhampton Lady Makfi (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton Willyegolassiego SAME+1SAMESAME-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton Sonnetist SAME+2fSAME+3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton Paddys Runner SAMESAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton Hussar Ballad (USA) SAMESAME+2fSAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton Gabrial The Terror (IRE) SAME+1+2f-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.50 Wolverhampton London Glory -1-2.5f-30 lbsHandicap / Novices Hurdle
5.50 Wolverhampton Handsome Dan (IRE) SAME+1+2f-9 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Royal Reserve -2-4f+5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Start Seven SAME-4f-10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Havana Beat (IRE) -2-6f+13 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Flight Of Fantasy +1SAMESAME-3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Valitop SAMESAME+2.5fSAME-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Barye SAMESAMESAME-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Mustaaqeem (USA) -2-0.5f+7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Island Brave (IRE) SAME-4f-3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.20 Wolverhampton Zabeel Star (IRE) +1+2f-5 lbsHandicap / Non-Hcp
6.20 Wolverhampton Bostonian +1SAME-30 lbsHandicap / Maiden
6.20 Wolverhampton Tan Arabiq SAME+1SAME-10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.50 Wolverhampton Sean OCasey (IRE) SAME-4f-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.50 Wolverhampton Bounderby SAME-2.5f-7 lbsHandicap / Maiden
6.50 Wolverhampton Maestro Mac (IRE) SAME-2f-3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.50 Wolverhampton Champagne Pink (FR) SAME-0.5fSAME+1 lbsHandicap / Non-Hcp
6.50 Wolverhampton Spirit Of Sarwan (IRE) SAME+1.5fSAME-9 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.50 Wolverhampton International Law SAME+1.5fCHANGE-2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.50 Wolverhampton Warofindependence (USA) SAME+1.5f-6 lbsHandicap / Maiden
6.50 Wolverhampton Gealach Ghorm (IRE) SAMESAME-2.5f-1 lbsHandicap / Maiden
6.50 Wolverhampton Gabrial The Thug (FR) +1-0.5fCHANGE-11 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Thair (IRE) -2+1.5f+14 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Wonderfillo (IRE) SAMESAME+1f+1 lbsHandicap / Maiden
7.20 Wolverhampton Essenaitch (IRE) -1-0.5fSAME-2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Anif (IRE) SAME-1SAMESAME+10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Rockwood -1+1.5f+6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Tinker Tailor (IRE) SAME-2f-4 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Hidden Oasis (IRE) -1-7.5f-26 lbsHandicap / Hcp Hurdle
7.20 Wolverhampton Berlusca (IRE) SAME+1SAMESAME-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.20 Wolverhampton Bell Heather (IRE) SAME+1+2.5f-11 lbsSAME (Handicap)

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