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This quick glance feature shows all horses running today (who have a previous run) and if data in LR was the same. Ive just created it for a very specific request, but as with all - it can be developed. Send me a mail with any feedback/suggestions. Chris

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12.40 Cheltenham Apparition (IRE) IRE+0.5fSAME
12.40 Cheltenham Eragon De Chanay (FR) +3+0.5f
12.40 Cheltenham Gumball (FR) +3+0.5fSAME
12.40 Cheltenham Speedo Boy (FR) +3+0.5fSAME
1.15 Cheltenham Ballyoptic (IRE) SAME+0.5f
1.15 Cheltenham Black Corton (FR) SAMESAME+0.5fSAME
1.15 Cheltenham West Approach +1+4fSAME
1.50 Cheltenham Minella Rocco (IRE) IRE+2.5fSAME
1.50 Cheltenham Sizing Codelco (IRE) +1+3.5fSAME
1.50 Cheltenham Perfect Candidate (IRE) SAME+1+2f
1.50 Cheltenham Vicente (FR) SAME-4.5f
1.50 Cheltenham Three Faces West (IRE) +1+3.5fSAME
1.50 Cheltenham Premier Bond SAME-4.5f
1.50 Cheltenham Doing Fine (IRE) SAME+1+2f
1.50 Cheltenham Benbens (IRE) +1+2.5f
1.50 Cheltenham Shotgun Paddy (IRE) SAME-4.5f
2.25 Cheltenham Kylemore Lough SAME+0.5fCHANGE
2.25 Cheltenham Le Prezien (FR) SAME+1+4.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Double Treasure SAME+1+0.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Viconte Du Noyer (FR) SAME+1-5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Days Of Heaven (FR) +1-0.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Tully East (IRE) IRE+4.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Foxtail Hill (IRE) SAME+1+4.5f
2.25 Cheltenham Theinval (FR) SAME+3.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Romain De Senam (FR) +1-0.5f
2.25 Cheltenham Starchitect (IRE) +2+1fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Ballyalton (IRE) +1+0.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Aqua Dude (IRE) +2+0.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Bentelimar (IRE) IRE-3.5fCHANGE
2.25 Cheltenham Plaisir Damour (FR) +1+0.5fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Guitar Pete (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.25 Cheltenham Splash of Ginge SAME+1f
2.25 Cheltenham Mystifiable +1+1f
2.25 Cheltenham Lake Takapuna (IRE) IRE-2f
3.00 Cheltenham Dell Arca (IRE) +1+1fSAME
3.00 Cheltenham Thomas Campbell SAME+1+2f
3.00 Cheltenham Rockys Treasure (IRE) +2+2fSAME
3.00 Cheltenham Connetable (FR) SAME+1+2f
3.00 Cheltenham Solatentif (FR) SAME+1+2fSAME
3.00 Cheltenham Kk Lexion (IRE) SAME+2+4.5f
3.00 Cheltenham Rolling Maul (IRE) SAME+1+2f
3.00 Cheltenham Anteros (IRE) SAME+1+2fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Ahead of The Curve (FR) SAME-3fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Seymour Star +1SAMESAME
3.30 Cheltenham Coole Cody (IRE) +1-1f
3.30 Cheltenham Runyon Rattler (IRE) IRE+1.5f
3.30 Cheltenham Red Indian SAME+2.5f
3.30 Cheltenham Diable De Sivola (FR) -1+2fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Golden Jeffrey (SWI) +1+5.5fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Poker Play (FR) SAME-2+5fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Mischievious Max (IRE) IRE+1fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Follow The Bear (IRE) -1+1.5fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham The Mighty Don (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.30 Cheltenham Stamp Your Feet (IRE) -1+1.5f
3.30 Cheltenham Robin The Raven (IRE) -1+1.5f
3.30 Cheltenham Coup De Pinceau (FR) +1SAMESAME
3.30 Cheltenham Quarenta (FR) SAME-1-2.5fSAME
3.30 Cheltenham Vivas (FR) SAMESAMESAMESAME
3.30 Cheltenham Perfect Summer (IRE) SAME+5.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Dory (IRE) +5+0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Glenmona (IRE) +4-0.5fSAME
4.00 Cheltenham Grageelagh Girl (IRE) +3-0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Holding Pattern (IRE) IRE+0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Lady Marwah (IRE) +3-0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Moonlight Escape (IRE) IRE+0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Outofthisworld (IRE) +5-0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Posh Trish (IRE) +3-0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Presenting Pearl (IRE) +3+0.5fSAME
4.00 Cheltenham Rose Of Cimarron (IRE) +5+0.5f
4.00 Cheltenham Secret Escape (IRE) +3-0.5f
11.55 Lingfield Aiya (IRE) SAME+2f
11.55 Lingfield Alpine Peak (USA) SAME-0.5f
11.55 Lingfield Dubai Frame -1-0.5f
11.55 Lingfield Gaudi (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
11.55 Lingfield Iconic Boy -1+1f
11.55 Lingfield Island Court (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
11.55 Lingfield Reveleon SAMESAMESAME
11.55 Lingfield Rusper (IRE) -1-0.5fSAME
12.25 Lingfield Barnay SAMESAME+1fSAME
12.25 Lingfield Goodwood Showman -1+1f
12.25 Lingfield Highcastle (IRE) -2-2f
12.25 Lingfield Masaarr (USA) -1+1f
12.25 Lingfield Seasearch SAMESAMESAME
12.25 Lingfield True Destiny SAME-0.5f
12.25 Lingfield Fire Orchid -1+1fSAME
12.25 Lingfield Poetic Imagination -1+1f
1.00 Lingfield Mutineer -1SAME
1.00 Lingfield Enigmatic (IRE) -2SAMESAME
1.00 Lingfield Violets Lads (IRE) SAMESAME+1f
1.00 Lingfield Topmeup -1+1fCHANGE
1.00 Lingfield Junoesque SAMESAME
1.00 Lingfield Lady Morel (IRE) SAME+1f
1.35 Lingfield Canadian Royal -1+1f
1.35 Lingfield Dilinger -1SAME
1.35 Lingfield Divine Messenger -1SAME
1.35 Lingfield Port Isaac (IRE) -1SAME
1.35 Lingfield Sanches SAME-1fCHANGE
1.35 Lingfield Trotter -1SAME
1.35 Lingfield Amenta (IRE) -1-1fCHANGE
1.35 Lingfield Cymru Lady -1-1f
1.35 Lingfield Irish Sky (IRE) SAMESAME
2.10 Lingfield Gabrial (IRE) SAMESAME
2.10 Lingfield Arcanada (IRE) SAME+1f
2.10 Lingfield Shady Mccoy (USA) SAME+1f
2.10 Lingfield Certificate SAME+1fCHANGE
2.10 Lingfield Third Time Lucky (IRE) SAMESAME-2f
2.10 Lingfield Sacred Act SAMESAME+1f
2.10 Lingfield Utmost (USA) SAMESAME
2.10 Lingfield Charles Molson SAMESAME+1fSAME
2.10 Lingfield Forceful Appeal (USA) SAME-0.5f
2.10 Lingfield Belgian Bill +1SAME
2.10 Lingfield Eagle Creek (IRE) +1SAME
2.10 Lingfield Swift Approval (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.45 Lingfield Ayrad (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
2.45 Lingfield Battalion (IRE) SAME+1SAME
2.45 Lingfield Master The World (IRE) +1-2fSAME
2.45 Lingfield Petite Jack +1SAME
2.45 Lingfield Sands Chorus SAMESAME
2.45 Lingfield Victory Bond +2SAME
2.45 Lingfield Boynton (USA) SAMESAME
2.45 Lingfield Mia Tesoro (IRE) SAMESAME+2f
3.15 Lingfield Caspian Prince (IRE) SAME+1f
3.15 Lingfield Magical Memory (IRE) SAMESAME
3.15 Lingfield Gifted Master (IRE) SAME-1f
3.15 Lingfield Gracious John (IRE) +1+1f
3.15 Lingfield Intisaab +2-1f
3.15 Lingfield Mazzini +1-1fSAME
3.15 Lingfield Mythmaker SAMESAME
3.15 Lingfield Out Do +2SAMESAME
3.15 Lingfield Royal Birth +1-1f
3.15 Lingfield Spring Loaded (IRE) +1+1fSAME
3.15 Lingfield Clem Fandango (FR) +1+1fSAME
3.45 Lingfield Marmion -1+2f
3.45 Lingfield Stand Guard SAMESAMESAME
3.45 Lingfield The Gay Cavalier SAME-1+2f
3.45 Lingfield Raashdy (IRE) +1SAME
3.45 Lingfield Tuolumne Meadows SAMESAME
3.45 Lingfield Karam Albaari (IRE) SAMESAME
3.45 Lingfield Bergholt (IRE) SAME+1f
3.45 Lingfield Tommys Geal SAME+2f
3.45 Lingfield Elusive Cowboy (USA) -1-8.5f
3.45 Lingfield Betsalottie SAME+0.5f
3.45 Lingfield Olympic Legend (IRE) SAME-1+2f
3.45 Lingfield London Grammar (IRE) SAME+2.5f
3.45 Lingfield Lami De Rouge SAME+1f
3.45 Lingfield Hong Kong Joe SAMESAME
3.45 Lingfield Garcon De Soleil SAMESAMESAME
3.45 Lingfield Just Fred (IRE) SAME+2f
12.05 Punchestown Mitchouka (FR) SAMESAMESAME
12.05 Punchestown A Place Apart (IRE) SAME+4f
12.05 Punchestown Cosy Club (IRE) SAME+5.5f
12.05 Punchestown Erquy (FR) SAMESAMESAME
12.05 Punchestown Go Guarantor SAME+5.5f
12.05 Punchestown Havelock (IRE) SAME+7.5f
12.05 Punchestown Minnie Dahill (IRE) SAME+4f
12.05 Punchestown North Carolina (IRE) SAME+9fCHANGE
12.05 Punchestown Famous Milly (IRE) SAME+4f
12.35 Punchestown Any Second Now (IRE) SAMESAME
12.35 Punchestown De Name Escapes Me (IRE) SAME-2f
12.35 Punchestown Hold Onto Your Hat (IRE) SAMESAME-2f
12.35 Punchestown Invitation Only (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
12.35 Punchestown Kopookris (IRE) SAME+0.5f
12.35 Punchestown Monalee (IRE) SAMESAME-4f
12.35 Punchestown Mr Champers (IRE) SAME+4fSAME
12.35 Punchestown Pakman SAMESAME
12.35 Punchestown Sutton Manor (IRE) SAME-2.5f
12.35 Punchestown Billys Hope (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
1.10 Punchestown Sumos Novios (IRE) SAME-1.5fSAME
1.10 Punchestown Texas Jack (IRE) SAME-1.5f
1.10 Punchestown Velocity Boy (IRE) SAME+2.5f
1.10 Punchestown Full Cry (IRE) SAME+2.5f
1.10 Punchestown Mick The Jiver SAME-0.5fSAME
1.10 Punchestown Rock On Fruity (IRE) SAME-1.5f
1.10 Punchestown Close Shave SAME+0.5f
1.10 Punchestown Laid Back Luke (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
1.10 Punchestown Static Jack (IRE) SAME+2.5fSAME
1.10 Punchestown Coeur Joyeux (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
1.10 Punchestown White Arm (FR) SAMESAME-7.5f
1.10 Punchestown First To Boogie (IRE) SAME+2.5f
1.45 Punchestown A Long Day (IRE) SAME+4f
1.45 Punchestown Alfred Eile (IRE) SAME+4fSAME
1.45 Punchestown Ballinabearna SAME+4fSAME
1.45 Punchestown Cracking Up (IRE) SAME+4fSAME
1.45 Punchestown Daring Decree (IRE) SAME+4f
1.45 Punchestown Dundeedy Lad (FR) SAMESAME
1.45 Punchestown Eamon High (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
1.45 Punchestown First Class Return (IRE) SAME+4fSAME
1.45 Punchestown Flawless Escape SAME+4f
1.45 Punchestown Fortune Street (FR) SAMESAME+4f
1.45 Punchestown Jetez (IRE) SAME+4f
1.45 Punchestown Meldrum Way (IRE) SAME+4f
1.45 Punchestown Royal Presenting (IRE) SAME+4fSAME
1.45 Punchestown Sir Carno (FR) SAME+4fSAME
1.45 Punchestown Triplicate (IRE) SAME+9fCHANGE
1.45 Punchestown Siempre Amigos (IRE) SAME+8f
2.20 Punchestown Forge Meadow (IRE) SAME+2fSAME
2.20 Punchestown Lets Dance (FR) SAMESAME-2fSAME
2.20 Punchestown Barra (FR) SAME-2fSAME
2.20 Punchestown Elusive Ivy (IRE) SAME+1.5f
2.20 Punchestown Hello Sweetie UKC1+2f
2.20 Punchestown Dawn Shadow (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
2.20 Punchestown Nellie Pledge (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
2.20 Punchestown The Kings Baby (IRE) SAME-2fSAME
2.55 Punchestown Templemore Dream (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
2.55 Punchestown Synopsis SAME+6f
2.55 Punchestown Geneva Barracks (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
2.55 Punchestown Alcander (FR) SAME+4f
2.55 Punchestown Aston Cantlow SAME-6f
2.55 Punchestown Sillogue Pio (IRE) SAMESAME
2.55 Punchestown Diesel Ten (IRE) SAMESAME
3.25 Punchestown Cesar Du Gouet (FR) SAMESAME
3.25 Punchestown Athenean (IRE) SAMESAMESAMECHANGE
3.55 Punchestown Baby Jake (IRE) UKC3-2f
3.55 Punchestown Dalton Highway (IRE) SAME+1f
3.55 Punchestown Neverushacon (IRE) SAME-1f
3.55 Punchestown Free Code (IRE) SAME+4f
3.55 Punchestown Kayf Supreme SAME-5f
3.55 Punchestown Adolphius (IRE) SAME+3fCHANGE
3.55 Punchestown Black Ice (IRE) SAME-5f
3.55 Punchestown Bronco Bill (IRE) SAME-5f
3.55 Punchestown Knightsone (IRE) SAME-4.5f
3.55 Punchestown Mallory Heights (IRE) SAME+3f
3.55 Punchestown Max Moonhead (IRE) SAMESAME+1f
3.55 Punchestown Oh So Sensible (IRE) SAME+4.5f
3.55 Punchestown Taglietelle UKC2-5.5f
3.55 Punchestown Very Much So (IRE) SAMESAME-1fCHANGE
3.55 Punchestown Vocal Resurgence (IRE) SAME+4.5f
3.55 Punchestown Streak SAME+3f
3.55 Punchestown Pivot Bridge SAME+3f
12.20 Uttoxeter Allez Jacques (IRE) SAME-1.5f
12.20 Uttoxeter Arthurs Reuben -1+3.5fSAME
12.20 Uttoxeter Chase Me (IRE) SAME-1-0.5fSAME
12.20 Uttoxeter Cloth Cap (IRE) -1-1f
12.20 Uttoxeter Downloadtheapp (IRE) SAME+4f
12.20 Uttoxeter Earlshill (IRE) SAME-1.5f
12.20 Uttoxeter Eurato (FR) -1+6f
12.20 Uttoxeter Game On (IRE) +1+3.5f
12.20 Uttoxeter Indian Hercules (IRE) +1+4f
12.20 Uttoxeter Innisfree Lad (IRE) SAME-1+4f
12.20 Uttoxeter Katara Bay +1+4fCHANGE
12.20 Uttoxeter Sir Will (IRE) -1-5fSAME
12.20 Uttoxeter Tailor Tom (IRE) -1-0.5fSAME
12.20 Uttoxeter Ted Thistle (IRE) SAMESAME
12.20 Uttoxeter The Sweeney (IRE) +1+3.5f
12.50 Uttoxeter Captain Peacock SAME+4fCHANGE
12.50 Uttoxeter Captiva Island (IRE) SAMESAME
12.50 Uttoxeter Du Soleil (FR) +1SAME
12.50 Uttoxeter Great Lover (FR) SAME+0.5fSAME
12.50 Uttoxeter Mad For Action (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
12.50 Uttoxeter Montys Award (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
12.50 Uttoxeter Stay In Touch (IRE) -1SAME
1.25 Uttoxeter Happy Diva (IRE) SAME+8fSAME
1.25 Uttoxeter Lastbutnotleast (IRE) -2-0.5f
1.25 Uttoxeter Mirs Choice (IRE) +1+2.5fSAME
1.25 Uttoxeter Ms Parfois (IRE) +1+2f
1.25 Uttoxeter Sainte Ladylime (FR) SAME+2f
2.00 Uttoxeter Killala Quay -1+2.5f
2.00 Uttoxeter Bob Ford (IRE) -1+2.5fCHANGESAME
2.00 Uttoxeter Smooth Stepper -1-3f
2.00 Uttoxeter Barton Gift SAME-5f
2.00 Uttoxeter Shanroe Santos (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.00 Uttoxeter Capard King (IRE) SAME+0.5f
2.00 Uttoxeter Brownville SAME+1+2f
2.00 Uttoxeter Jennys Surprise (IRE) SAME-1f
2.00 Uttoxeter Hansupfordetroit (IRE) SAME+2+3.5fSAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Parlour Maid SAME+3.5fSAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Pennywell (IRE) -1-3.5fSAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Sapphire Noire (IRE) -1+0.5fSAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Flobury SAMESAME-3.5f
2.35 Uttoxeter Psychocandy (IRE) -1-1.5f
2.35 Uttoxeter Sheelbewhatsheelbe (IRE) SAME+1f
2.35 Uttoxeter Mozo SAMESAME+4fCHANGE
2.35 Uttoxeter Tara Well (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Gilly Grace SAMESAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Lavella Wells SAME-4f
2.35 Uttoxeter Vodka Island (IRE) SAME-4fSAME
2.35 Uttoxeter Mole Trap SAME-3.5f
2.35 Uttoxeter Outrageous Romana (IRE) SAMESAME-0.5f
2.35 Uttoxeter Anginola (IRE) SAME+3.5f
3.05 Uttoxeter Druids Diamond -1-1.5f
3.05 Uttoxeter Grams And Ounces SAME-3.5f
3.05 Uttoxeter Baraboy (IRE) SAME-1f
3.05 Uttoxeter Yasir (USA) SAMESAMESAMESAME
3.05 Uttoxeter Aza Run (IRE) SAME-5.5f
3.05 Uttoxeter Royal Act SAME-1SAME
3.05 Uttoxeter Carnaross SAME-0.5f
3.05 Uttoxeter Victorian Teo (FR) -1-3f
3.05 Uttoxeter Breeze Along -1+0.5fSAME
3.05 Uttoxeter Peak Storm SAME-0.5fSAME
3.05 Uttoxeter Beau Knight SAMESAME
3.05 Uttoxeter Fiddlers Flight (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.05 Uttoxeter La Voix (FR) SAME-1f
3.40 Uttoxeter Daydream Aulmes (FR) SAMESAMESAME
3.40 Uttoxeter East Wing (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.40 Uttoxeter Head Hunter (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
3.40 Uttoxeter Just Another Vodka SAMESAMESAME
3.40 Uttoxeter Lookforarainbow SAME-1.5f
5.45 Wolverhampton Foxrush Take Time (FR) SAMESAMESAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Puramente SAME-1f
5.45 Wolverhampton Dragon Tattoo (IRE) -2SAMESAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Bodie And Doyle -1+1f
5.45 Wolverhampton Kheleyfs Girl SAMESAMESAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Long Embrace SAME+1f
5.45 Wolverhampton Arty But Poor SAME+1fSAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Call Dawn SAMESAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Arlecchinos Arc (IRE) -2-1f
5.45 Wolverhampton Zapateado SAME+1fSAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Jazz Affair (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
5.45 Wolverhampton Odds On Oli -1-1.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton La La Land (IRE) SAME-1SAME
6.15 Wolverhampton Voicemail SAME+0.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Calling Rio (IRE) SAME-1SAME
6.15 Wolverhampton Compliance (IRE) SAME+0.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Handsome Bob (IRE) SAMESAME+1.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton El Borracho (IRE) -1+0.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Jos Girl (IRE) SAME+1.5fSAME
6.15 Wolverhampton Kikini Bamalaam (IRE) SAME+0.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Urban Soul (IRE) -1+1.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Far Dawn SAME-1.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Global Wonder (IRE) SAME+2.5f
6.15 Wolverhampton Gembari +1-1.5f
6.45 Wolverhampton Corelli (USA) SAME+1f
6.45 Wolverhampton Craving (IRE) SAMESAME+1f
6.45 Wolverhampton Highland Sky (IRE) -3+1.5f
6.45 Wolverhampton Im A Star (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
6.45 Wolverhampton King Tut (USA) SAME+1.5f
6.45 Wolverhampton Perfect Blue (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME
6.45 Wolverhampton Talas (IRE) -1+1.5f
6.45 Wolverhampton Time To Perfection (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
7.15 Wolverhampton Talaaqy (IRE) -1SAME
7.15 Wolverhampton Cat Ballou SAME+1f
7.15 Wolverhampton Cirrus Minor (FR) SAMESAME
7.15 Wolverhampton Gold Filigree (IRE) SAME+1f
7.15 Wolverhampton Lethal Angel SAME-1f
7.15 Wolverhampton Musical Theatre SAMESAME
7.15 Wolverhampton Puds -1SAMESAME
7.15 Wolverhampton Queen Of Dreams (IRE) SAME-1f
7.15 Wolverhampton Spanish Mane (IRE) SAMESAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Crotchet -1-1fSAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Glamorous Dream (IRE) SAMESAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Lady Sophiebella SAMESAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Moretti (IRE) -1SAMESAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Popsicle (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Rizzle Dizzle SAMESAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Two Weeks -1SAME
7.45 Wolverhampton Wazin SAMESAMESAME
8.15 Wolverhampton Bleu Et Noir SAME-0.5f
8.15 Wolverhampton Deliberator SAME-1.5f
8.15 Wolverhampton Sanam SAMESAMESAME
8.15 Wolverhampton Shanghai Shane (IRE) SAME+2.5f
8.15 Wolverhampton Shadows Girl SAME+1.5fSAME
8.15 Wolverhampton Luminous SAME-0.5fSAME
8.15 Wolverhampton Remember Nerja (IRE) IRE-3.5fCHANGE
8.45 Wolverhampton Fast Act (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Berryessa (IRE) SAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Annie Salts -1SAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Powerful Dream (IRE) SAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Lydiate Lady SAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Red Invader (IRE) SAME-1fSAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Pushkin Museum (IRE) SAME+1-1f
8.45 Wolverhampton Cruise Tothelimit (IRE) +1-1f
8.45 Wolverhampton Temple Road (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Krystallite SAMESAME
8.45 Wolverhampton Kyllukey SAME+1-1f
9.15 Wolverhampton Champagne Pink (FR) SAMESAME-1fSAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Edge (IRE) SAMESAME-1f
9.15 Wolverhampton Billy Bond SAME+0.5f
9.15 Wolverhampton Top Offer SAMESAMESAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Different Journey SAME-1.5f
9.15 Wolverhampton Ingleby Angel (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Know Your Name SAMESAMESAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Mimics Memory SAME+2.5fSAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Hot Mustard SAMESAMESAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Sky Marshal (IRE) -1+0.5fSAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Lord Murphy (IRE) SAMESAME-1f
9.15 Wolverhampton Arrowzone SAME+0.5fSAME
9.15 Wolverhampton Log Off (IRE) -1-1.5fCHANGE
12.30 Wetherby Temple Man SAME+3.5fSAME
12.30 Wetherby Aramist (IRE) SAME+3.5f
12.30 Wetherby Bertie Blake (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
12.30 Wetherby Cabaret Queen SAME-1.5fSAME
12.30 Wetherby Nicely Indeed (IRE) +1-0.5fSAME
12.30 Wetherby Randy Pike (IRE) SAMESAMESAME
12.30 Wetherby Russian Rascal +1+3fSAME
12.30 Wetherby Teals Lad SAMESAME+0.5f
12.30 Wetherby Venturepredementia SAME+0.5f
12.30 Wetherby Wemyss Point SAMESAMESAMESAME
1.05 Wetherby Ami Desbois (FR) SAME-5f
1.05 Wetherby Cousin Oscar (IRE) -1-1.5f
1.05 Wetherby Mortens Leam SAMESAME
1.05 Wetherby Rapid Fritz (IRE) +1-1f
1.05 Wetherby Valgor Du Ronceray (FR) IRE-0.5fCHANGE
1.05 Wetherby Whatduhavtoget (IRE) -3-4fSAME
1.40 Wetherby Early Retirement (IRE) SAME+4f
1.40 Wetherby Western Rules (IRE) -1+4f
1.40 Wetherby Make Me A Fortune (IRE) SAME+0.5f
1.40 Wetherby Allbarnone SAME+3fSAME
1.40 Wetherby Little Bruce (IRE) -1SAME
1.40 Wetherby Talkofgold (IRE) SAME+4f
1.40 Wetherby Skipthescales (IRE) SAMESAME+3fSAME
1.40 Wetherby Silver Dragon +1-2.5f
1.40 Wetherby Apachee Prince (IRE) SAME+1.5f
2.15 Wetherby Sharney Sike SAME+4fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Golden Investment (IRE) SAME+0.5f
2.15 Wetherby Doktor Glaz (FR) SAME+1fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Rough Justice (IRE) -1-0.5fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Red Danaher (IRE) SAME+4.5fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Cant Pay Wont Pay (IRE) IRE+1fCHANGESAME
2.15 Wetherby Feast Of Fire (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.15 Wetherby Whatsthestoryman (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Inchcolm (IRE) +1+0.5f
2.15 Wetherby Major Ridge (IRE) +1+0.5f
2.15 Wetherby Under The Red Sky (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Notonebuttwo (IRE) SAME+1fSAME
2.15 Wetherby Attention Please (IRE) SAME+1f
2.15 Wetherby Withoutdefavourite (IRE) +1+2f
2.15 Wetherby Kalastar (IRE) +1SAMESAME
2.15 Wetherby Trillerin Minella (IRE) +1+0.5f
2.50 Wetherby Keep In Line (GER) SAMESAMESAMESAME
2.50 Wetherby Only Orsenfoolsies +2SAME
2.50 Wetherby Our Kylie (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
2.50 Wetherby Blue Hussar (IRE) SAME-0.5f
2.50 Wetherby Irish Roe (IRE) +1-1.5fSAME
2.50 Wetherby Modulus +1-4fSAME
2.50 Wetherby William Of Orange +1-0.5f
2.50 Wetherby Spectator SAME-1fSAME
3.20 Wetherby Indian Temple (IRE) SAME-0.5fSAME
3.20 Wetherby Poker School (IRE) -1+3.5fSAME
3.20 Wetherby Get On The Yager SAME-3fSAME
3.20 Wetherby Cusheen Bridge (IRE) +1-1fSAME
3.20 Wetherby Twenty Eight Guns SAME-1fSAME
3.20 Wetherby Wolf Sword (IRE) SAME+3f
3.20 Wetherby Rathlin SAME+3fSAME
3.20 Wetherby New Kid In Town (IRE) IRE+0.5fCHANGE
3.50 Wetherby Autumn Surprise (IRE) +1+4f
3.50 Wetherby Bygones For Coins (IRE) IRE-4fSAME
3.50 Wetherby Little Pippin +2+6f
3.50 Wetherby Mary Eleanor +1-4.5f
3.50 Wetherby Miss Amelia SAME-5.5fSAME
3.50 Wetherby Northern Girl (IRE) +1SAME
3.50 Wetherby Our Belle Amie SAME+2+0.5f
3.50 Wetherby Schiaparannie SAME-1fSAME

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