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Trainers Information & help

The trainer of a race horse is an extremely important factor to consider when analysing a race. Not only does the trainer pick and choose which races the horse should enter but they also have the best knowledge available about their horses and the chances they are likely to have. Studying how the trainer has performed in relevant tests is a way of identifying the trainers most likely to have found an opportunity for their horse.

  1. Finding a trainer
  2. Trainers in the system builder
  3. Trainer Day Runs/Trainer Day Runs (Track)/ Trainer Day Runs (Race)
  4. Trainer Primary Location
  5. Daily report
  6. Horse Racing Trainer Analysis Help

Finding a trainer

Use the search function to find and investigate the performance of any trainer in the UK and Ireland.

Trainers in the system builder

With the Trainers setting, you can select trainers as required. Your selection will limit the query to only horses who were trained (at the time of running) by the trainers chosen.

  • Choose 'Channon, Mick' & 'Easterby, Tim' and only horses trained by either of these trainers will be included.
  • Choose 'Nolan, Paul' alone and your system will include only horse's trained by him.
  • Selecting 'Weld, D' in the Trainer (LR) setting, limits query to horses who were trained by him on their previous outing.
  • To prevent a massive table of redundant and useless data the quickset list of trainers is reserved to trainers who have had more than 250 runners and who have had at least one runner from 2006 onwards.

Trainer Day Runs/Trainer Day Runs (Track)/ Trainer Day Runs (Race)

With these settings you can identify and test stats based on how many runners the trainer had on the day altogether at the track or in the race itself.

  • Setting between 2 and 3 in Trainer Day Runs means the the trainer had between 2 and 3 runners in the UK/Ireland all day.
  • Setting between 1 and 1 in Trainer Runs on Day (Track) will return only horses whose trainer had only that one runner at the track on the day.
  • Setting between 3 and 3 in Trainer Runs on Day (Race) will return only horses whose trainer had 3 runners in the race including the analysed horse.

Trainer primary location (%)

These categories allow breakdown by the most visited location of each trainer, in other words where the trainer sends their horses most.

  • To only include trainers whose primary location is Scotland set Scotland as your criteria.
  • To only include trainers whose primary location is in Ireland set the 4 Irish provinces as your criteria
  • The Trainer Primary Location % category shows what percentage of the trainers horses were sent to the primary location
  • To only include trainers who had 50% or more runners in their primary location set between 50% and 100%

Horse Racing Trainer Analysis Help

The Trainer Analysis pages offer facts and figures about them. There are 8 tests, each of which show the Runs, Wins, Places & WinStrike for the relevant information. To navigate the categories, (note 3 are shown constantly, all - 2 year strike rate, Track, Jockey) choose from the dropdown which includes, Handicap type (stats based on whether todays race is a handicap or non-handicap), Distance (stats at todays distance), Horse Age, Last 14 days and a special test which shows how they do with horses priced 6/1 or less.

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