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Stallions Help & Information Page

A stallion is a male horse specifically kept at stud for breeding purposes. Analysing a stallion and his progeny can give indications as to how future runners out of the stallion may perform.

  1. Stallion & related stats in the builder
  2. Stallion analysis
  3. Stallion statistics
  4. Searching for a Stallion

Stallion & Related Stats

Our database includes statistics relating to the Stallion of each horse. The data consists of the stallion of every horse who has had a run since 1st January 2003 in the UK or Ireland. I have manipulated this data and ran several other statistics to suit users needs. The Stallion categories are easily identifiable (by the abbreviation S-) and should be self-explanatory but the key thing to note is the period of every test is the 12 months prior to the race, therefore you should not rely on stats for 2003 (as I dont have all stallion data for 2002). I recommend only including years from 2004 onwards.

Stallion analysis

When studying a horse race, particularly if it involves inexperienced horses, you may find yourself interested in the stallion of each particular race horse. The results of the stallions progeny can often give a glimpse into the ideal conditions for the horse and also a sign of its expected ability. In the Stallion Analysis page as part of todays horse racing tools, we can quickly glance over each of the main test areas for the stallions progeny and give ourselves some further vital information.

The display on the stallion analysis page is designed to provide an easily readable, highly informative collection of statistics relevant to the progeny of each stallion in races run in UK/Ireland in the last year (365 days). The four tests are based on the progenys record over the days race distance, when at the same age as todays horse, at todays track and over todays going conditions. The Runs, Wins, Places and Win Strike Rate are shown for each of these tests.

Stallion statistics

Our horse racing statistics section includes many statistics relating to the stallion and his progeny.

Searching for a stallion

You can find a stallion using the quick search box next to the HorseRaceBase logo or by using the search function or by clicking through from any horse record etc.

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