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Placing Information and Help

Where a horse finishes and has finished, its placings, is an obviously important factor when studying horse racing form. Although to most experienced horse racing fans much of this information is already known, this page acts as a reference for everything relating to horse racing placings and places.

  1. Placing descriptions
  2. Places paid (each way terms)
  3. Places on HorseRaceBase

Placing descriptions

In certain areas you will see shortened descriptions of placings, some of these are obvious and need not be listed (example 1 is obviously first and 33 is clearly thirty third), however you may require clarification on some of the more obscure references and these are listed below for your reference.

Placing Description ShortenedForm Lines
Brought DownBDB
Carried OutCOC
Left at StartLFTL
Pulled UpPUP
Ran Off CourseROO
Refused to JumpREFR
Refused to RaceRR/
Slipped UpSUS
Unseated RiderURU
Void RunVOI-

Places Paid (each way terms)

When you are backing certain horses you will wish to do so each way. This means you are placing one bet on the selected horse to win and another on it to finish in the paid places in the race. The number of places paid differs dependent on number of competitors and race type. It is worth noting some bookmakers also offer advanced places for certain races. Below are the normal places paid rules adhered to.

  • Less than 5 runners. Winner Only.
  • 5,6 or 7 runners. Quarter Odds - Two Places.
  • Handicaps with between 8 and 15 runners. Quarter odds - 3 places.
  • Handicaps with 16 or more runners. Quarter odds - 4 places.
  • All other races. Fifth odds - 3 places.

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