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Jockeys Help & Information

A jockey is responsible for riding the horse and trying to achieve the best possible finish in any given contest. In horse racing the jockey without doubt has a huge bearing on the outcome of a race. The difference between a good and bad ride can obviously have a huge bearing on which horse wins the race.

  1. Horse racing jockeys in United Kingdom and Ireland
  2. Searching for a jockey
  3. Jockey statistics
  4. Jockeys in the system builder
  5. Jockey analysis help pages
  6. Daily jockey report

Horse racing jockeys in United Kingdom and Ireland

In races in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1997 there have been thousands of different jockeys who have ridden a horse under rules of racing. A large number of these will have had very few rides. There is no doubting the dangers of riding a horse and this is especially the case in national hunt racing over fences and hurdles. A jockey must ensure he is the correct weight to match that allocated to the horse and this can be an extremely challenging aspect requiring extreme dedication on the part of the jockey.

There are different levels of jockey in terms of their stage in career. Initially there are amateur (flat racing) and conditional (national hunt) jockeys who must pass the relevant tests and courses before becoming a professional. The amateur and conditional jockey will be awarded an allowance when racing against more experienced rivals dependant on the number of winners they have ridden.

Searching for a jockey

With there being so many jockeys it would not be sensible to just list all of them here, to find a jockey you can use the quick search function underneath the HorseRaceBase logo to find and investigate the performance of any individual. You can also use the search page, which does the same thing.

Jockey statistics

There is a section devoted to jockeys in the horse racing statistics directory, here you will find many different scenarios testing the ability and performance of jockey statistics.

Jockeys in the horse racing system builder

With the Jockeys setting, you can select jockeys as required. Your selection will limit the query to only horses ridden by the jockeys chosen.

  • Choose 'Hills, Richard' & 'Hills, Michael' and only horses ridden by these jockeys will be included.
  • Choose 'Walsh, Ruby' only and your system will include just his rides.
  • Selecting 'Spencer, Jamie' in the Jockey (LR) category, limits your system to horses ridden by him on their previous outing.
  • Setting criteria in the Jockey (3LR) category will mean only horses with a jockey on board matching your specifications on their third last run will be included in your query.
  • To prevent a massive table of redundant and useless data the quickset list of jockeys is reserved to jockeys who have had more than 250 rides and who have ridden at some point from 2006 onwards.
Jockeys claim

With the Jockeys Claim setting, you can specify the amount claimed by a jockey in respect of the weight carried by a horse.

  • Specifying 3, 5 & 7 will limit query to all jockeys who made a claim of 3lb, 5lb or 7lb.
  • Selecting '0' limits query to all jockeys who have not made a claim.
Jockey Day Rides/Jockey Day Rides (Track)

With these settings you can identify and test stats based on how many rides on the day altogether or at the track that day, the jockey had.

  • Setting between 3 and 4 in Jockeys Day Rides (Track) will return only horses whose jockey had 3 or 4 rides that day at the track.
  • Setting between 1 and 1 in Jockey Day Rides will return only horses whose jockey had only that one ride all day.

Jockey analysis help pages

The purpose of the jockey analysis is to quickly view and compare all jockeys listed to compete in the race and hopefully provide a source of some inspiration! It is important to note the jockeys and statistics listed are as scheduled the night before. On occasion a jockey change may occur and HorseRaceBase at the moment is not in a position to update these changes through the day.

Jockey Analysis Display

There are 4 tests, each of which show the Runs, Wins, Places & WinStrike for the relevant information. The first column titled OVERALL relates to jockey performance in all races in the past 2 years (730 days). The second column TRACK shows the performance of the jockey at todays race track, TODAYS TRAINER is a test against the combined jockey/trainer partnership and SP UNDER 6/1 is a special test to check on how the jockey has performed on runners having a realistic chance of winning.

Daily jockey report

Every day I produce a report on all jockeys, for more information, see the trainer and jockey report help section.

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