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Going Information & Help

The going conditions can dramatically affect the outcome of a horse race. How the horse handles the ground underfoot is obviously one thing but there are many other factors involving the going to consider when studying horse racing form, hence the reason you will find yourself referring to it frequently. This page is a reference source to provide confirmation of the different types of going used and also, shortened versions and other relevant data.

  1. Going types
  2. Going in the system builder
  3. Going analysis help

Going types

The below table shows each going description in operation in horse races throughout the UK and Ireland, in the adjoining columns you can view the shortened text (seen in various parts of the site as an abbreviation) and the three comparitive going types used in the Going Analysis section of Todays Tools.

Going DescriptionAbbreviation Comparison 1Comparison 2Comparison 3
FastFST Standard To FastStandardStandard To Slow
FirmFM Good To FirmGoodGood To Soft
GoodGD Good To FirmGood To SoftYielding
Good To FirmGD-FM FirmGoodGood To Soft
Good To SoftGD-SFT SoftGoodYielding
Good To YieldingGD-YLD Good To SoftYieldingGood
HardHD FirmGood To FirmGood
HeavyHVY Soft To HeavySoftGood To Soft
SlowSLW Standard To SlowStandardStandard To Fast
SoftSFT Good To SoftSoft To HeavyYielding To Soft
Soft To HeavySFT-HVY SoftHeavyGood To Soft
StandardSTD Standard To FastStandard To SlowGood
Standard To FastSTD-FST StandardStandard To SlowGood
Standard To SlowSTD-SLW StandardStandard To FastGood
YieldingYLD Yielding To SoftGood To YieldingGood To Soft
Yielding To SoftYLD-SFT YieldingGood To YieldingSoft

Going in the horse racing system builder

With the Going setting, you can select certain going conditions. Your selection will limit the query to races that fall within the specified types of going.

  • Choosing Good to Soft, Heavy & Standard returns only races with these going types.
  • Choosing Firm alone returns only races run on Firm ground.
  • Choosing Good in Going (LR) setting returns only horses whose previous run was run on Good ground.

Going analysis help

The horses performance on similar going conditions to todays is something many horse racing punters take very seriously. In the Going Analysis layout you can quickly and effectively obtain a picture of which horses may or may not be suited by the days conditions, by looking at past performance when going on the same type of ground and in other similar types.

Going Analysis Display

In addition to the horse display (click for full form record) there are 5 further columns with the first listing the anticipated going in the race today and the others showing similar types of going. Each of these columns shows the horses runs, wins and places in the relevant going test. For example if you saw 5 under Runs, 3 under Wins and 3 under Places in a column headed GOOD, this signifies the horse in the left hand column of the table has ran 5 times on good going and won/placed 3 times.

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