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28th November 2018 - 11.05am

Hey all,

I encountered a problem this morning with todays cards at about half ten. I have now rectified, but if there is any issue please do mail me. I am sorry for any inconvenience this caused.


Confirmed Changes

  • Miles Travelled added to the One Day Race Cards
  • New shortcut added - Horses who have won at the festival before
  • 8 new options added to My Daily Report (Class Plc%, Trk/Dist Plc%, Going Plc%, Headgear Runs, Headgear Wins, Headgear Win%, Miles Travelled, Pos Miles Travelled)
  • New option added to the race cards main page to choose specific race types and handicap type
  • New shortcut added - Horses Runs Since Gelded (max 5)
  • Fixed issue with arrows on race cards when 2 races are at the same time (rare!)
  • Error with certain Dig categories not passing has been resolved
  • Upgrade to Profiler - option to show 2nds+3rds for all breakdowns
  • Upgrade to Form Follow - Official rating on day of race and last in tested period now displayed
  • New shortcut added - Ran at same time last year (within 7 days either side)
  • New shortcut added - Gambled on in Last Race? (5 points+ odds movement)
  • Upgrade to the Trainer tab of all cards. 2 new breakdowns added to the dropdown (Within 7 Days & 180 Days+ Break). Additional columns showing the horse age and the days since run have also been added.
  • Owner added to display of 39 different shortcuts
  • Stat Attack - Age filter added as well as column showing age.
  • New feature added - Check qualifiers for this race. On all race cards there is a link, if you have any system qualifiers, My Horses, My Races or My Trends for that individual card, they will be shown. If you have no qualifiers then a message will tell you so. A link to reload the page is supplied. Note My Day Picks are not included as they are already highlighted in the card.
  • Average and Median OR now displayed on all race cards and results
  • Race Card Number added to the results download
  • Tricast payouts now shown on all archived race results
  • Fixed order options when viewing qualifier options by slot
  • Note added to Jockey/Trainer statistics if they have rides today
  • 2019 fixtures added
  • Headgear and Headgear (LR) added as options to My Report
  • New shortcut added - One of up to two in race to place LR.
  • New shortcut added - Jockey Changes.
  • Sort options added to Saved Trends v4
  • Tracks added to 'Jockeys down to ride at 2 or more tracks' shortcut
  • Download for qualifiers for one system only added
  • If headgear or tongue tie worn for the first time, it will be followed by a 1 on the race card
  • New shortcut added - Horses who have previously won at Group/Graded/Listed level
  • New shortcut added - Jockeys with only 1 ride on day / Trainers with only 1 runner on day (COMBINED).
  • Where available race completion times will be shown to 2 decimal places
  • Have started to add common email questions to the FAQ
  • Missing BFSP prices fixed
  • Fix to Merge Systems and Ratings, so that tomorrows can be merged

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