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Confirmed additions

  • Last 1 week of results download option added
  • New shortcut - J- previously won on horse..
  • New shortcut - J- riding horse for first time.
  • WS added against all runners on card who have had a Wind Op

15th January 2018

Just a quick note to say I am proceeding on the basis as outlined below, it takes time to get each step correct and some of the detail is really quite complex, it is definitely worth making sure that anything I do in these stages lasts. As has often been the case when new stuff and enhancements etc get added they tend to be in batches of quite a few in a short space of time - that is because a testing phase has been completed. But even still in the live environment with so many different approaches and saved settings there can still be an issue.

I expect to get quite a bit finished in January


5th January 2018

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all enjoyed the festive period, I personally saw a lot of my family and also helped out at a place assisting those who are a lot less fortunate in life, it certainly puts things in perspective.

It was pretty shocking weather for many and that has affected a few meetings and some of the ones that went ahead the conditions do make matters a bit trickier depending on your approach. The site was busy and a lot of racing always keeps me busy - there were some cracking races. Now it is time to push on with the site improvements.

I am very aware that parts of the site are extremely complicated and that better help is required, that is especially the case for new members. To be honest the way the site has always been to this point has been someone has suggested something, if possible I have added and that person then stays very loyal to the site. It has worked therefore to get this far, building a very loyal and extremely appreciated group of members who offer great feedback. I am extremely grateful. I always try to be very honest and I will admit that it has not been my strongest point promoting the site instead relying on word of mouth.

The reality for 2018 is that I need to try and make the site a lot more user friendly and try to open up to a wider audience yet also keep the same philosophy and long standing members happy. I am going to start this work immediately.

I will be making some substantial improvements, as part of this there will be more functionality. In order to achieve this I will need to put some checks in place and warnings will appear for any account that is doing some things that cause issues. A few examples of what I mean - downloading huge quantities on a very regular basis - sharing logins with several people - running extremely vague queries with complex calculations in place - constantly accessing the site using a scraper.

The whole nature of HorseRaceBase is that it is about fairness and working together to create powerful horse racing tools that are made available for an affordable amount. To get to the next level it is my responsibility to put a structure in place that makes the tools better, explains them in a much clearer way and stops the minimal few who cause huge issues.

I will also in due course be looking for volunteers to help with the huge job of data checking and the day to day stuff. I already have regular contact with several members who offer amazing support and feedback. This is so helpful and I hope you all realise how greatly it is appreciated.

I shall post again in approximately 1 week


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Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.
Henry Ford
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