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Site Changes from 4th June 2019

As previously advised I am starting a new project of implementing stuff I have been working on and will I hope during June make some decent progress. The list below shows whats finalised. Run Comments and MultiCuts projects I am updating directly on those pages.

Please email me with any issues. Thanks, Chris

  • New settings options added for race card tabs. This serves the following purposes.
    A) Option to include/exclude the various tabs as desired

    Please note the Speed tab is deselected as standard but you can turn it on if you wish, I have done this because I personally am not comfortable with it as per the notes on it

    B) Option to set a personalised RMV2 rating that will be used for the HRB column on the main race card.
    C) or to not have a rating included on your race card.

    There have been quite a few requests to have personalised rating shown on the card and I am pleased to offer this as I want to make it clear that HRB Standard is purely an example set of what can be done in the Ratings Machine.

  • Stall added to trends tab of cards (when stalls are in use)
  • New Tool - Daily Head to Head
  • Plc marks (last, high, 3yr) added to the OR tab of all cards
  • Dam and Dam Sire added to the A-Z download (not the main page display as wont fit on screen
  • Option added to download the ratings for the 750 races used in RMV2 backtest
  • Similarities vs LR (Jockey and Track) and Position in Market (on next run) breakdowns added to the Follow section of Big Race Trends
  • 48hr declaration note added to all horses with entries, along with dropdown to switch horse

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