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Frequently Asked Questions

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HorseRaceBase & Membership

How much does it cost?

It is £15 per month for a Recreational account, there is an enhanced account (more slots etc) for an extra £5 per month

What are the different levels of account?

There are two levels of account, the first Recreational should suit the vast majority of casual punters, the second Enhanced offers increased storage facilities and data limits in places of the site where a significant cost is associated with maintaining and implementation of the feature. Below are the current figures by account type.

FeatureFree TrialRecreationalEnhanced
Saved Systems336100
Ratings Sets210Unlimited
Saved Horses3100Unlimited
Saved Races3100Unlimited
Saved Notes101000Unlimited
Daily Report Items540Unlimited
Monthly Downloads10500Unlimited
Builder Qualifiers List500250010,000

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What is the extent of your database?

We have the results of every horse race from UK and Ireland since 1st January 1997 stored in our database. Please note at present we do not have French, US form etc or point to point races.

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Do you have a forum?

We did used to have a forum on the site, but removed it due to spamming and endless issues, which took up a lot of time. We do hope to one day add another, at the moment there are a number of HRB users plus a dedicated HRB area on the UK Betting Forum. Membership is free and Kevin from UK Betting Forum told me this - "We do not look to make any money from our members, there are no membership costs and we do not sell mailing lists etc. We do not promote tipsters or system sellers and do not carry affiliate links. We have a number of long term users of HRB who are happy to help out with any queries from any new users etc".

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Why does the back button not work?

Due to the type of code we use for maximum efficiency, speed and security the back button does not work on many of the pages where variables are being passed behind the scenes. In many cases there will be a HorseRaceBase button to take you back within features, otherwise you can use the link menus at the top of the page to navigate around the site.

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How do i retrieve forgotten login details?

Please use the lost details form.

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How do i change my password?

Once you have logged in to the site there is a change password option within the My Settings Page.

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How long will it take to update my account?

If using Paypal you will be upgraded within 24 hours, but normally much quicker. Immediately if you are paying using our credit card secure server.

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When are cards, results and data loaded to the site and when do updates occur?

There are three main update stages.

  1. Approx 3.30pm - The next days (and any 48 hour declaration) cards and data are loaded.
  2. Overnight - Confirmed results and any updates to cards/data is loaded.
  3. From 10am - A number of live feeds are used to update changes to cards and live results etc.
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When are finalised qualifiers from the previous day available.

This is normally around 10am because there are a lot of data checks required and also additional data such as Betfair SP that needs gathered.

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What are the analysis tools for?

The primary aim of the analysis tools is to give an immediate snapshot providing invaluable insight into the factors most likely to affect the outcome of the race. These tools are most useful when you want to find something out fast. For example, you may want to quickly identify which trainer in the race has the best strike rate, which horse's have won over a greater distance or look for horse's who have previously won at a big price.

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What does Form Follow mean?

This a function exclusive to horseracebase.com, simply by clicking the follow button when viewing any race result you can view the subsequent performance of horses who ran in the race. This can be an extremely useful facility when studying form.

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Why cant i find what i am searching for?

Most searches you will find extremely simple but in some cases you may not find what you are looking for if you have the wrong spelling or alternatively if the horse/jockey/trainer/stallion has never had a run under rules in UK/Ireland.

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Can I view just statistics for jockeys with rides today?

Go to Track Stats and choose an appropriate track stats link. In the section 'included data' select With Run Today.

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Where does the odds forecast come from?

The Press Association

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Why does a certain trainer/jockey/stallion/dam not appear in the System Builder lists?

The lists are kept to a manageable size using a criteria otherwise they would be unmanageable (as there are thousands). The criteria uses the last entry date and total number of previous entries.

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How do I just view the winners in a System?

You can click the Winners option within the Quals tab or you could also use the category Placing (settled) and set as First to just include the winners

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What is HRB Standard?

The Ratings Machine V2 lets members create their own ratings. The HRB Standard ratings are available to all, they are an example of the Ratings Machine process. In terms of the HRB Standard rating - although popular, these and the other communal sets (the older sets use less settings as they were added in the later version) were designed to help people who wanted a start point when creating their own ratings using the Ratings Machine. They are purely an example of what can be done with the Ratings Machine.

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What calculations are used in HRB Standard?

To see exactly how an example set works and the settings in use you can go to the Ratings Machine and do the below.
1) Choose Create new ratings based on a template.
2) Give your ratings a name and choose from the available ratings sets dropdown and click Go
3) You will automatically be editing your new ratings set and can view/edit as you wish. There are help links on each setting

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