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Microsoft Excel User Tips

A member contacted us to request that instead of the Starting Price Odds being included in the System Builder Qualifiers download area, the Betfair Estimated Odds Calculation was used instead.

The code to actually offer this as an option would significantly slow down the excel download, therefore if you do wish to do this it is best to use an Excel formula to create the estimated Betfair Odds.

This can be done by adapting the following formula in Excel to suit your requirements. Note in this example the numerical odds are in column D (which is why the formula refers to cell D2). The percentages should be changed to reflect what you believe is the realistic mark up in terms of the price available on Betfair compared to Official Starting Price in each odds range. If you are having trouble, please contact us.

Excel Formula to Create Estimated Betfair Odds

Advice for Layout in Excel (From Mike)

Here is a bit of techno advice that WILL help your subscribers. After you download your daily report onto Excel. You then go to the numbers margin on the left of the grids. You then highlight no. 2 line by clicking on the number. This then highlights the row. Then click on the windows tab at the top of the screen, and then click freeze panes in the drop down menu. By doing this, you then freeze the top header line, so keeping the description of the columns always showing when scrolling down. Hope this helps - Mike

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