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Last 10 Report

Detailed analysis of the last ten distances, tracks, going, class, race type, runners, days, placings and odds of horses scheduled to run today (and tomorrow when ready). Due to the size of this report it is available only as a download (too large to fit on the screen). This is a prepared in advance report (unlike some areas which are data dumps and can fetch and apply user preferences). It is a .xlsx file and you will need excel (version 2007 and above) to open.

The distances in the report are presented in yards, for help with conversion to furlongs or miles see the Distance Conversion Table.

Click here to open today's Last Ten report in excel.

For tomorrows Last Ten report click here.

Please be aware

The below reports will be replaced by the above, however these will remain available for a short time to assist anyone using them. If you have any issues at all please contact me.

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