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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 17th March 2018. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey Odds Owner
Wolverhampton 8/1 A B Partnership
Uttoxeter 25/1 A Crawford & Partner
Uttoxeter 14/1 Alan Beard & Brian Beard
Kempton 3/1 Alan Jamieson Site Services Ltd
Wolverhampton 5/1 Alex and Janet Card
Uttoxeter 7/2 Anthony Honeyball Racing Club Ltd
Kempton 20/1 Apis uk com
Kempton 12/1 Arthurs Gift Partnership
Wexford 8/1 Backkitchen Syndicate
Wexford 5/1 Barry Connell
Wexford 6/1 Barry Connell
Kempton 9/2 Boultbee Brooks Ltd
Uttoxeter 33/1 Boultbee Brooks Ltd
Kempton 25/1 Bradley Partnership
Fontwell 13/2 Brooks, Fulton, Stewart & Vogt
Kempton 8/1 Brown Campbell James Foylan
Wexford 5/1 Byrnes Bloodstock Limited
Wexford 6/1 Catriona ODonovan
Kempton 10/1 Celtic Contractors Limited
Wexford 66/1 Chasers & Pints Syndicate
Fontwell 20/1 Cole, Gale, Levy & Mortimer
Kempton 5/1 Crossed Fingers Partnership
Wolverhampton 8/1 D Gilbert, J Lancaster, G Wills
Wolverhampton 6/1 David Duffy Partnership
Wexford 10/1 Deise Country Store Limited
Uttoxeter 6/1 Dick And Mandy Higgins
Fontwell 8/1 Ditcheat Thoroughbreds Coillte Lass
Kempton 13/2 Ditcheat Thoroughbreds Orbasa
Wexford 14/1 Dove Coat Syndicate
Wexford 16/1 Downtown Syndicate
Uttoxeter 14/1 Dr R D P Newland
Uttoxeter 16/1 E & G Racing Partnership
Wolverhampton 10/1 E H Jones (Paints) Ltd
Wexford 5/1 Edward Cawley
Uttoxeter 66/1 Exors Of Late George Brookes & Family
Kempton 6/1 Favourites Racing (syndication) Ltd 10
Wolverhampton 5/1 Ferrybank Properties Limited
Wexford 20/1 Finbarr Kelly
Kempton 9/4 Five Horses Ltd
Fontwell 11/2 Four Candles Partnership
Kempton 20/1 G & L Handley And M & C Hardcastle
Wolverhampton 11/2 G B Turnbull Ltd
Fontwell 6/1 Gale Force One
Kempton 5/1 Galloping On The South Downs Partnersh
Kempton 6/1 Galloping On The South Downs Partnersh
Wexford 10/1 George P Mahoney
Wexford 5/1 Gigginstown House Stud
Wexford 6/1 Gigginstown House Stud
Wexford 3/1 Gigginstown House Stud
Wexford 10/1 Gigginstown House Stud
Fontwell 11/2 Gilbert & Gamble
Wexford 9/2 Golf At Ballyneety Syndicate
Wexford 10/1 Gordon Elliott Racing Club
Uttoxeter 8/1 Grace Harris Racing
Wolverhampton 11/4 Grace Harris Racing
Wolverhampton 14/1 Graham Brothers Racing Partnership
Fontwell 13/8 Grech & Parkin
Wexford 50/1 Have Another Syndicate
Kempton 16/1 Heart of the South Racing
Wexford 100/30 Herb M Stanley
Kempton 16/1 Holcombe Hopefuls
Kempton 14/1 Holt,macnabb,taylor,clark,nugent,peter
Uttoxeter 20/1 J C Harrison Lee & T Howard Partnershi
Kempton 7/2 James and Jean Potter
Kempton 25/1 James Evans & The Harlequins Racing
Wexford 4/1 James P Deegan
Wolverhampton 14/1 Jfs Racing & Geoff Harker
Kempton 20/1 John J Reilly And Dan Skelton
Wexford 5/1 John P McManus
Wexford 11/8 John P McManus
Wexford 3/1 John P McManus
Kempton 6/1 Judy Craymer
Kempton 50/1 K S B, Mr M Doughty & Mrs Sarah Tizzar
Wexford 12/1 Kieran Leavy & Lorcan Cribbin
Uttoxeter 6/1 Kilco (international) Ltd
Wolverhampton 25/1 Kilco (international) Ltd
Wexford 6/1 Know It Alls Syndicate
Kempton 11/8 Kyle, Stewart, Vogt & Wylie
Kempton 10/1 L Field, L Cognet, J Sigler & C Walsh
Wexford 8/1 L OConnor
Wolverhampton 4/1 Ladies In Racing
Kempton 10/1 Lady Bolton
Uttoxeter 9/4 Lady Cobham
Wexford 14/1 Laurence OBrien
Wexford 9/2 Leonard Kelly
Wexford 50/1 Liam Mulryan
Fontwell 7/2 Living In Hope Partnership
Uttoxeter 12/1 Lord Daresbury & Jocelyn Rosenburg
Uttoxeter 9/2 Lorna Squire & Richard Metherell
Uttoxeter 13/8 M B Scholey & The Late R H Scholey
Wexford 8/1 M G Hogan
Wexford 20/1 Manverton Limited
Kempton 12/1 Martin Broughton & Friends 5
Fontwell 7/4 Matrow Properties Ltd
Wolverhampton 12/1 Matt Watkinson Racing Club
Kempton 9/2 McNeill Family And Prodec Networks Ltd
Kempton 2/1 McNeill Family And Prodec Networks Ltd
Wolverhampton 7/4 Melbourne 10 Racing
Wexford 6/1 Michael Callinan
Wexford 20/1 Michael Mahon
Wexford 13/2 Michael ODowd
Uttoxeter 14/1 Michelle And Dan Macdonald
Wolverhampton 12/1 Midest 2
Fontwell 8/1 Mighty Acorn Stables
Wolverhampton 7/1 Mike Nolan, John Abbey & Chris Heron
Uttoxeter 16/1 Mills & Mason Partnership
Fontwell 7/1 Milsom Baker Racing
Fontwell 16/1 Miss E J Tanner
Uttoxeter 12/1 Miss Katharine J Holland
Wolverhampton 25/1 Miss M E Rowland
Wexford 9/2 Miss S J Leahy
Fontwell 9/2 Miss Sarah Parker
Kempton 25/1 Miss Suzy Smith
Uttoxeter 25/1 Mr & Mrs William Rucker
Uttoxeter 12/1 Mr A Brooks
Kempton 7/1 Mr A D Spence
Uttoxeter 10/1 Mr A F Lousada
Fontwell 6/1 Mr A F Lousada & Alan Kaplan
Fontwell 7/2 Mr A Foreman & Mr G L Moore
Wolverhampton 12/1 Mr Adrian Wintle
Wolverhampton 25/1 Mr Adrian Wintle
Fontwell 6/1 Mr Andrew Bradmore
Wolverhampton 10/1 Mr Andrew Gemmell
Kempton 5/2 Mr Andrew L Cohen
Wolverhampton 7/1 Mr Anthony Hogarth
Fontwell 13/8 Mr Anthony Ward-Thomas
Wolverhampton 14/1 Mr B Lapham
Uttoxeter 100/30 Mr C J Haughey
Kempton 12/1 Mr Carl Hinchy
Kempton 8/1 Mr Colm Donlon
Uttoxeter 5/4 Mr D Sutherland
Fontwell 16/1 Mr D V Gardner
Uttoxeter 14/1 Mr Dan Lloyd
Kempton 14/1 Mr Dan Skelton
Uttoxeter 7/1 Mr David M Williams
Wolverhampton 12/1 Mr Derek Shaw
Uttoxeter 8/1 Mr Frank McAleavy
Wolverhampton 8/1 Mr G C Stevens
Uttoxeter 12/1 Mr G T Bewley
Fontwell 4/1 Mr Ian Poysden
Wolverhampton 2/1 Mr Ismail Mohammed
Fontwell 4/1 Mr J A Vowles & Partners
Wolverhampton 7/1 Mr J C G Chua
Kempton 10/1 Mr J Durston & Mr N Harris
Fontwell 16/1 Mr J P Kehoe
Kempton 50/1 Mr J P Selby
Uttoxeter 5/1 Mr John J Murray & Mrs Lynne Maclennan
Fontwell 14/1 Mr John P McManus
Uttoxeter 7/1 Mr John P McManus
Uttoxeter 5/1 Mr John P McManus
Wolverhampton 12/1 Mr Kevin Frost
Wolverhampton 10/1 Mr M Channon
Uttoxeter 11/2 Mr M R & Mrs C J Barnwell
Uttoxeter 11/8 Mr M R Chapman
Uttoxeter 14/1 Mr M Rozenbroek
Kempton 4/1 Mr Malcolm C Denmark
Fontwell 7/1 Mr Mark Adams
Uttoxeter 33/1 Mr Mark Jackson
Wolverhampton 16/1 Mr Michael Appleby
Wolverhampton 4/1 Mr Mohammed Al Nabouda
Wolverhampton 4/1 Mr N Chapman
Kempton 5/1 Mr N T Griffith & H M Haddock
Uttoxeter 16/1 Mr Nick Elliott
Uttoxeter 50/1 Mr Oscar Singh & Miss Priya Purewal
Wolverhampton 9/4 Mr P D Evans
Uttoxeter Evens Mr P Dando
Kempton 10/1 Mr P J Vogt
Fontwell 25/1 Mr P S Wardle And Mr J N Allen
Fontwell 25/1 Mr Paul Murphy
Uttoxeter 16/1 Mr Peter Beadles
Uttoxeter 14/1 Mr R Morgan Evans And Mrs C Lockett
Kempton 10/1 Mr R S Brookhouse
Uttoxeter 10/1 Mr Robert Bothway
Fontwell 13/8 Mr Roger Alwen Mrs Heather Alwen
Kempton 7/1 Mr Simon Munir & Mr Isaac Souede
Wolverhampton 6/1 Mr Sylvester Kirk
Kempton 10/1 Mr T P Radford
Wolverhampton 50/1 Mr Tony Forbes
Kempton 11/4 Mr W A Harrison-Allan
Wolverhampton 14/1 Mr Wayne Fleming
Uttoxeter 25/1 Mrm E Sowersby/mrscarriezetter-wells
Wexford 8/1 Mrs Anne McMahon
Wexford 16/1 Mrs Avril Doyle
Uttoxeter 4/6 Mrs Barbara Hester
Uttoxeter 16/1 Mrs C J Dunn
Uttoxeter 6/1 Mrs C M Dickin & Miss H Turner
Fontwell 8/11 Mrs C New
Uttoxeter 33/1 Mrs Carolyn Kendrick
Wexford 13/2 Mrs Eleanor Butler
Wolverhampton 8/1 Mrs F Houlihan
Fontwell 6/4 Mrs Frank Caudwell
Fontwell 4/1 Mrs Heather Heal
Fontwell 13/8 Mrs J A Thomas & Ms K J Austin
Kempton 4/1 Mrs J K Powell
Uttoxeter 8/1 Mrs J M Plummer
Fontwell 2/1 Mrs J May
Uttoxeter 12/1 Mrs J Morgan & Mrs Lindsey J Shaw
Kempton 16/1 Mrs Jane Gerard-Pearse
Uttoxeter 16/1 Mrs Jayne Sivills
Kempton 2/1 Mrs Johnny de la Hey
Kempton 8/1 Mrs Johnny de la Hey
Kempton 20/1 Mrs Judith Luff
Uttoxeter 11/2 Mrs Karen Bowen
Kempton 9/4 Mrs L Day, Mr H Burdett & Mr G McPhers
Wolverhampton 7/2 Mrs Lucille Bone
Uttoxeter 12/1 Mrs Lynne MacLennan
Uttoxeter 7/2 Mrs Lynne MacLennan
Wexford 16/1 Mrs M Rogers & O B P Carroll
Wolverhampton 14/1 Mrs Margaret J Wilson
Wolverhampton 16/1 Mrs P Bastiman
Wexford 25/1 Mrs P J Conway
Wexford 14/1 Mrs S Neville
Fontwell 100/1 Mrs S Stanier
Wolverhampton 12/1 Mrs Sue Adams & Mr S P Adams
Wolverhampton Evens Mrs Susan Roy
Wexford 20/1 Ms Aileen Lynam
Wolverhampton 5/1 Ms Diane Carr
Fontwell 5/1 Ms S Flook
Wexford 25/1 N J Heffernan
Wexford 5/4 N J Heffernan
Kempton 4/1 Nigel & Barbara Collison
Wexford 8/1 No Credit Syndicate
Wexford 10/1 Noel James
Kempton 9/2 Norman Lake & Susan Carsberg
Wolverhampton 10/1 Ontoawinner Upton Group Tredwell
Wolverhampton 4/1 Ontoawinner, Mr D Mackay & Mrs E Burke
Wexford 5/1 P J Rothwell
Fontwell 7/1 P Middleton, M Lowther
Wexford 25/1 Patrick J F Doyle
Fontwell 7/2 Paul & Clare Rooney
Uttoxeter 6/1 Pearns Pharmacies Ltd
Uttoxeter 7/1 Pearns Pharmacies Ltd
Wexford 50/1 Pension Plan Syndicate
Wolverhampton 6/1 Phoebes Friends
Wexford 7/1 R Cavanagh
Wexford 33/1 R P Rath
Fontwell 5/1 R W & Mrs J M Mitchell
Uttoxeter 9/2 Racing For Maggies Partnership
Uttoxeter 2/1 Robert Aplin & Swanee River Partnershi
Uttoxeter 10/1 Roddy Owen & Paul Fullagar
Wexford 33/1 Ronald ONeill
Wolverhampton 7/1 S & A Mares & A Potze
Wexford 12/1 S G Walsh
Fontwell 50/1 S Mullins Racing Club
Fontwell 10/1 S Mullins Racing Club
Wexford 14/1 S ONeill
Uttoxeter 16/1 S Such & Cg Paletta
Fontwell 10/1 Saloop
Fontwell 16/1 Sam Thomas Racing Club
Wolverhampton 25/1 Saxon House Racing
Uttoxeter 4/1 Sc Botham & Rg Botham
Kempton 50/1 See You At Cheltenham Partnership
Wolverhampton 10/1 Sharron & Robert Colvin
Wolverhampton 4/5 Sheikh Juma Dalmook Al Maktoum
Kempton 14/1 Silkword Racing Partnership
Wexford 3/1 Simon Gegg
Uttoxeter 8/1 Sir John Timpson
Fontwell 8/1 Six To Five Against
Wolverhampton 4/1 Staverton Owners Group
Wolverhampton 8/1 Stg Racing Partnership
Wolverhampton 5/1 Strawberry Fields Stud
Wexford 11/10 Sullivan Bloodstock Limited
Wexford 10/11 Sullivan Bloodstock Limited
Kempton 13/2 Swanee River Partnership
Wexford 13/2 T J & Mrs H Parrott Partnership
Uttoxeter 10/1 Taylormaid
Fontwell 50/1 The 25 Club
Kempton 25/1 The Arkle Bar Partnership
Kempton 10/1 The Arthur White Partnership
Kempton 12/1 The Bellamy Partnership
Uttoxeter 3/1 The Colony Stable Llc & Dajam Ltd
Wolverhampton 16/1 The Desperados
Wolverhampton 33/1 The Dunnitalls
Fontwell 5/1 The Good News Partnership
Wolverhampton 7/2 The Goodwooders
Kempton 8/1 The Grocer Syndicate
Wolverhampton 7/1 The Hon A Blyth
Kempton 9/4 The Invicta Partnership
Kempton 25/1 The Jp Girls
Wolverhampton 20/1 The Lam Partnership
Uttoxeter 14/1 The Somedays Here Racing Partnership
Kempton 5/1 The Songsters
Kempton 25/1 The Starjac Partnership
Wolverhampton 7/2 The Superb Partnership
Fontwell 6/1 The Winning Hand
Wexford 5/1 Thomas James & Eoin Banville
Kempton 33/1 Three Counties Racing
Wolverhampton 8/1 Three Generations
Kempton 10/1 Tim Dykes & Lynda Lovell
Kempton 8/1 Tim Syder
Wexford 3/1 Tomas Ahern & Thomas Considine & M A OSullivan
Wexford 5/1 Torcello Syndicate
Wexford 14/1 Transatlantic Syndicate
Wexford 5/1 Turlough Blessing
Uttoxeter 9/4 Two Black Labs
Uttoxeter 7/4 Two Black Labs
Fontwell 11/8 Valence Racing Too
Uttoxeter 5/1 Valueracingclub Co Uk
Wexford 4/1 W J Burke

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