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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 18th November 2017. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey OwnerOdds
1.45 Punchestown A Long Day (IRE) Presenting Brassil, Martin Doyle, R A Mrs Jane M Dwyer 66/1
12.05 Punchestown A Place Apart (IRE) Power Cromwell, Gavin Patrick Browne, Mr B GBLOGBD Limited 33/1
3.55 Punchestown Adolphius (IRE) Amadeus Wolf Love, Mrs D A Snajdrova, Veronika Mrs D A Love 33/1
3.30 Cheltenham Ahead of The Curve (FR) Ballingarry (IRE) Corbett, Mrs Susan Corbett, Mr J Mr T Green 25/1
11.55 Lingfield Aiya (IRE) Declaration Of War (USA) Balding, A M Hornby, Rob King Power Racing Co Ltd 16/1
2.55 Punchestown Alcander (FR) Makfi Flood, F McCarthy, I J Madfish Racing Club 14/1
1.45 Punchestown Alfred Eile (IRE) Alfred Nobel (IRE) Nash, J A Landers, Mr C A J A Nash 80/1
1.40 Wetherby Allbarnone Alflora (IRE) Hanmer, G D Garner, Mr T Girls Are Loud 11/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Allez Jacques (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) Lavelle, Miss E C Banks, Mr J Tim Syder 16/1
11.55 Lingfield Alpine Peak (USA) Mizzen Mast (USA) Varian, Roger Sousa, Silvestre De Prince A A Faisal 6/1
1.35 Lingfield Amenta (IRE) Roderic OConnor (IRE) Berry, John Haynes, Joey Mr L Norris 20/1
1.05 Wetherby Ami Desbois (FR) Dream Well (fr) McPherson, Graeme P Woods, K K Epds Racing Partnership 12 & Partner 11/10
2.35 Uttoxeter Anginola (IRE) Kodiac Brooke, Julia Kington, John Brough Farm Racing Partnership 50/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Annie Salts Zebedee Dwyer, C A Currie, Nicola Mrs Shelley Dwyer 3/1
3.00 Cheltenham Anteros (IRE) Milan Leech, Mrs S Brennan, P J Mr K W Bell 8/1
12.35 Punchestown Any Second Now (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Walsh, T M Walsh, M P John P McManus 4/1
1.40 Wetherby Apachee Prince (IRE) Indian Danehill (IRE) Whillans, A C Cockburn, Mr G J Mr J D Wright & Mrs S Wright 11/1
12.40 Cheltenham Apparition (IRE) Dream Ahead (USA) OBrien, Joseph Patrick Slevin, Mr J J Annus Mirabilis Syndicate 25/1
12.40 Cheltenham Apples Shakira (FR) Saddler Maker (IRE) Henderson, N J Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus Evens
2.25 Cheltenham Aqua Dude (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Williams, Evan Wedge, Mr A Mr & Mrs William Rucker 16/1
12.30 Wetherby Aramist (IRE) Aussie Rules (USA) Haynes, Sally Brooke, Henry Exors Of Late Mrs J M Penney 28/1
2.10 Lingfield Arcanada (IRE) Arcano (IRE) Dascombe, Tom Kingscote, Richard The Arcanada Partnership 7/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Arlecchinos Arc (IRE) Arcano (IRE) Usher, M D I Drowne, Steve Mr K Senior 33/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Arrowzone Iffraaj Frost, Kevin Costello, Dougie C & D Racing 12/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Arthurs Reuben Malinas (GER) Candlish, Jennie Quinlan, Sean Mr A White 100/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Article Fifty (IRE) Doyen (IRE) Greatrex, W J Greatrex, Mr T Swanee River Partnership 9/2
5.45 Wolverhampton Arty But Poor Dutch Art Greenall, Oliver Stott, Kevin Mr E A Brook 4/1
2.55 Punchestown Aston Cantlow Hurricane Run (IRE) McCann, Anthony Flanagan, S W Dharmesh Shah 33/1
3.25 Punchestown Athenean (IRE) Westerner Meade, Noel Carberry, Miss N Gigginstown House Stud 5/4
2.15 Wetherby Attention Please (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Dobbin, Mrs R OFarrell, C Mr Ronnie Jacobs & Mrs Rose Dobbin 14/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Autumn Snow Invincible Spirit (IRE) Suroor, Saeed Bin Gordon, Miss J Godolphin 9/4
3.50 Wetherby Autumn Surprise (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Easterby, T D Brooke, Henry Mr Trevor Hemmings 14/1
2.45 Lingfield Ayrad (IRE) Dalakhani (IRE) Charlton, R Kingscote, Richard Saleh Al Homaizi & Imad Al Sagar 10/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Aza Run (IRE) Hurricane Run (IRE) Harris, S A Quinlan, Jack Miss H Ward 14/1
3.55 Punchestown Baby Jake (IRE) Morozov (USA) Hanlon, John Joseph Kral, Jan Mrs Nanette Wheatley 12/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Balli Martine (FR) Ballingarry (IRE) Williams, Noel Garner, Mr T Mr Noel Williams 66/1
1.45 Punchestown Ballinabearna Malinas (GER) Tyner, Robert Mangan, Mr P F Noel Hanley 66/1
2.25 Cheltenham Ballyalton (IRE) Pierre Williams, Ian OBrien, T J Mr John Westwood 8/1
1.15 Cheltenham Ballyoptic (IRE) Old Vic Twiston-Davies, N A Johnson, Richard Mills & Mason Partnership 10/11
3.05 Uttoxeter Baraboy (IRE) Barathea (IRE) Murtagh, Barry Greatrex, Mr T Mr Anthony White 9/2
12.25 Lingfield Barnay Nayef (USA) Tregoning, M P Saunders, Tyler Mr Robin Blunt & Mr M P N Tregoning 25/1
2.20 Punchestown Barra (FR) Vendangeur (IRE) Elliott, Gordon Russell, D N Gigginstown House Stud 7/2
2.00 Uttoxeter Barton Gift Alflora (IRE) Spearing, J L Gregory, Mr F Kate Ive 40/1
2.45 Lingfield Battalion (IRE) Authorized (IRE) Osborne, J A Costello, Dougie Melbourne 10 Racing 16/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Beau Knight Sir Percy Dunn, Mrs Alex McLernon, R P West Buckland Bloodstock Ltd 10/1
2.10 Lingfield Belgian Bill Exceed And Excel (AUS) Baker, George Keniry, L P PJL, Byrne & Baker 12/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Bella Ferrari Bated Breath Scott, George Harley, M Biddestone Racing Xv 33/1
1.50 Cheltenham Benbens (IRE) Beneficial Twiston-Davies, N A Bargary, J P S Such & Cg Paletta 16/1
2.25 Cheltenham Bentelimar (IRE) Beneficial Longsdon, C E Burke, Mr J J Swanee River Partnership 25/1
3.45 Lingfield Bergholt (IRE) Sir Percy Vaughan, Tim ONeill, K T B Jones & Son 15/2
8.45 Wolverhampton Berryessa (IRE) Dandy Man (IRE) Guest, Rae Morris, Luke Rgrl Syndicate 2 10/1
12.30 Wetherby Bertie Blake (IRE) Beneficial Kirby, P A Moscrop, Mr N The Kirby Club Partnership 200/1
3.45 Lingfield Betsalottie Aqlaam Bridger, J J Crouch, Hector Mr J J Bridger 8/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Bill Cody (IRE) Declaration Of War (USA) Osborne, J A Costello, Dougie Mr Michael Buckley & Mr Michael H Watt 33/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Billy Bond Monsieur Bond (IRE) Fahey, R A Hamilton, Tony Mr & Mrs P Ashton 12/1
12.35 Punchestown Billys Hope (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M Flyers Syndicate 40/1
1.15 Cheltenham Black Corton (FR) Laverock (IRE) Nicholls, P F Frost, Miss B The Brooks, Stewart Families & J Kyle 4/1
3.55 Punchestown Black Ice (IRE) Great Exhibition (USA) Feane, John James Kelly, Elaine Miss K Hickey 25/1
8.15 Wolverhampton Bleu Et Noir Enrique Vaughan, Tim ONeill, K T Mr Alan Peterson 15/8
2.50 Wetherby Blue Hussar (IRE) Montjeu (IRE) Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F Mr Richard Howard & Mr Ben Howard 6/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Bob Ford (IRE) Vinnie Roe (IRE) Newland, Dr R D P Bowen, Mr S P Dr R D P Newland 11/8
5.45 Wolverhampton Bodie And Doyle Ravens Pass (USA) Balding, A M Watson, Jason Chelsea Thoroughbreds- The Professiona 9/1
2.45 Lingfield Boynton (USA) More Than Ready (USA) Appleby, Charlie Buick, William Godolphin 9/4
3.05 Uttoxeter Breeze Along Denounce Thomas, Sam Davies, James Mr Sam Thomas 14/1
3.55 Punchestown Bronco Bill (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Meade, Noel Martin, Jack Noel Meade 12/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Brownville Kayf Tara Twiston-Davies, N A Baker, Mr Z Mrs Felicity Griffin 9/2
1.45 Punchestown Burrows Saint (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Mullins, W P Walsh, R Mrs S Ricci 4/5
3.50 Wetherby Bygones For Coins (IRE) Danroad (AUS) Johnson, Kenny Clarke, Alison Carter Thompson Associates 33/1
12.30 Wetherby Cabaret Queen Kings Theatre (IRE) Skelton, Daniel Skelton, Harry Highclere Tbred Racing - Cabaret Quee 7/4
5.45 Wolverhampton Call Dawn Helmet (AUS) Easterby, M W Hardie, Cameron Mr A Morgans Racing 40/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Calling Rio (IRE) Canford Cliffs (IRE) Loughnane, David Gordon, Miss J Compas Racing 25/1
12.05 Punchestown Callthebarman (IRE) Lord Shanakill (USA) Cromwell, Gavin Patrick Fox, Mr G N J M Hughes 50/1
1.35 Lingfield Canadian Royal Royal Applause Williams, S C Levey, S M Mr D A Shekells 14/1
2.15 Wetherby Cant Pay Wont Pay (IRE) Flying Legend (USA) Dobbin, Mrs R Delahunt, Mr D Mr George Delahunt 10/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Capard King (IRE) Beneficial ONeill, Jonjo Oneill,Mr J J Mr J B Gilruth & Eric Chapman 10/1
12.50 Uttoxeter Captain Peacock Champs Elysees Sherwood, O Aspell, Leighton Joule, Apiafi And Black 13/2
12.50 Uttoxeter Captiva Island (IRE) Scorpion (IRE) Murphy, Olly Gregory, Mr F Still Scoobyless 10/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Carnaross Norse Dancer (IRE) Brooke, Julia Kington, John Chrissys Passion Racing & Nobaj Ltd 20/1
3.15 Lingfield Caspian Prince (IRE) Dylan Thomas (IRE) Coyle, Tony Curtis, B A Mr Stephen Louch 33/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Cat Ballou Equiano (FR) OMeara, D Tudhope, Daniel York Thoroughbred Racing 150/1
3.25 Punchestown Cesar Du Gouet (FR) Fragrant Mix (IRE) Murphy, Barry John Mullins, Mr P W Miss Mary C M Murphy 20/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Champagne Pink (FR) Teofilo (IRE) Burke, K R Lee, Clifford Nick Bradley Racing 2 & Mrs E Burke 4/1
2.10 Lingfield Charles Molson Monsieur Bond (IRE) Chamings, P R Crowley, Jim Trolley Action 8/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Chase Me (IRE) Mahler Hollinshead, Sarah Dunne, R T Mr Paul Shaw & Mr Mark Round 100/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Cirrus Minor (FR) George Vancouver (USA) Burke, K R Harley, M Mrs Z Wentworth 2/1
3.15 Lingfield Clem Fandango (FR) Elzaam (AUS) Dalgleish, Keith Makin, Phillip Middleham Park Racing LXXV 10/1
1.10 Punchestown Close Shave Presenting Harrington, Mrs John Walsh, M P John P McManus 7/2
12.20 Uttoxeter Cloth Cap (IRE) Beneficial ONeill, Jonjo McLernon, R P Mr Trevor Hemmings 12/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Cobblers Son Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Daly, H D Sherwood, Mr J Sir John Timpson 25/1
1.10 Punchestown Coeur Joyeux (IRE) Beneficial Dempsey, J P Dempsey, Luke John P McManus 15/2
6.45 Wolverhampton Come On Sal Sayif (IRE) Loughnane, Daniel Mark Berry, F M Jan Mead Kelly Gould 200/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Compliance (IRE) Exceed And Excel (AUS) Tate, James Fanning, Joe Mr Saeed Manana 4/1
3.00 Cheltenham Connetable (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Nicholls, P F Frost, Miss B Mr Chris Giles & Mr Dan Macdonald 10/1
3.30 Cheltenham Coole Cody (IRE) Dubai Destination (USA) Blake, Michael Powell, Brendan Mr W Clifford 25/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Corelli (USA) Point Of Entry (USA) Gosden, J H M Havlin, Robert Mr George Strawbridge 4/1
12.05 Punchestown Cosy Club (IRE) So You Think (NZ) Keatley, Adrian Paul Dempsey, Luke Adrian Paul Keatley 25/1
3.30 Cheltenham Coup De Pinceau (FR) Bucks Boum (FR) Nicholls, P F Cobden, Mr H Mr Colm Donlon 8/1
1.05 Wetherby Cousin Oscar (IRE) Oscar (IRE) McCain Jnr, D Hughes, Brian Mr T G Leslie 15/2
1.45 Punchestown Cracking Up (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Flood, F Dempsey, Luke John P McManus 80/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Craving (IRE) Equiano (FR) Crisford, Simon Sousa, Silvestre De Mr Sultan Ali 2/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Crazie Maisie Intikhab (USA) Barr, Brian Osborn, Jack Miss Daisy Hitchins 200/1
12.25 Lingfield Cross My Mind (IRE) Cape Cross (IRE) Beckett, R M Lee, G Kennet Valley Thoroughbreds V 8/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Crotchet Lethal Force (IRE) Fahey, R A Hamilton, Tony Cheveley Park Stud 20/1
1.45 Punchestown Crown Of Thorns Shirocco (GER) Meade, Noel Moore, J M Gigginstown House Stud 33/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Cruise Tothelimit (IRE) Le Vie Dei Colori Morris, Patrick Berry, F M Odysian Ltd T/a Cruise Nightspot 8/1
3.20 Wetherby Cusheen Bridge (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Pogson, C T Pogson, Adam Pete & Pauline Wordingham 33/1
1.35 Lingfield Cymru Lady Equiano (FR) Evans, Mrs N S Tate, Ryan Welsh Connections Racing 100/1
12.25 Lingfield Daddy Tyrrell (USA) Scat Daddy (USA) Moore, J S Keniry, L P James Lovett, Robert Tyrrell & J S Moo 33/1
3.55 Punchestown Dalton Highway (IRE) Zoffany (IRE) Weld, D K Philips, Dillion Dr R Lambe 7/2
1.45 Punchestown Daring Decree (IRE) Arakan (USA) Lee, Norman Hayes, Brian M P Hogan 66/1
2.20 Punchestown Dawn Shadow (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Love, Mrs D A Blackmore, Miss Rachel Sean Reilly 12/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Daydream Aulmes (FR) Lindas Lad McPherson, Graeme P Woods, K K Ms S Howell 11/2
2.25 Cheltenham Days Of Heaven (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Henderson, N J Boinville, Mr N de Mrs S K Johnston 33/1
12.35 Punchestown De Name Escapes Me (IRE) Vinnie Roe (IRE) Meade, Noel Flanagan, S W John P McManus 20/1
8.15 Wolverhampton Deliberator Delegator Knight, W J Harley, M Mr & Mrs N Welby & Fromthestables Com 7/2
3.00 Cheltenham Dell Arca (IRE) Sholokhov (IRE) Pipe, D E Scudamore, Tom Prof Caroline Tisdall 10/1
1.45 Punchestown Desir Du Large (FR) Zambezi Sun Morris, M F Kennedy, J W Gigginstown House Stud 33/1
3.30 Cheltenham Diable De Sivola (FR) Noroit (GER) Williams, Nick Kelly, Miss E Mr Robert Forster 7/1
2.55 Punchestown Diesel Ten (IRE) Refuse To Bend (IRE) McCann, Anthony Fitzpatrick, John Miss Rita Shah 33/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Different Journey Poets Voice Easterby, M W Makin, Phillip Mrs C Daurge, Mr S Hull & Mr S Winter 5/2
1.35 Lingfield Dilinger Equiano (FR) Kittow, W S Keniry, L P Cushing,ingham,boswell,urquhart&Wilson 25/1
1.35 Lingfield Divine Messenger Firebreak Owen, Miss Emma L Havlin, Robert Miss Emma L Owen 100/1
2.15 Wetherby Doktor Glaz (FR) Mount Nelson Dobbin, Mrs R Nichol, Craig Mr & Mrs D Davidson & The Friday Lions 7/1
4.00 Cheltenham Dory (IRE) Westerner Greatrex, W J Tinkler, Andrew Mr Carl Hinchy 12/1
2.25 Cheltenham Double Treasure Kings Theatre (IRE) Snowden, Jamie Sheehan, Gavin Sir Chips Keswick 25/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Downloadtheapp (IRE) Definite Article Bridgwater, D G Cannon, Mr T J Mr Gerard Burrow 100/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Dragon Tattoo (IRE) Zoffany (IRE) Palmer, Hugo Gordon, Miss J Anglia Bloodstock Syndicate Xii 9/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Druids Diamond Piccolo Walford, Mark Bowen, Mr S P Mrs Cherry Steel & Mrs G B Walford 6/1
12.50 Uttoxeter Du Soleil (FR) Zambezi Sun Williams, Miss Venetia Bowen, Mr S P Mr A Brooks 11/4
11.55 Lingfield Dubai Frame Sixties Icon Dunlop, E A L Quinn, Jimmy Mr Mohammed Jaber 33/1
1.45 Punchestown Dundeedy Lad (FR) Kapgarde (FR) Tyner, Robert Enright, P T Ms T Hayes 66/1
3.50 Wetherby Dyliev (FR) Dylan Thomas (IRE) Bailey, Mrs Caroline Skelton, Harry Herron, Nicholson, Proctor & Richards 7/1
2.10 Lingfield Eagle Creek (IRE) Ravens Pass (USA) Crisford, Simon Sousa, Silvestre De Sheikh Mohammed Obaid Al Maktoum 2/1
1.45 Punchestown Eamon High (IRE) Westerner Bromhead, Henry De Lynch, A E Michael Kehoe & Gerard P Kehoe 12/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Earlshill (IRE) Milan Skelton, Daniel Popham, Mr I The Horwoods Partnership 11/4
1.40 Wetherby Early Retirement (IRE) Daylami (IRE) Bailey, Mrs Caroline Skelton, Harry Mr John M B Strowbridge 9/4
3.40 Uttoxeter East Wing (IRE) Winged Love (IRE) Honeyball, A J Bowen, Mr S P Geegeez Co Uk Pa 7/2
9.15 Wolverhampton Edge (IRE) Acclamation Llewellyn, B J Donohoe, Stephen Mr D Maddocks & Partner 25/1
12.40 Cheltenham Eh Georges (FR) Coastal Path Clayeux, Emmanuel Giles, Felix De Monsieur Georges-jean Pelot 40/1
6.15 Wolverhampton El Borracho (IRE) Society Rock (IRE) Dow, S Bradley, Paddy Mr Robert Moss 5/1
3.45 Lingfield Elusive Cowboy (USA) Elusive Quality (USA) Gordon, C Cox, William Mr L Gilbert 25/1
1.00 Lingfield Enigmatic (IRE) Elnadim (USA) Osborne, J A Costello, Dougie Melbourne 10 Racing 2/1
12.40 Cheltenham Eragon De Chanay (FR) Racinger (FR) Moore, G L Moore, Mr Joshua FIVE STAR RACING GROUP 28/1
12.05 Punchestown Erquy (FR) Sinndar (IRE) Mullins, Anthony Mullins, D E Mrs Michele Murphy 100/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Eur Gone West (IRE) Westerner Pipe, D E Noonan, Mr D G Mrs Jane Gerard-Pearse 7/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Eurato (FR) Medicean Gollings, S Bowen, Mr S P Mr Lloyd Martell 20/1
12.05 Punchestown Famous Milly (IRE) Famous Name Cromwell, Gavin Patrick Lynch, A E Nigel Kirkwood 14/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Far Dawn Helmet (AUS) Crisford, Simon Havlin, Robert Abdullah Saeed 5/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Fast Act (IRE) Fast Company (IRE) Ryan, K A Stott, Kevin Hambleton Racing Ltd Xxxii 7/2
2.15 Wetherby Feast Of Fire (IRE) St Jovite (USA) Foster, Miss J E Dowson, Mr T Mrs E A Verity 40/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Fiddlers Flight (IRE) Convinced Norton, J R McCormack, Colm Fellowship Of The Rose Partnership 9/1
12.25 Lingfield Fire Orchid Lethal Force (IRE) Hannon (Jnr), Richard Levey, S M Rockcliffe Stud 25/1
1.45 Punchestown First Class Return (IRE) Let The Lion Roar Morris, M F Ring, Mr A Dermot ODonohoe 50/1
1.10 Punchestown First To Boogie (IRE) Tobougg (IRE) Tylicki, Madeleine Kennedy, J W Andrew Eamon Kinirons 7/2
1.45 Punchestown Flawless Escape Sagamix (FR) Elliott, Gordon Loughran, R T ODriscoll 7/2
2.35 Uttoxeter Flobury Overbury (IRE) Leavy, B D Bowen, Mr S P Mr J K S Cresswell & Mrs Laura Leav 5/1
3.30 Cheltenham Follow The Bear (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Henderson, N J McGrath, Jeremiah Mr G B Barlow 9/1
2.10 Lingfield Forceful Appeal (USA) Successful Appeal (USA) Dow, S Bradley, Paddy Mr Mark McAllister 50/1
2.20 Punchestown Forge Meadow (IRE) Beneficial Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M Joseph M Doyle 12/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Foxrush Take Time (FR) Showcasing Guest, R C Lee, Clifford Alfa Site Services Ltd & Partner 13/2
2.25 Cheltenham Foxtail Hill (IRE) Dr Massini (IRE) Twiston-Davies, N A Bargary, J P Options O Syndicate 9/1
3.55 Punchestown Free Code (IRE) Kodiac OSullivan, Eugene M Murphy, Katie Mrs Alurie OSullivan 33/1
1.10 Punchestown Full Cry (IRE) Milan Bromhead, Henry De Russell, D N Garristown Aintree Syndicate 8/1
2.10 Lingfield Gabrial (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) Fahey, R A Garritty, Jack Dr Marwan Koukash 20/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Game On (IRE) Gamut (IRE) Wadham, Mrs L Aspell, Leighton Personal Racehorse Owners 5 11/1
3.45 Lingfield Garcon De Soleil Danehill Dancer (IRE) Blanshard, M Hornby, Rob Lady Eliza Mays-smith 25/1
11.55 Lingfield Gaudi (IRE) Invincible Spirit (IRE) Gosden, J H M Havlin, Robert Al Mirqab Racing 5/4
6.15 Wolverhampton Gembari Denounce Furtado, Ivan Elliott, Jane Mr Ron Hull 40/1
2.55 Punchestown Geneva Barracks (IRE) Thewayyouare (USA) Brassil, Martin Walsh, M P J R Brennan 6/4
3.20 Wetherby Get On The Yager Tamure (IRE) Skelton, Daniel Skelton, Harry Dick And Mandy Higgins 7/4
3.15 Lingfield Gifted Master (IRE) Kodiac Palmer, Hugo Doyle, James Dr Ali Ridha 9/2
2.35 Uttoxeter Gilly Grace Morpeth Frost, J D Hunt, Mr H Frost Racing Club 33/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Glamorous Dream (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) Harris, R A Curtis, B A Robert & Nina Bailey 66/1
4.00 Cheltenham Glenmona (IRE) Dubai Destination (USA) Whittington, H Bannister, Mr H A A Sub Rosa Partners 25/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Global Wonder (IRE) Kodiac Dunlop, E A L Berry, F M Dr Johnny Hon 25/1
12.05 Punchestown Go Guarantor Medicean Oliver, Andrew Enright, M A J P Ledwidge 40/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Gold Filigree (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) Hughes, Richard Marsh, Finley Galloway,lawrence,merritt & Mrs Blake 9/2
2.15 Wetherby Golden Investment (IRE) Gold Well McCain Jnr, D Hughes, Brian Mr T G Leslie 9/2
3.30 Cheltenham Golden Jeffrey (SWI) Soldier Hollow Jardine, I Chapman, Mr R Mrs Jo Tracey 33/1
12.25 Lingfield Goodwood Showman Showcasing Knight, W J Harley, M Goodwood Racehorse Owners Group (24) L 66/1
4.00 Cheltenham Grageelagh Girl (IRE) Craigsteel OBrien, Fergal Brennan, P J The Yes No Wait Sorries 11/4
3.05 Uttoxeter Grams And Ounces Royal Applause Harris, Miss G Heard, Liam Grace Harris Racing 9/2
12.50 Uttoxeter Great Lover (FR) Smadoun (FR) Hobbs, P J Smith, Mr C Dr V M G Ferguson 20/1
2.25 Cheltenham Guitar Pete (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) Richards, N G Day, Mr R D Mrs Pat Sloan 11/1
12.40 Cheltenham Gumball (FR) No Risk At All (FR) Hobbs, P J Johnson, Richard Mr Terry Warner 5/4
6.15 Wolverhampton Handsome Bob (IRE) Most Improved (IRE) Dalgleish, Keith Rodriguez, Callum Weldspec Glasgow Limited 8/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Hansupfordetroit (IRE) Zagreb (USA) Llewellyn, B J Williams, Mr R J Mr Alex James & Mr B J Llewellyn 14/1
1.25 Uttoxeter Happy Diva (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Lee, Miss Kerry Patrick, Mr Richard Mr Will Roseff Evens
12.05 Punchestown Havelock (IRE) Helmet (AUS) Fahey, Peter Loughran, R Festival Dreamers Syndicate 50/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Head Hunter (IRE) Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Scudamore, M J Treadwell, Liam Mrs Bettine Evans 12/1
2.20 Punchestown Hello Sweetie Westerner Collins, P E Lynch, A E P E Collins 50/1
12.25 Lingfield Highcastle (IRE) High Chaparral (IRE) Dunlop, E A L Burns, Harry Mr E A L Dunlop 66/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Highland Sky (IRE) Camelot Simcock, D M Morris, Luke Mrs Fitri Hay 7/1
12.35 Punchestown Hold Onto Your Hat (IRE) Scorpion (IRE) McKiernan, Oliver Reilly, Mr J W Keep The Faith Syndicate 100/1
4.00 Cheltenham Holding Pattern (IRE) Teofilo (IRE) Harrington, Mrs John Geraghty, B J Ms Orla OConnor 6/1
3.45 Lingfield Hong Kong Joe Oasis Dream Richards, Mrs L Haynes, Joey The Demoiselle Bond Partnership 20/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Hot Mustard Pastoral Pursuits Muir, W R Gordon, Miss J Mrs G Rowland-Clark 9/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Houlton Declaration Of War (USA) Botti, M Muscutt, D Excel Racing Xi 40/1
11.55 Lingfield Iconic Boy Cape Cross (IRE) Elsworth, D R C Levey, S M Mr J C Smith 11/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Im A Star (IRE) High Chaparral (IRE) Williams, S C Harley, M Happy Valley Racing & Breeding Limited 7/1
2.45 Lingfield In The Lope (IRE) Lope De Vega (IRE) Brandt, Mme Pia Lemaitre, Aurelien Mr Finn Blichfeldt 16/1
2.15 Wetherby Inchcolm (IRE) Presenting Hammond, Micky Brooke, Henry Maybe The Last Time 20/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Indian Hercules (IRE) Whitmores Conn (USA) Greatrex, W J Tinkler, Andrew Excel Racing 10/1
3.20 Wetherby Indian Temple (IRE) Indian River (FR) Reed, W T Reed, Mr W H R Mr Ken Huddleston 9/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Ingleby Angel (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) OMeara, D Tudhope, Daniel Mr Dave Scott 7/2
12.20 Uttoxeter Innisfree Lad (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Dennis, David Davies, James Rees, Hardwick, Vaughan, Allum & Savil 66/1
3.15 Lingfield Intisaab Elnadim (USA) OMeara, D Harley, M Mr Stuart Graham 9/1
12.35 Punchestown Invitation Only (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Mullins, W P Walsh, R Andrea Wylie & Graham Wylie 2/1
2.50 Wetherby Irish Roe (IRE) Vinnie Roe (IRE) Atkinson, P G Brooke, Henry Mr P G Atkinson 7/2
1.35 Lingfield Irish Sky (IRE) Elnadim (USA) Spiller, Henry Osborn, Jack Dethrone Racing 20/1
11.55 Lingfield Island Court (IRE) Camelot Moore, J S Keniry, L P Mr Donald Kerr & J S Moore 33/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Its A Wish Invincible Spirit (IRE) Cox, C G Sousa, Silvestre De Prince A A Faisal 7/1
1.35 Lingfield Jakeboy Equiano (FR) Kirk, S Souza, Renato Mr J Melo 33/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Jazz Affair (IRE) Red Jazz (USA) Osborne, J A Costello, Dougie Mr P Gage 18/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Jennys Surprise (IRE) Hawk Wing (USA) OBrien, Fergal Cawley, A P Foxtrot Nh Racing Syndicate 11/1
1.45 Punchestown Jetez (IRE) Getaway (GER) Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M G McGrath 9/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Jos Girl (IRE) Zebedee Osborne, J A Costello, Dougie Mr & Mrs I P Earnshaw 8/1
1.00 Lingfield Junoesque Virtual Gallagher, J Haynes, Joey The Juniper Racing Club Ltd 9/2
3.40 Uttoxeter Just Another Vodka Double Trigger (IRE) Martin, Miss Nicky Griffiths, Mr M Bradley Partnership 33/1
12.30 Wetherby Just Dont Ask (IRE) Ask Longsdon, C E Hughes, Brian Robert Aplin & Swanee River Partnershi 9/2
3.45 Lingfield Just Fred (IRE) Excellent Art Mulholland, N P Quinn, Jimmy Mr Dave Harris 25/1
2.15 Wetherby Kalastar (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Scott, Miss Katie Mulqueen, S Mr Kenny Telfer 11/1
1.45 Punchestown Kamil (GER) Sholokhov (IRE) Meade, Noel Flanagan, S W Gigginstown House Stud 33/1
3.45 Lingfield Karam Albaari (IRE) Kings Best (USA) Jenkins, J R Levey, S M Mr Mark Goldstein & Mrs Wendy Jenkins 20/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Katara Bay Kayf Tara Leavy, B D Cawley, A P You Can Be Sure 100/1
3.55 Punchestown Kayf Supreme Kayf Tara Dreaper, J T R Dwyer, Jamie Ann & Alan Potts Limited 12/1
2.50 Wetherby Keep In Line (GER) Soldier Hollow King, A Hutchinson, Wayne Paul & Clare Rooney 2/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Kikini Bamalaam (IRE) Society Rock (IRE) Dalgleish, Keith Hart, Jason Middleham Park Racing Lxxxii 18/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Killala Quay Karinga Bay Longsdon, C E Obrien, P V Mr Richard & Mrs Susan Perkins 14/1
6.45 Wolverhampton King Tut (USA) Animal Kingdom (USA) Charlton, R Kelly, Shane Team Valor 14/1
3.00 Cheltenham Kk Lexion (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) George, T R Heskin, A P Perry, Lawson, Waller, Rea, McDermott 5/1
3.55 Punchestown Knightsone (IRE) Chevalier (IRE) McLoughlin, D A Hand, Colm Half Full Syndicate 33/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Know Your Name Halling (USA) McCain Jnr, D Eaves, Tom Livvys Racing Group 25/1
12.35 Punchestown Kopookris (IRE) Kris Kin (USA) Cusack, Liam P Mullins, D E Dominic J Jones 66/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Krystallite Kheleyf (USA) Dixon, Scott Gordon, Miss J Paul J Dixon And The Chrystal Maze Ptn 16/1
2.25 Cheltenham Kylemore Lough Revoque (IRE) Fry, Harry Fehily, Noel M J McMahon & Denis Gallagher 4/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Kyllukey Kyllachy Bradley, J M Shepherd, Callum Mr E A Hayward 17/2
6.15 Wolverhampton La La Land (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) Osborne, J A Murphy, Timmy Michael Buckley & Charles E Noell 6/1
3.05 Uttoxeter La Voix (FR) Voix Du Nord (FR) Frost, J D Hunt, Mr H Richards Racing 40/1
11.55 Lingfield Lady Noorah Nathaniel (IRE) Fahey, R A Garritty, Jack Mr Mitaab Abdullah 25/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Lady Sophiebella Monsieur Bond (IRE) Smart, B Eaves, Tom Mr R C Bond 200/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Lage Dor Iffraaj Cowell, R M H Morris, Luke Mr Cyril Humphris 33/1
1.10 Punchestown Laid Back Luke (IRE) Quws Lavery, Ms Sheila Colgan, R C John Lavery 10/1
2.25 Cheltenham Lake Takapuna (IRE) Shantou (USA) Culloty, J H Brennan, P J Dr R Lambe 20/1
3.45 Lingfield Lami De Rouge Excellent Art Smith, R J Tate, Ryan Homecroft Wealth Racing 50/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Lavella Wells Alflora (IRE) Smith, Mrs S J Quinlan, Sean Mrs S Smith 18/1
2.25 Cheltenham Le Prezien (FR) Blue Bresil (FR) Nicholls, P F Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus 6/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Lethal Angel Lethal Force (IRE) Williams, S C Berry, F M The Secretly Hopeful Partnership 28/1
2.20 Punchestown Lets Dance (FR) Poliglote Mullins, W P Walsh, R Mrs S Ricci 4/9
1.40 Wetherby Little Bruce (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Kirby, P A Moscrop, Mr N The Gps Partnership 9/2
3.50 Wetherby Little Pippin Sir Percy Coyle, Tony Williamson, Joseph Mr Tony Coyle 33/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Log Off (IRE) Sir Prancealot (IRE) George, Karen Ingram, Miss R B Mr P J H George 66/1
3.45 Lingfield London Grammar (IRE) Sir Prancealot (IRE) Smith, R J Doyle, Hollie Mr Kevin Old 16/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Long Embrace Poets Voice Crisford, Simon Havlin, Robert Mrs P Good 8/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Lookforarainbow Rainbow High Hollinshead, Sarah Madden, N P The Giddy Gang 33/1
8.15 Wolverhampton Luminous Champs Elysees Crisford, Simon Sousa, Silvestre De Mrs P Good 10/11
8.45 Wolverhampton Lydiate Lady Piccolo Alston, E J Hart, Jason The Scotch Piper Racing 10/1
12.50 Uttoxeter Mad For Action (IRE) Beneficial ONeill, Jonjo McLernon, R P Mrs John Magnier,mr D Smith & Mr M Tab 33/1
2.15 Wetherby Major Ridge (IRE) Indian Danehill (IRE) Hammond, Micky Cockburn, Mr G J Oakwood Minions 33/1
1.40 Wetherby Make Me A Fortune (IRE) Heron Island (IRE) Gollings, S Hughes, Brian Mr P W Baxter & Mr R C Key 16/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Makes You Stronger Major Cadeaux Williamson, Mrs L Phelan, T J Mrs Lisa Williamson 66/1
3.15 Lingfield Making Trouble (GER) Paco Boy (IRE) Moser, D Morris, Luke Gestut Brummerhof 25/1
3.55 Punchestown Mallory Heights (IRE) Dalakhani (IRE) Donnelly, Garvan Keogh, Cody Whos Where Syndicate 50/1
3.45 Lingfield Marmion Cape Cross (IRE) Eyre, J L Mathers, Patrick Rp Racing Ltd 7/1
12.25 Lingfield Masaarr (USA) Distorted Humor (USA) Varian, Roger Mitchell, Jack Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum 1/3
2.45 Lingfield Master The World (IRE) Mastercraftsman (IRE) Elsworth, D R C Levey, S M K Quinn/ C Benham 10/1
3.55 Punchestown Max Moonhead (IRE) Diamond Green (FR) Foley, Jane M McLaughlin, Triona J P Foley 50/1
3.15 Lingfield Mazzini Exceed And Excel (AUS) Fanshawe, J R Wood, George Mr & Mrs P Hopper,mr & Mrs M Morris 3/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Mead Vale Schiaparelli (GER) Hawke, N J Best, J A Nigel Hawke Racing Club & Partners 100/1
12.50 Uttoxeter Mega Mind (IRE) Captain Rio Thomas, Sam Deutsch, C Mr Sam Thomas 66/1
2.20 Punchestown Mega Mindy (FR) Turtle Bowl (IRE) Fleming, A Townend, P Barry Connell 14/1
1.45 Punchestown Meldrum Way (IRE) Getaway (GER) Power, Gareth James Foley, Barry T Hannon 100/1
2.45 Lingfield Mia Tesoro (IRE) Danehill Dancer (IRE) Fellowes, Charlie Donohoe, Stephen Mr Deron Pearson 50/1
1.10 Punchestown Mick The Jiver Apple Tree (FR) OGrady, Eoghan Splaine, D E Jiver Syndicate 20/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Mimics Memory Sayif (IRE) Duffield, Mrs A Garritty, Jack Peter Wilson & Partner 33/1
1.50 Cheltenham Minella Rocco (IRE) Shirocco (GER) ONeill, Jonjo Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus 9/2
12.05 Punchestown Minnie Dahill (IRE) Finsceal Fior Walsh, T M Walsh, R Micheal D Ryan 7/1
1.25 Uttoxeter Mirs Choice (IRE) Coroner (IRE) Carroll, A W Bowen, Miss S L Mrs S Bowen 50/1
3.30 Cheltenham Mischievious Max (IRE) Dubai Destination (USA) OBrien, Joseph Patrick Slevin, Mr J J Colmark Stud Partnership 14/1
3.50 Wetherby Miss Amelia Midnight Legend Walford, Mark Hamilton, Mr J Cambridge Racing Ltd & Mr John Craggs 66/1
12.05 Punchestown Mitchouka (FR) Creachadoir (IRE) Elliott, Gordon Russell, D N Gigginstown House Stud 1/4
2.50 Wetherby Modulus Motivator Winks, P Winks, Mr R Mr P Winks 25/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Mole Trap Kayf Tara Martin, Miss Nicky Best, J A Bradley Partnership 6/1
12.35 Punchestown Monalee (IRE) Milan Bromhead, Henry De Russell, D N Barry Maloney 6/4
12.50 Uttoxeter Montys Award (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Longsdon, C E Obrien, P V Mr Alan Halsall 8/13
7.45 Wolverhampton Moretti (IRE) Requinto (IRE) OMeara, D Tudhope, Daniel Mr Roger Peel 10/1
1.05 Wetherby Mortens Leam Sulamani (IRE) Sly, Mrs P Brooke, Henry G Libson & P M Sly 33/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Mount Batur (IRE) Mahler OBrien, Fergal Shoemark, Mr C P Geoffrey & Donna Keeys 15/2
2.35 Uttoxeter Mozo Milan Honeyball, A J Noonan, Mr D G Anthony Honeyball Racing Club Ltd 4/1
12.35 Punchestown Mr Champers (IRE) Marienbard (IRE) Keatley, Adrian Paul Loughran, R M P Fitzgerald 100/1
1.25 Uttoxeter Ms Parfois (IRE) Mahler Honeyball, A J Noonan, Mr D G Mr M R Chapman 9/4
7.15 Wolverhampton Musical Theatre Exceed And Excel (AUS) Simcock, D M Donohoe, Stephen Qatar Racing Limited 12/1
1.00 Lingfield Mutineer Sepoy (AUS) Kubler, Daniel Hornby, Rob Mr A Bell & Partners 11/8
3.15 Lingfield Mythmaker Major Cadeaux Smart, B Lee, G Crossfields Racing 8/1
2.20 Punchestown Nellie Pledge (IRE) Dubai Destination (USA) Cawley, Brian Francis Gilligan, L P Padraic Cawley 40/1
3.55 Punchestown Neverushacon (IRE) Echo Of Light Harrington, Mrs John Hussey, Ashley David Reid Scott 4/1
3.20 Wetherby New Kid In Town (IRE) Gamut (IRE) Winks, P Winks, Mr R Mr P Winks 28/1
12.30 Wetherby Nicely Indeed (IRE) Marienbard (IRE) Kirby, P A Nicol, Mr Adam Ownaracehorse Ltd (ownaracehorse co uk 9/4
3.40 Uttoxeter No Getaway (IRE) Getaway (GER) Skelton, Daniel Andrews, Miss B Dick, Keenan, Sawer, Stevenson 17/2
12.05 Punchestown North Carolina (IRE) Galileo (IRE) OBrien, Joseph Patrick Walsh, M P John P McManus 14/1
3.50 Wetherby Northern Girl (IRE) Westerner Kirby, P A Nicol, Mr Adam Ownaracehorse & Topspec Partnership 8/1
2.15 Wetherby Notonebuttwo (IRE) Dushyantor (USA) Johnson, Kenny Yeoman, Mr K Mr Kenny Johnson 22/1
3.00 Cheltenham Nuits Premier Cru (FR) Bucks Boum (FR) Clayeux, Emmanuel Giles, Felix De P Coveliers 20/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Odds On Oli Camelot Fahey, R A Hamilton, Tony Mr Mike Browne & Mrs Dee Howe 1 10/1
3.55 Punchestown Oh So Sensible (IRE) Moss Vale (IRE) Collins, Tracey McKeever, Ryan Herb M Stanley 50/1
3.45 Lingfield Olympic Legend (IRE) Choisir (AUS) Bosley, M R Lee, G M A S A 16/1
2.50 Wetherby Only Orsenfoolsies Trade Fair Hammond, Micky Nichol, Craig Foolsies 25/1
3.50 Wetherby Our Belle Amie Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Bailey, K C Hamill, Mikey Chasing Hopefuls 9/4
2.50 Wetherby Our Kylie (IRE) Jeremy (USA) Ellison, B Wood, Mr K Morecool & Cool Racing 10/1
3.15 Lingfield Out Do Exceed And Excel (AUS) OMeara, D Tudhope, Daniel Mr Evan M Sutherland 12/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Outrageous Romana (IRE) Mahler Oshea, J G M Bastyan, Mr M S Ms S Howell 13/2
12.35 Punchestown Pakman Indian Haven Murray, Adrian Lynch, A E John Gerety & Daniel John Foster 66/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Parlour Maid Dr Massini (IRE) Hawker, Richard Hawker, Robert Mr Richard Hawker 25/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Peak Storm Sleeping Indian Oshea, J G M Noonan, Mr D G Pete Smith & The Cross Racing Club 20/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Pennywell (IRE) Gold Well Greatrex, W J Greatrex, Mr T The Silo Syndicate 13/2
6.45 Wolverhampton Perfect Blue (IRE) Pour Moi (IRE) Johnston, M Fanning, Joe Mr Jal Dastur 25/1
1.50 Cheltenham Perfect Candidate (IRE) Winged Love (IRE) OBrien, Fergal Brennan, P J Isl Recruitment 7/1
3.30 Cheltenham Perfect Summer (IRE) High Chaparral (IRE) Williams, Ian Sheehan, Gavin The Ferandlin Peaches 25/1
2.45 Lingfield Petite Jack Champs Elysees Watson, Archie Morris, Luke Mr W Burn 7/1
4.00 Cheltenham Pineapple Rush Kayf Tara Hobbs, P J Johnson, Richard Bradley Partnership 11/2
2.25 Cheltenham Plaisir Damour (FR) Linngari (IRE) Williams, Miss Venetia Coleman, A Calvados Racing 20/1
12.25 Lingfield Poetic Imagination Exceed And Excel (AUS) Gosden, J H M Buick, William Hh Sheikha Al Jalila Racing 6/1
3.30 Cheltenham Poker Play (FR) Martaline Pipe, D E Scudamore, Tom The Angove Family 7/1
3.20 Wetherby Poker School (IRE) Gold Well Williams, Ian Moore, Jamie M Aniol A Chandler J Medcroft S Turner 9/4
7.45 Wolverhampton Popsicle (IRE) Acclamation Hannon (Jnr), Richard Marquand, Tom Mr Michael Daniels 7/2
1.35 Lingfield Port Isaac (IRE) Sakhees Secret Tregoning, M P Curtis, B A M Tregoning & Its Better Than Fishin 5/2
4.00 Cheltenham Posh Trish (IRE) Stowaway Nicholls, P F Cobden, Mr H Highclere Tbred Racing - Posh Trish 9/4
8.45 Wolverhampton Powerful Dream (IRE) Frozen Power (IRE) Harris, R A Curtis, B A Ridge House Stables Ltd 14/1
1.50 Cheltenham Premier Bond Kayf Tara Henderson, N J Boinville, Mr N de Middleham Park Racing XI 4/1
4.00 Cheltenham Presenting Pearl (IRE) Presenting Snowden, Jamie Sheehan, Gavin Chalke Valley Racing Partnership 25/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Psychocandy (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Williams, Ian Crosse, Dave Mr S J Cox 10/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Puds Bated Breath Hills, Charles Drowne, Steve Mr N Martin 18/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Puramente Pastoral Pursuits Hughes, Jo Fanning, Joe Mr H S Maan 11/4
8.45 Wolverhampton Pushkin Museum (IRE) Soviet Star (USA) Morris, Patrick Kelly, Shane Dr Marwan Koukash 7/1
3.30 Cheltenham Quarenta (FR) Voix Du Nord (FR) ONeill, Jonjo Coleman, A Martin, Jocelyn & Steve Broughton 22/1
7.15 Wolverhampton Queen Of Dreams (IRE) Epaulette (AUS) Knight, W J Morris, Luke Mr G Roddick 50/1
3.45 Lingfield Raashdy (IRE) Intikhab (USA) Hiatt, P W Carson, William Mr P W Hiatt 11/4
12.30 Wetherby Randy Pike (IRE) Mahler Easterby, T D Easterby, Mr W Reality Partnerships Ii 40/1
1.05 Wetherby Rapid Fritz (IRE) Kutub (IRE) Thompson, V Chadwick, Alex Mr V Thompson 200/1
3.20 Wetherby Rathlin Kayf Tara Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F Masters Of The Hall 2 50/1
2.15 Wetherby Red Danaher (IRE) Shantou (USA) Smith, Mrs S J Cook, Danny Mrs S Smith 7/2
3.30 Cheltenham Red Indian Sulamani (IRE) Pauling, Ben Boinville, Mr N de Preston Lodge Stud 5/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Red Invader (IRE) Red Clubs (IRE) Butler, John Clark, Tim 6468 Racing 20/1
8.15 Wolverhampton Remember Nerja (IRE) Lord Shanakill (USA) Leavy, B D Elliott, Jane Mr Barry Leavy 100/1
11.55 Lingfield Reveleon Exceed And Excel (AUS) Stoute, Sir Michael Durcan, Ted Sir Evelyn De Rothschild 25/1
3.25 Punchestown Rhinestone (IRE) Montjeu (IRE) OBrien, Joseph Patrick OConnor, Mr Derek John P McManus 4/6
6.45 Wolverhampton River Of Gold (IRE) New Approach (IRE) Gosden, J H M Mackay, Nicky Hh Sheikha Al Jalila Racing 20/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Rizzle Dizzle Foxwedge (AUS) Burke, K R Lee, Clifford Mr John Dance 5/1
3.00 Cheltenham Rockys Treasure (IRE) Westerner Bailey, K C Bass, Mr D R Mr J Perriss 13/2
3.00 Cheltenham Rolling Maul (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Bowen, P Johnson, Richard Roddy Owen & Paul Fullagar 16/1
2.25 Cheltenham Romain De Senam (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Nicholls, P F Cobden, Mr H Mr Chris Giles & Mr Dan Macdonald 10/1
4.00 Cheltenham Rose Of Cimarron (IRE) Westerner Greatrex, W J Heskin, A P The Munificent Seven 16/1
2.15 Wetherby Rough Justice (IRE) Beneficial Wainwright, J S Hamilton, Mr J Mr David J Sturdy 25/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Royal Act Royal Anthem (USA) Davies, Miss Sarah-Jayne Banks, Mr J Moorland Racing 12/1
3.15 Lingfield Royal Birth Exceed And Excel (AUS) Williams, S C Crowley, Jim The Morley Family 7/1
1.45 Punchestown Royal Presenting (IRE) Presenting Ryder, Shane Kieran Kennedy, Mr P D C M Kinnane 100/1
3.40 Uttoxeter Ruggiero (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) Lavelle, Miss E C Aspell, Leighton Tim Syder 14/1
3.30 Cheltenham Runyon Rattler (IRE) Runyon (IRE) Rothwell, P J Bowen, Mr J C Mrs J Lambert 25/1
11.55 Lingfield Rusper (IRE) Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) Osborne, J A Costello, Dougie B Spiers, I Barratt, S Short & A Signy 7/1
12.30 Wetherby Russian Rascal Kyllachy Barnes, M A Irving, Mr D Castle Racing & Partner 100/1
2.10 Lingfield Sacred Act Oasis Dream Bell, M L W Doyle, James Mr Kulbir Sohi,mr B Roberts & Mr R Cop 9/2
1.25 Uttoxeter Sainte Ladylime (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Bailey, K C Bowen, Mr S P Paul & Clare Rooney 11/4
1.35 Lingfield Sanches Delegator Naylor, Dr J R J Cosham, Matthew Mrs Rebekah Swift 100/1
2.45 Lingfield Sands Chorus Footstepsinthesand Given, J G Sousa, Silvestre De The Cool Silk Partnership 33/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Sapphire Noire (IRE) Shantou (USA) Hawke, N J Gethings, Mr C Tomahawke 40/1
3.50 Wetherby Schiaparannie Schiaparelli (GER) Jefferson, J M Hughes, Brian Cant Last Wont Last Evens
12.25 Lingfield Seasearch Passing Glance Balding, A M Cox, William Kingsclere Racing Club 66/1
4.00 Cheltenham Secret Escape (IRE) Getaway (GER) McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T M Four Properties Partnership 10/1
3.30 Cheltenham Seymour Star Alflora (IRE) Ralph, Alastair Tinkler, Andrew Mrs C J Black & Mrs Sue Briscoe 33/1
8.15 Wolverhampton Shadows Girl Fair Mix (IRE) Llewellyn, B J Cox, William Mr Gethyn Mills 66/1
2.10 Lingfield Shady Mccoy (USA) English Channel (USA) Williams, Ian Buick, William Allwins Stables 10/1
8.15 Wolverhampton Shanghai Shane (IRE) Lord Shanakill (USA) Barr, Brian Osborn, Jack Market Avenue Racing Club Ltd 200/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Shanroe Santos (IRE) Definite Article Wadham, Mrs L Aspell, Leighton Mr James Summers 13/2
2.15 Wetherby Sharney Sike And Beyond (IRE) Coltherd, W S Coltherd, Mr S W Mrs Catherine Hogg 8/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Sheelbewhatsheelbe (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Phillips, R T Hiskett, Mr D Mr Brian Duckett 12/1
1.50 Cheltenham Shotgun Paddy (IRE) Brian Boru Lavelle, Miss E C Coleman, A Axom (xxxvi) 13/2
1.45 Punchestown Siempre Amigos (IRE) Fast Company (IRE) Cromwell, Gavin Patrick Fox, Mr G N M Dunphy & Ian Reilly 50/1
12.05 Punchestown Signifiant (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Bramall, Mrs S A Ring, Mr A Mrs S A Bramall 8/1
2.55 Punchestown Sillogue Pio (IRE) Trans Island Kingston, G A Enright, M A Pub & Grub Syndicate 16/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Silver Character (IRE) Camelot Dascombe, Tom Kingscote, Richard Aykroyd And Sons Ltd 66/1
1.40 Wetherby Silver Dragon Silver Patriarch (IRE) Sowersby, M E King, Connor Mr J Payne 25/1
1.45 Punchestown Sir Carno (FR) Lucarno (USA) Elliott, Gordon Russell, D N Gigginstown House Stud 10/1
12.20 Uttoxeter Sir Will (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Lee, Miss Kerry Moore, Jamie West Coast Haulage Limited 9/4
1.50 Cheltenham Sizing Codelco (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Tizzard, C L Cooper, Bryan J Ann & Alan Potts Limited 14/1
1.40 Wetherby Skipthescales (IRE) Winged Love (IRE) Kirby, P A Dowson, Mr T Mr Leslie Richards 3/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Sky Marshal (IRE) Lawman (FR) Walker, Ed Keniry, L P Dubai Thoroughbred Racing 14/1
2.00 Uttoxeter Smooth Stepper Alflora (IRE) Smith, Mrs S J Quinlan, Sean Mrs Aafke Clarke 12/1
3.00 Cheltenham Solatentif (FR) Solon (GER) Tizzard, C L Cooper, Bryan J Ann & Alan Potts Limited 14/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Sooda (USA) Street Cry (IRE) Varian, Roger Sousa, Silvestre De Prince A A Faisal 11/4
7.15 Wolverhampton Spanish Mane (IRE) Havana Gold (IRE) Fahey, R A Hamilton, Tony Mrs H Steel 50/1
2.50 Wetherby Spectator Passing Glance Vaughan, Tim Johns, Mr A Pearns Pharmacies Ltd 6/1
12.40 Cheltenham Speedo Boy (FR) Vision DEtat (FR) Williams, Ian OBrien, T J Mr Paul Williams 14/1
2.25 Cheltenham Splash of Ginge Oscar (IRE) Twiston-Davies, N A Bellamy, Mr T Mr J D Neild 25/1
3.15 Lingfield Spring Loaded (IRE) Zebedee DArcy, P W Haynes, Joey Rowley Racing 5/1
3.30 Cheltenham Stamp Your Feet (IRE) Galileo (IRE) George, T R Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus 7/1
3.45 Lingfield Stand Guard Danehill (USA) Butler, John Keniry, L P Miss Alice Haynes 33/1
2.25 Cheltenham Starchitect (IRE) Sea The Stars (IRE) Pipe, D E Scudamore, Tom Paul & Clare Rooney 10/1
1.10 Punchestown Static Jack (IRE) Heliostatic (IRE) Holden, Miss Ellmarie Blackmore, Miss Rachel Paul Holden 8/1
12.50 Uttoxeter Stay In Touch (IRE) Touch Of Land (FR) McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T Richard & Katherine Gilbert 50/1
3.55 Punchestown Streak Marju (IRE) Mullins, Thomas Courcey, Marcelde Mrs Helen Mullins 33/1
1.10 Punchestown Sumos Novios (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Burke, W J Power, R M W J Burke 7/1
12.35 Punchestown Sutton Manor (IRE) Gold Well Elliott, Gordon Kennedy, J W Gigginstown House Stud 6/1
2.10 Lingfield Swift Approval (IRE) Approve (IRE) Williams, S C Morris, Luke Jlm Racing 40/1
2.55 Punchestown Synopsis Azamour (IRE) Elliott, Gordon Kennedy, J W David Spratt & Kevin McMunigal 13/8
3.55 Punchestown Taglietelle Tagula (IRE) Elliott, Gordon Magee, Louise Olduvai Syndicate 9/4
12.20 Uttoxeter Tailor Tom (IRE) Fruits Of Love (USA) McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T The Tailor 4 100/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Talas (IRE) Dansili Varian, Roger Mitchell, Jack Mr Nurlan Bizakov 9/2
3.40 Uttoxeter Tango du Roy (IRE) Court Cave (IRE) Williams, Evan Bastyan, Mr M S Mr & Mrs William Rucker 14/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Tara Well (IRE) Kayf Tara Dickin, R Nixon, J Mrs C M Dickin 25/1
1.35 Lingfield Temeraire (FR) Mount Nelson Palmer, Hugo Doyle, James Blessingndisguise Partnership 11/10
12.30 Wetherby Temple Man Sulamani (IRE) Jefferson, J M Hamilton, Mr J Mrs I C Straker & Steven Key 9/1
8.45 Wolverhampton Temple Road (IRE) Street Cry (IRE) Bradley, J M Keniry, L P Mr J M Bradley 66/1
2.55 Punchestown Templemore Dream (IRE) Thewayyouare (USA) Fleming, A Loughran, R Barry Connell 4/1
11.55 Lingfield Temur Khan Dansili Palmer, Hugo Doyle, James Mr V I Araci 5/1
1.10 Punchestown Texas Jack (IRE) Curtain Time (IRE) Meade, Noel Flanagan, S W Robert Watson 33/1
3.45 Lingfield The Gay Cavalier Henrythenavigator (USA) Ryan, J Ryan, Rossa The Gay Cavaliers Partnership 4/1
2.20 Punchestown The Kings Baby (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) McCabe, Moses McInerney, Mr D J Michael Kenny 10/1
3.30 Cheltenham The Mighty Don (IRE) Shantou (USA) Gifford, N J Johnson, Richard Golden Rose Partnership 7/1
12.20 Uttoxeter The Sweeney (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Lavelle, Miss E C Scholfield, Nick Mr N Mustoe 7/2
2.25 Cheltenham Theinval (FR) Smadoun (FR) Henderson, N J McGrath, Jeremiah Mr & Mrs Sandy Orr 20/1
2.10 Lingfield Third Time Lucky (IRE) Clodovil (IRE) Fahey, R A Woods, Sebastian The Musley Bank Partnership & Partner 33/1
3.00 Cheltenham Thomas Campbell Yeats (IRE) Henderson, N J Bowen, Mr J C Mrs Van Geest & Mrs Kelvin Hughes 13/8
1.50 Cheltenham Three Faces West (IRE) Dr Massini (IRE) Hobbs, P J Johnson, Richard Paul & Clare Rooney 5/1
6.45 Wolverhampton Time To Perfection (IRE) Mastercraftsman (IRE) Kirk, S Souza, Renato Homebred Racing 40/1
3.45 Lingfield Tommys Geal Halling (USA) Madgwick, M Currie, Nicola Recycled Products Limited 20/1
9.15 Wolverhampton Top Offer Dansili Morris, Patrick Berry, F M Mr Matt Watkinson 10/1
1.00 Lingfield Topmeup Mayson Kelleway, Miss Gay Morris, Luke Mortlock & Kelleway 9/2
2.15 Wetherby Trillerin Minella (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Hunter, J K Waugh, Amie Mr K Hunter 66/1
1.45 Punchestown Triplicate (IRE) Galileo (IRE) OBrien, Joseph Patrick Walsh, M P John P McManus 12/1
1.35 Lingfield Trotter Piccolo Kittow, W S Morris, Luke Mr K B Hodges 5/1
12.25 Lingfield True Destiny Mastercraftsman (IRE) Charlton, R Marquand, Tom H R H Sultan Ahmad Shah 16/1
2.25 Cheltenham Tully East (IRE) Shantou (USA) Fleming, A ORegan, Denis Mr Barry Connell 8/1
3.45 Lingfield Tuolumne Meadows High Chaparral (IRE) Newcombe, A G Walsh, E J Mr Nigel Hardy 16/1
3.20 Wetherby Twenty Eight Guns Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Scudamore, M J Dunne, R T Mason Scudamore Racing 11/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Two Weeks Mayson Cox, C G Crouch, Hector Apple Tree Stud 8/1
2.15 Wetherby Under The Red Sky (IRE) Insatiable (IRE) Johnson, Kenny Bewley, Mr C Mr Robert C Whitelock/mr Kenny Johnso 16/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Urban Soul (IRE) Worthadd (IRE) Bethell, J D Stott, Kevin Mr John Dance 40/1
2.10 Lingfield Utmost (USA) Giants Causeway (USA) Gosden, J H M Havlin, Robert George Strawbridge & John R Hass 4/1
1.05 Wetherby Valgor Du Ronceray (FR) Al Namix (FR) Hammond, Micky Colliver, J Grey Daze In Yorkshire 16/1
1.10 Punchestown Velocity Boy (IRE) Westerner Murphy, William P Lynch, A E Mrs Ethna OToole 8/1
11.55 Lingfield Ventura Magic Mount Nelson Hannon (Jnr), Richard Marquand, Tom Middleham Park Racing Xcv 25/1
12.30 Wetherby Venturepredementia Indian Danehill (IRE) Crook, A Colliver, J Elite Ladies Racing Club 200/1
3.55 Punchestown Very Much So (IRE) Scorpion (IRE) Cusack, Liam P Brophy, Emma Oakroom Racing Club 7/1
1.50 Cheltenham Vicente (FR) Dom Alco (FR) Nicholls, P F Cobden, Mr H Mr Trevor Hemmings 9/2
2.25 Cheltenham Viconte Du Noyer (FR) Martaline Tizzard, C L Cooper, Bryan J Ann & Alan Potts Limited 20/1
3.05 Uttoxeter Victorian Teo (FR) Teofilo (IRE) Symonds, Tom Poste, Charlie Mr Matt Lennon 33/1
2.45 Lingfield Victory Bond Medicean Haggas, W J Doyle, James Bloomsbury Stud 13/8
3.30 Cheltenham Vivas (FR) Davidoff (GER) Longsdon, C E Burke, Mr J J Mr Nigel M Davies 12/1
3.55 Punchestown Vocal Resurgence (IRE) Vocalised (USA) Bolger, J S Griffin, John Mrs J S Bolger 14/1
2.35 Uttoxeter Vodka Island (IRE) Turtle Island (IRE) Appleby, M Quinlan, Jack D J And W Skelton & D Russell 10/1
6.15 Wolverhampton Voicemail Poets Voice Tate, James Hamilton, Tony Mr Saeed Manana 10/1
12.50 Uttoxeter Wahwonaisa Kalanisi (IRE) Bridgwater, D G Cannon, Mr T J Am Bostock Dg Bostock 50/1
7.45 Wolverhampton Wazin Dutch Art Crisford, Simon Havlin, Robert Mr Ahmed Ali 3/1
1.35 Lingfield We Win Hellvelyn Jenkins, J R Mangan, Gina Mr R Sivlal 100/1
12.30 Wetherby Wemyss Point Champs Elysees Kirby, P A Dowson, Mr T The Green Oaks Partnership 7/1
1.15 Cheltenham West Approach Westerner Tizzard, C L Scudamore, Tom John and Heather Snook 7/4
1.40 Wetherby Western Rules (IRE) Westerner Richards, N G Nichol, Craig Bob Bennett & Jimmy Dudgeon 5/1
1.05 Wetherby Whatduhavtoget (IRE) Presenting Skelton, Daniel Skelton, Harry Highclere Thoroughbred Racing-presenti 11/8
2.15 Wetherby Whatsthestoryman (IRE) Alderbrook Scott, Miss Katie Nicol, Mr Adam Miss E Dunkley 14/1
1.10 Punchestown White Arm (FR) Turgeon (USA) Martin, A J Enright, M A John P McManus 16/1
2.50 Wetherby William Of Orange Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) McCain Jnr, D Hughes, Brian T W Johnson & G Maxwell 11/2
12.25 Lingfield Winged Spur (IRE) Motivator Johnston, M Sousa, Silvestre De Kingsley Park Owners Club 10/1
2.15 Wetherby Withoutdefavourite (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Vaughan, Tim Johns, Mr A Kendari Racing 22/1
3.20 Wetherby Wolf Sword (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Smith, Mrs S J Cook, Danny Mr G R Orchard & Mrs J M Gray 7/2
3.05 Uttoxeter Yasir (USA) Dynaformer (USA) Dore, C R Madden, N P Mrs Jennifer Marsh & Mrs Louise Marsh 5/1
5.45 Wolverhampton Zapateado Zoffany (IRE) Hughes, Richard Kelly, Shane Mr Don Churston & Mr Ray Greatorex 14/1

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