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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 22nd January 2018. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey Odds Owner
Fakenham 5/2 Farming Army Newitt Flannigan Findlate
Wolverhampton 6/1 Mr N R Kelly
Wolverhampton 20/1 Blythe Stables Llp
Fakenham 100/30 Mr P W Middleton
Fakenham 18/1 Olly Murphy Racing Club
Wolverhampton 8/1 Mr Anthony Hogarth
Wolverhampton 6/1 Dr Marwan Koukash
Wolverhampton 5/1 Mr Peter R Ball
Fakenham 20/1 Mr Terry Pryke
Wolverhampton 11/8 Jones, Langfords & Owens
Fakenham 15/8 Wells House Racing
Wolverhampton 100/1 Mr Derek Shaw
Wolverhampton 33/1 Mr H E Peachey & Mr M J Snowdon
Wolverhampton 11/1 Shropshire Wolves
Fakenham 20/1 The BMWs
Fakenham 15/8 Still Scoobyless
Wolverhampton 3/1 Nick Bradley Racing 2 & Mrs E Burke
Wolverhampton 8/11 Godolphin
Wolverhampton 2/1 Mrs Fitri Hay
Wolverhampton 50/1 Ladies Of Rock
Fakenham 9/1 The Ridgeway Racing For Fun Partnershi
Fakenham Evens Mr Y Nasib
Fakenham 25/1 Mr A White
Fakenham 5/2 The Horwoods Partnership
Wolverhampton 18/1 James Property Ltd
Wolverhampton 14/1 Spiers & Hartwell Ltd & Mrs E Evans
Wolverhampton 6/1 P A Deal & G Lowe
Fakenham 9/2 Michael & Will Potter
Fakenham 16/1 Murphys Law Partnership
Wolverhampton 8/1 Dr Marwan Koukash
Wolverhampton 12/1 Dr Marwan Koukash
Wolverhampton 3/1 The Cool Silk Partnership
Fakenham 7/2 The Gin & Tonic Partnership
Fakenham 7/1 Level Par Racing
Wolverhampton 20/1 Graham Brothers Racing Partnership
Wolverhampton 7/1 Mrs C E Mason & Partner
Wolverhampton 50/1 Northway Lodge Racing
Fakenham 300/1 Mrs Jane Gorman
Fakenham 10/1 Pieces Of Eight Racing
Wolverhampton 14/1 Mr John P McManus
Wolverhampton 16/1 Mr P Sutherland & Mr A Barnes
Fakenham 3/1 P Middleton, M Lowther
Fakenham 7/2 From The Front Racing, Twopoundpunt2
Wolverhampton 8/1 Mr Antony Brittain
Wolverhampton 8/1 John Jarvis & Partner
Fakenham 100/1 Mr Brendan Keogh
Wolverhampton 100/30 Mr Donald M Kerr
Fakenham 22/1 Mrs Anna Cooperwhite
Wolverhampton 150/1 Mr D A Poole
Fakenham 14/1 Mr Sam Bartlett
Wolverhampton 40/1 Proxygene Kylie Syndicate
Wolverhampton 15/2 Mr John McMahon
Wolverhampton 33/1 Dukes Head Racing
Wolverhampton 9/1 Ontoawinner, Wilson-crane & Ollie Pear
Fakenham 7/2 The Ridgeway Racing For Fun Partnershi
Wolverhampton 9/1 Mr Wayne Fleming
Wolverhampton 9/4 C Holmes, B Keane & S Nugent
Fakenham 5/1 Mr C T Pogson
Fakenham 11/2 Elphicks Hardy Hubbard Banks
Fakenham 7/2 The Steeple Chasers
Wolverhampton 6/1 Merchants and Missionaries
Wolverhampton 2/1 Lady Rothschild
Fakenham 40/1 Touchwood Racing
Wolverhampton 80/1 Mr R Bedford & Mr P Bedford
Fakenham 5/1 Strensham Stragglers
Fakenham 11/2 Lambourne, Forbes, Losse, Beese & Fidd
Wolverhampton 5/1 Mr & Mrs H Parmar
Wolverhampton 100/30 Paddys Runner Partnership
Fakenham 20/1 Mr C J Haughey
Fakenham 100/30 Mrs V M Edmonson & Mrs P M Sly
Fakenham 28/1 Yen Hall Farm Racing
Fakenham 9/2 Mrs J May
Wolverhampton 12/1 Gallagher Bloodstock Limited
Wolverhampton 16/1 Mr C L Bacon & The Horse Watchers
Wolverhampton 2/1 Middleham Park Racing Lxxi
Fakenham 4/5 Mrs Diana L Whateley
Wolverhampton 3/1 Mr W McLuskey
Wolverhampton 5/1 Mr I R Clements & Dr L G Parry
Wolverhampton 5/1 Royal Guinness Reserve Partnership
Fakenham 100/1 Tower Hamlets Partnership
Wolverhampton 9/2 Mr C L Bacon
Wolverhampton 15/2 Mr F Butler
Wolverhampton 100/30 Mr W Clifford
Wolverhampton 15/2 Mr & Mrs George Bhatti
Wolverhampton 25/1 Melbourne 10 Racing
Fakenham 33/1 Mr Paul Murphy
Wolverhampton 12/1 Sarnian Racing
Wolverhampton 4/1 Mr Robin Oliver
Fakenham 11/2 Slis Ltd, Mr M Gibbons & Mr D Nott
Wolverhampton 16/1 John Mangan, Marco Sanna, Denis Quinn
Fakenham 7/1 The Hexagon Racing Partnership
Wolverhampton 10/1 Mr Stephen Tucker
Wolverhampton 33/1 Keith Davies & The Cross Racing Club
Wolverhampton 5/1 Mr John Hobbs
Fakenham 4/1 Case Racing Partnership
Wolverhampton 5/1 Mr Richard Walker
Fakenham 5/2 Mr C J Haughey
Fakenham 9/2 G1 Racing Club Ltd
Wolverhampton 15/2 The Self Preservation Society

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