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Milan progeny running today
Drive On Locky (IRE) 2.50 Taunton 12/1
Tommy Odwyer (IRE) 3.00 Wetherby 16/1
Milan Express (IRE) 4.00 Wetherby 11/2
Sizing Granite (IRE) 4.20 Taunton 5/1
If The Cap Fits (IRE) 5.20 Taunton 5/2
Italian River 5.20 Taunton 22/1
Milan progeny running tomorrow
Beginningtogetup (IRE) 1.55 Punchestown 6/1
Castello Sforza (IRE) 3.00 Punchestown 10/11
Fly Rory Fly (IRE) 3.00 Punchestown 16/1
One More Hero (IRE) 3.05 Ludlow 9/4
Milan Dancer (IRE) 3.30 Punchestown 10/1
Dr Zoom (IRE) 3.30 Punchestown 16/1
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Progeny stats (60 Days)
RunsWinsWin P/LWin%PlacePlace%
26620-85.918% 7026%

Last 100 progeny runs

DateTrackPosRace InformationHorse OddsTrainerAgeWeightOR
20.02.2017 Lingfield1st of 7 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Mdn Hdl Groundunderrepair (IRE)5/4 Greatrex, W J 611-2113
20.02.2017 Carlisle4th of 8 5yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Hcp Chs The Cobbler Swayne (IRE)13/2 Russell, Miss Lucinda V 811-12119
20.02.2017 Carlisle6th of 9 4yo+ 2m3f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Pineapple Crush (IRE)28/1 Todhunter, M 510-100
19.02.2017 Ffos Las5th of 12 4yo+ 2m4f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Asockastar (IRE)6/1 Vaughan, Tim 911-9100
19.02.2017 Ffos Las9th of 12 4yo+ 2m4f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Try It Sometime (IRE)4/1 Lewis, Mrs S W 99-1279
19.02.2017 Navan6th of 11 4yo+ 2m Hcp Hdl Crehelp (IRE)10/1 Flood, F 610-795
19.02.2017 Navan3rd of 13 4yo+ 2m6f Hcp Hdl Nicoles Milan (IRE)9/4 Aherne, Sean 610-3102
19.02.2017 Navan8th of 13 4yo+ 2m6f Hcp Hdl Man With Van (IRE)50/1 Griffin, Patrick 1111-3120
19.02.2017 Navan8th of 9 5yo+ 2m5f G2 Hdl Milsean (IRE)66/1 Morris, M F 811-3145
19.02.2017 Navan7th of 9 5yo+ 2m5f G2 Hdl Ttebbob (IRE)33/1 Harrington, Mrs John 811-3140
19.02.2017 Market Rasen3rd of 5 4yo+ 2m3f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Mo Chailin (IRE)7/2 McCain Jnr, D 611-7113
19.02.2017 Ffos Las5th of 6 4-7yo 2m Cl4 Nvc Hdl Blue Rhythm (IRE)66/1 Williams, Evan 511-20
18.02.2017 Wincanton12th of 17 4yo+ 1m7f Cl4 Nvc Hdl La Madrina (IRE)200/1 Stephens, Mrs K J 510-20
18.02.2017 Wincanton2nd of 16 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Illhavealook (IRE)20/1 Stephens, Mrs K J 1210-994
18.02.2017 Gowran Park2nd of 5 4yo+ 2m G3 Hdl Jezki (IRE)2/5 Harrington, Mrs John 911-1167
18.02.2017 Haydock2nd of 10 5yo+ 2m7f Cl2 Hcp Hdl Big River (IRE)13/2 Russell, Miss Lucinda V 711-4128
18.02.2017 Gowran Park8th of 11 5yo+ 2m4f Hcp Chs Owennacurra Milan (IRE)25/1 Hallahan, Miss Mary Louise 1210-11116
18.02.2017 Haydock5th of 5 4yo+ 2m7f G2 Hdl Anteros (IRE)33/1 Leech, Mrs S 911-6131
18.02.2017 WincantonPU of 8 5yo+ 3m1f Cl4 Hcp Chs Royal Redemption (IRE)16/1 Mann, C J 811-9110
18.02.2017 Gowran Park9th of 13 5yo+ 2m4f Bgr Chs Kalogan (IRE)125/1 Murphy, Barry John 711-120
18.02.2017 Gowran Park8th of 13 5yo+ 2m4f Bgr Chs Oscar Lantern (IRE)40/1 Byrnes, C 811-120
18.02.2017 Gowran Park3rd of 13 5yo+ 2m4f Bgr Chs Mall Dini (IRE)7/4 Kelly, Patrick G 711-12142
17.02.2017 Fakenham5th of 7 4yo+ 3m Cl4 Hcp Nvc Hdl Barney From Tyanee (IRE)6/1 Blake, Michael 611-2105
16.02.2017 Clonmel4th of 18 5yo+ 2m Hcp Hdl Goodthynemilan (IRE)7/1 Ahern, Denis 711-1092
16.02.2017 Kelso5th of 7 5yo+ 2m7f Cl5 Hnt Chs Green Flag (IRE)8/1 Russell, Miss Lucinda V 1011-5125
16.02.2017 ClonmelF of 14 5yo+ 2m1f Bgr Chs Bitsandpieces (IRE)10/1 Winters, Michael 811-120
15.02.2017 Towcester4th of 12 4-6yo 1m7f Cl6 NHF Olivers Island (IRE)16/1 Snowden, Jamie 510-90
15.02.2017 Towcester6th of 8 5yo+ 3m1f Cl5 Hcp Chs The Last Bridge7/1 Johnson, Mrs S M 1010-377
14.02.2017 Ayr6th of 11 4yo+ 2mf Cl5 Mdn Hdl Topham Bay (IRE)33/1 Russell, Miss Lucinda V 510-90
14.02.2017 Fontwell4th of 8 5yo+ 2m6f Cl4 Nvc Hdl San Satiro (IRE)4/1 Nicholls, P F 610-120
13.02.2017 PlumptonPU of 5 5yo+ 3m2f Cl3 Hcp Nvc Chs You Say What (IRE)6/1 King, N B 711-6124
13.02.2017 CatterickF of 4 5yo+ 3m1f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Your Turn (IRE)33/1 Gretton, T R 610-120
13.02.2017 Catterick3rd of 4 5yo+ 3m1f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Arctic Lady (IRE)4/1 George, T R 610-120
11.02.2017 Warwick7th of 10 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Hcp Hdl Benny In Milan (IRE)12/1 Fahey, Peter 611-8113
11.02.2017 Newbury2nd of 6 5yo+ 2m7f Cl3 Hcp Nvc Chs Lessons In Milan (IRE)3/1 Henderson, N J 911-6133
11.02.2017 Warwick1st of 8 4yo+ 3m2f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Catching On (IRE)15/2 ONeill, Jonjo 911-2117
11.02.2017 Naas1st of 24 5yo+ 2m3f Mdn Hdl Midnight Escape (IRE)15/8 Elliott, Gordon 511-110
11.02.2017 Naas6th of 6 4yo+ 2m Nvc Hdl Important Moment (IRE)12/1 Crawford, S R B 811-80
11.02.2017 Warwick2nd of 5 4yo+ 2m5f Lst Hdl Jessbers Dream (IRE)7/4 Nicholls, P F 711-5136
10.02.2017 Kempton9th of 16 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Bulfin Island (IRE)5/1 King, A 811-2110
10.02.2017 Kempton14th of 16 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Hcp Hdl The Mad Well (IRE)33/1 Dunn, Mrs Alex 811-13111
10.02.2017 Kempton5th of 9 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Milzipa (IRE)8/1 Henderson, N J 511-40
10.02.2017 Kempton5th of 10 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Silent Steps (IRE)12/1 Henderson, N J 610-110
9.02.2017 Thurles6th of 18 4yo+ 2m6f Hcp Hdl Queeny (IRE)8/1 OLeary, Ronald 611-090
9.02.2017 Thurles13th of 18 5yo+ 2m Mdn Hdl Davids Charm (IRE)33/1 Walsh, John J 610-130
9.02.2017 Huntingdon3rd of 6 4yo+ 2m4f Lst Nvc Hdl Tommy Rapper (IRE)7/1 Skelton, Daniel 611-40
9.02.2017 Doncaster5th of 11 5yo+ 3m Cl4 Hcp Chs Emma Soda50/1 Davies, P S 1210-12106
9.02.2017 HuntingdonPU of 8 5yo+ 3m Cl4 Hcp Nvc Chs Royal Milan (IRE)12/1 Hobbs, P J 711-8119
8.02.2017 Ludlow3rd of 10 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Mdn Hdl Shanroe In Milan (IRE)5/1 Longsdon, C E 511-4117
8.02.2017 Ludlow2nd of 10 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Mdn Hdl Beneagles (IRE)13/8 King, A 511-40
8.02.2017 Carlisle9th of 10 5yo+ 3m2f Cl3 Hcp Chs Join The Clan (IRE)12/1 ONeill, Jonjo 811-7130
8.02.2017 Ludlow10th of 15 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Mdn Hdl Flans O Man (IRE)200/1 Leech, Mrs S 711-30
7.02.2017 Market Rasen2nd of 6 4yo+ 2m1f Cl4 Mdn Hdl Rosie Mcqueen (IRE)6/1 ONeill, Jonjo 511-30
7.02.2017 Market Rasen3rd of 6 4yo+ 2m1f Cl4 Mdn Hdl Pampanini9/2 Fry, Harry 611-30
5.02.2017 Taunton8th of 16 4yo+ 2m3f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Bennachie (IRE)12/1 Vaughan, Tim 810-1092
5.02.2017 Punchestown5th of 6 5-7yo 2m NHF Fly Rory Fly (IRE)14/1 Meade, Noel 511-80
5.02.2017 Punchestown1st of 6 5-7yo 2m NHF Oakley Hall (IRE)9/4 Elliott, Gordon 511-130
5.02.2017 Musselburgh1st of 11 5yo+ 3m2f Cl2 Hcp Hdl El Bandit (IRE)15/2 Nicholls, P F 611-5139
5.02.2017 Punchestown6th of 9 5yo+ 2m6f Bgr Chs Oscar Lantern (IRE)20/1 Byrnes, C 811-120
5.02.2017 Taunton5th of 8 4yo+ 2m1f Cl3 Hcp Hdl Matchaway (IRE)3/1 Lee, Miss Kerry 811-4126
4.02.2017 Fairyhouse7th of 13 4-7yo 2m Lst NHF Lakemilan (IRE)25/1 OBrien, Terence 511-50
4.02.2017 Fairyhouse1st of 19 4yo+ 2m4f Hcp Nvc Hdl Nicoles Milan (IRE)100/30 Aherne, Sean 610-1194
4.02.2017 Wetherby4th of 7 6yo+ 3m1f Cl6 Hnt Chs One Conemara (IRE)7/1 Coward, Mrs C A 911-10104
4.02.2017 WetherbyPU of 7 6yo+ 3m1f Cl6 Hnt Chs Duke Of Lucca (IRE)16/1 Nimmo, Miss F 1211-11133
4.02.2017 Wetherby6th of 8 4yo+ 3m1f Cl3 Hcp Hdl Milborough (IRE)13/2 Duncan, I A 1111-3133
4.02.2017 MusselburghF of 13 5yo+ 4m1f Cl2 Hcp Chs Valleyofmilan (IRE)25/1 McCain Jnr, D 1010-0122
4.02.2017 FairyhousePU of 8 5yo+ 3m1f Chs Rogue Trader (IRE)11/4 Taaffe, T J 810-13137
4.02.2017 Musselburgh6th of 10 5yo+ 3m Cl5 Hcp Chs Landmarque4/1 Ewart, J P L 811-8101
3.02.2017 CatterickPU of 6 5yo+ 3m1f Cl3 Hcp Chs Treaty Girl (IRE)15/8 Pauling, Ben 611-12127
3.02.2017 Catterick4th of 6 4-7yo 2m3f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Our Morris (IRE)100/1 Bewley, G T 610-130
2.02.2017 Clonmel5th of 8 5yo+ 2m4f Mdn Hnt Chs Cloneen Choice (IRE)28/1 Browne, Don 811-70
2.02.2017 Towcester11th of 13 4yo+ 2m3f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Alla Svelta (IRE)40/1 Lewis, Mrs S W 1111-795
2.02.2017 Towcester2nd of 9 5yo+ 3mf Cl5 Hcp Chs Try It Sometime (IRE)3/1 Lewis, Mrs S W 910-678
2.02.2017 Wincanton1st of 9 4yo+ 2m4f Cl3 Hcp Hdl Tornado In Milan (IRE)16/1 Williams, Evan 1111-2134
2.02.2017 Clonmel5th of 18 4yo+ 2mf Hcp Hdl Goodthynemilan (IRE)16/1 Ahern, Denis 711-793
2.02.2017 WincantonPU of 7 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Milan Hart (IRE)50/1 Hill, M 711-00
2.02.2017 Clonmel4th of 6 4yo+ 3m G3 Nvc Hdl New To This Town (IRE)14/1 Harrington, Mrs John 611-20
2.02.2017 Clonmel1st of 6 4yo+ 3m G3 Nvc Hdl Monalee (IRE)6/4 Bromhead, Henry De 611-2139
2.02.2017 ClonmelPU of 17 5yo+ 2m3f Mdn Hdl The Pipers Cottage (IRE)100/1 Coffey,P G 611-50
2.02.2017 Clonmel6th of 18 4yo+ 2mf Mdn Hdl Daisy Chicks (IRE)100/1 OGrady, Eoghan 510-120
1.02.2017 Hereford8th of 8 4-6yo 2m1f Cl4 NHF Murphys Nails12/1 Symonds, Tom 511-30
1.02.2017 HerefordPU of 11 5yo+ 3m1f Cl3 Hcp Chs What A Moment (IRE)9/1 Pipe, D E 711-6134
1.02.2017 Hereford2nd of 11 5yo+ 3m1f Cl3 Hcp Chs Mountainous (IRE)9/2 Lee, Miss Kerry 1210-12133
31.01.2017 Down Royal5th of 9 5-7yo 2m NHF Pershing Missile (IRE)5/1 Meade, Noel 511-70
31.01.2017 Southwell3rd of 15 4yo+ 3m1f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Terry The Fish (IRE)16/1 ONeill, Jonjo 511-896
31.01.2017 Lingfield2nd of 7 5yo+ 2m Cl4 Hcp Chs After Hours (IRE)7/2 Oliver, Henry 811-7114
31.01.2017 Down Royal10th of 14 4yo+ 2m3f Hcp Hdl Peace N Milan (IRE)8/1 Flood, F 611-1101
31.01.2017 Down Royal2nd of 14 4yo+ 2m3f Hcp Hdl There You Go (IRE)11/2 Harrington, Mrs John 610-1298
31.01.2017 Down Royal14th of 14 4yo+ 2m3f Hcp Hdl Benny In Milan (IRE)10/1 Fahey, Peter 611-8108
31.01.2017 Down Royal3rd of 8 5yo+ 2m Hcp Chs Merrion Row (IRE)11/1 Rothwell, P J 910-085
30.01.2017 Plumpton2nd of 6 5yo+ 3m2f Cl4 Hcp Chs Talk Of The South (IRE)6/1 Henderson, P 811-12115
30.01.2017 Ayr2nd of 5 5yo+ 3mf Cl4 Hcp Nvc Chs Sevenballs Of Fire (IRE)11/4 Jardine, I 811-1120
30.01.2017 Plumpton2nd of 6 4yo+ 3m1f Cl4 Hcp Hdl City Supreme (IRE)3/1 Honeyball, A J 711-11119
30.01.2017 Plumpton3rd of 7 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Groundunderrepair (IRE)12/1 Greatrex, W J 611-50
30.01.2017 Ayr1st of 5 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Nvc Hdl Glingerside (IRE)16/1 Smith, R Michael 611-20
29.01.2017 Fontwell5th of 12 4yo+ 2m6f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Lillian (IRE)5/1 Mullins, J W 611-7105
29.01.2017 Fontwell4th of 8 4yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Nvc Hdl An Siltean (IRE)5/1 Fry, Harry 611-50
29.01.2017 Sedgefield3rd of 5 5yo+ 2mf Cl3 Hcp Nvc Chs Ash Park (IRE)3/1 Coltherd, W S 911-3132
28.01.2017 Uttoxeter4th of 9 5yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Hcp Chs The Italian Yob (IRE)5/1 Williams, Nick 911-4119
28.01.2017 Naas5th of 8 5yo+ 3m G3 Nvc Chs Martello Tower (IRE)11/2 Mullins, Ms Margaret 911-2143

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