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Fixture List

A day out at the horse racing is a fantastic spectacle, great fun and well worth taking the family along to. Wherever you are in the United Kingdom or Ireland there is a fixture near you.

Planning on going to a horse racing fixture? Our handy horse racing fixtures schedule can help you plan your big day out!

Listed below are all meetings in the UK And Ireland organised by month.

September 2014October 2014November 2014December 2014

2014 September Horse Racing Schedule - UK & Ireland
Tuesday, 16th Sep 2014Chepstow
Tuesday, 16th Sep 2014Listowel
Tuesday, 16th Sep 2014Sedgefield (Twilight)
Tuesday, 16th Sep 2014Thirsk
Tuesday, 16th Sep 2014Yarmouth
Wednesday, 17th Sep 2014Beverley
Wednesday, 17th Sep 2014Kelso (Twilight)
Wednesday, 17th Sep 2014Listowel
Wednesday, 17th Sep 2014Sandown
Wednesday, 17th Sep 2014Yarmouth
Thursday, 18th Sep 2014Ayr
Thursday, 18th Sep 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 18th Sep 2014Listowel
Thursday, 18th Sep 2014Pontefract
Thursday, 18th Sep 2014Yarmouth
Friday, 19th Sep 2014Ayr
Friday, 19th Sep 2014Listowel
Friday, 19th Sep 2014Newbury
Friday, 19th Sep 2014Newton Abbot
Friday, 19th Sep 2014Worcester (Twilight)
Saturday, 20th Sep 2014Ayr
Saturday, 20th Sep 2014Catterick
Saturday, 20th Sep 2014Listowel
Saturday, 20th Sep 2014Newbury
Saturday, 20th Sep 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Saturday, 20th Sep 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 21st Sep 2014Gowran Park
Sunday, 21st Sep 2014Hamilton
Sunday, 21st Sep 2014Plumpton
Sunday, 21st Sep 2014Uttoxeter
Monday, 22nd Sep 2014Hamilton
Monday, 22nd Sep 2014Kempton
Monday, 22nd Sep 2014Leicester
Tuesday, 23rd Sep 2014Ballinrobe
Tuesday, 23rd Sep 2014Beverley
Tuesday, 23rd Sep 2014Lingfield
Tuesday, 23rd Sep 2014Newcastle (Twilight)
Tuesday, 23rd Sep 2014Nottingham
Wednesday, 24th Sep 2014Goodwood
Wednesday, 24th Sep 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 24th Sep 2014Perth
Wednesday, 24th Sep 2014Redcar
Thursday, 25th Sep 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 25th Sep 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Thursday, 25th Sep 2014Perth
Thursday, 25th Sep 2014Pontefract
Friday, 26th Sep 2014Downpatrick
Friday, 26th Sep 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 26th Sep 2014Haydock
Friday, 26th Sep 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Friday, 26th Sep 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Friday, 26th Sep 2014Worcester
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Chester
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Haydock
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Market Rasen
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Navan
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Ripon
Saturday, 27th Sep 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Sunday, 28th Sep 2014Curragh
Sunday, 28th Sep 2014Epsom
Sunday, 28th Sep 2014Musselburgh
Monday, 29th Sep 2014Bath
Monday, 29th Sep 2014Hamilton
Monday, 29th Sep 2014Newton Abbot
Monday, 29th Sep 2014Roscommon
Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014Ayr
Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014Chepstow
Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014Fairyhouse
Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014Sedgefield

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2014 October Horse Racing Schedule - UK & Ireland
Wednesday, 1st Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 1st Oct 2014Newcastle
Wednesday, 1st Oct 2014Nottingham
Wednesday, 1st Oct 2014Salisbury
Wednesday, 1st Oct 2014Sligo
Thursday, 2nd Oct 2014Bangor
Thursday, 2nd Oct 2014Clonmel
Thursday, 2nd Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 2nd Oct 2014Southwell
Thursday, 2nd Oct 2014Warwick
Friday, 3rd Oct 2014Ascot
Friday, 3rd Oct 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 3rd Oct 2014Fontwell
Friday, 3rd Oct 2014Gowran Park
Friday, 3rd Oct 2014Hexham
Friday, 3rd Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 4th Oct 2014Ascot
Saturday, 4th Oct 2014Fontwell
Saturday, 4th Oct 2014Gowran Park
Saturday, 4th Oct 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Saturday, 4th Oct 2014Redcar
Saturday, 4th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 5th Oct 2014Huntingdon
Sunday, 5th Oct 2014Kelso
Sunday, 5th Oct 2014Tipperary
Sunday, 5th Oct 2014Uttoxeter
Monday, 6th Oct 2014Pontefract
Monday, 6th Oct 2014Stratford
Monday, 6th Oct 2014Windsor
Tuesday, 7th Oct 2014Brighton
Tuesday, 7th Oct 2014Catterick
Tuesday, 7th Oct 2014Leicester
Tuesday, 7th Oct 2014Tipperary
Wednesday, 8th Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 8th Oct 2014Ludlow
Wednesday, 8th Oct 2014Navan
Wednesday, 8th Oct 2014Nottingham
Wednesday, 8th Oct 2014Towcester
Thursday, 9th Oct 2014Ayr
Thursday, 9th Oct 2014Exeter
Thursday, 9th Oct 2014Tramore
Thursday, 9th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Thursday, 9th Oct 2014Worcester
Friday, 10th Oct 2014Carlisle
Friday, 10th Oct 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 10th Oct 2014Newton Abbot
Friday, 10th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Friday, 10th Oct 2014York
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014Chepstow
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014Fairyhouse
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014Hexham
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014Musselburgh
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 11th Oct 2014York
Sunday, 12th Oct 2014Curragh
Sunday, 12th Oct 2014Ffos Las
Sunday, 12th Oct 2014Goodwood
Sunday, 12th Oct 2014Limerick
Monday, 13th Oct 2014Salisbury
Monday, 13th Oct 2014Sedgefield
Monday, 13th Oct 2014Windsor
Tuesday, 14th Oct 2014Huntingdon
Tuesday, 14th Oct 2014Leicester
Tuesday, 14th Oct 2014Newcastle
Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014Lingfield
Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014Nottingham
Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014Punchestown
Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014Wetherby
Thursday, 16th Oct 2014Brighton
Thursday, 16th Oct 2014Punchestown
Thursday, 16th Oct 2014Uttoxeter
Thursday, 16th Oct 2014Wincanton
Thursday, 16th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Cheltenham
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Downpatrick
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Haydock
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Redcar
Friday, 17th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 18th Oct 2014Ascot
Saturday, 18th Oct 2014Catterick
Saturday, 18th Oct 2014Cheltenham
Saturday, 18th Oct 2014Cork
Saturday, 18th Oct 2014Kelso
Saturday, 18th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 19th Oct 2014Bath
Sunday, 19th Oct 2014Cork
Sunday, 19th Oct 2014Kempton
Sunday, 19th Oct 2014Naas
Monday, 20th Oct 2014Plumpton
Monday, 20th Oct 2014Pontefract
Monday, 20th Oct 2014Windsor
Tuesday, 21st Oct 2014Exeter
Tuesday, 21st Oct 2014Lingfield
Tuesday, 21st Oct 2014Yarmouth
Wednesday, 22nd Oct 2014Fontwell
Wednesday, 22nd Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 22nd Oct 2014Navan
Wednesday, 22nd Oct 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Wednesday, 22nd Oct 2014Worcester
Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014Carlisle
Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014Ludlow
Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014Southwell
Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014Thurles
Friday, 24th Oct 2014Doncaster
Friday, 24th Oct 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 24th Oct 2014Fakenham
Friday, 24th Oct 2014Newbury
Friday, 24th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Aintree
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Chepstow
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Doncaster
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Leopardstown
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Newbury
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Stratford
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Wexford
Saturday, 25th Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Sunday, 26th Oct 2014Aintree
Sunday, 26th Oct 2014Galway
Sunday, 26th Oct 2014Leopardstown
Sunday, 26th Oct 2014Wincanton
Monday, 27th Oct 2014Ayr
Monday, 27th Oct 2014Galway
Monday, 27th Oct 2014Leicester
Monday, 27th Oct 2014Redcar
Monday, 27th Oct 2014Wexford
Tuesday, 28th Oct 2014Catterick
Tuesday, 28th Oct 2014Ffos Las
Tuesday, 28th Oct 2014Yarmouth
Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014Nottingham
Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014Punchestown
Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014Taunton
Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014Worcester
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014Clonmel
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014Lingfield
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014Sedgefield
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014Stratford
Friday, 31st Oct 2014Down Royal
Friday, 31st Oct 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 31st Oct 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Friday, 31st Oct 2014Uttoxeter
Friday, 31st Oct 2014Wetherby
Friday, 31st Oct 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)

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2014 November Horse Racing Schedule - UK & Ireland
Saturday, 1st Nov 2014Ascot
Saturday, 1st Nov 2014Ayr
Saturday, 1st Nov 2014Down Royal
Saturday, 1st Nov 2014Newmarket (Rowley)
Saturday, 1st Nov 2014Wetherby
Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014Carlisle
Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014Cork
Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014Huntingdon
Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014Naas
Monday, 3rd Nov 2014Kempton
Monday, 3rd Nov 2014Plumpton
Monday, 3rd Nov 2014Wolverhampton
Tuesday, 4th Nov 2014Exeter
Tuesday, 4th Nov 2014Fairyhouse
Tuesday, 4th Nov 2014Redcar
Tuesday, 4th Nov 2014Southwell
Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014Chepstow
Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014Nottingham
Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014Warwick
Thursday, 6th Nov 2014Fakenham
Thursday, 6th Nov 2014Musselburgh
Thursday, 6th Nov 2014Thurles
Thursday, 6th Nov 2014Towcester
Thursday, 6th Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Friday, 7th Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 7th Nov 2014Fontwell
Friday, 7th Nov 2014Hexham
Friday, 7th Nov 2014Musselburgh
Friday, 7th Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 8th Nov 2014Doncaster
Saturday, 8th Nov 2014Kelso
Saturday, 8th Nov 2014Naas
Saturday, 8th Nov 2014Sandown
Saturday, 8th Nov 2014Wincanton
Sunday, 9th Nov 2014Ffos Las
Sunday, 9th Nov 2014Limerick
Sunday, 9th Nov 2014Market Rasen
Sunday, 9th Nov 2014Navan
Monday, 10th Nov 2014Carlisle
Monday, 10th Nov 2014Kempton
Monday, 10th Nov 2014Southwell
Tuesday, 11th Nov 2014Huntingdon
Tuesday, 11th Nov 2014Lingfield
Tuesday, 11th Nov 2014Sedgefield
Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014Ayr
Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014Bangor
Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014Exeter
Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 13th Nov 2014Clonmel
Thursday, 13th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 13th Nov 2014Ludlow
Thursday, 13th Nov 2014Southwell
Thursday, 13th Nov 2014Taunton
Friday, 14th Nov 2014Cheltenham
Friday, 14th Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 14th Nov 2014Lingfield
Friday, 14th Nov 2014Newcastle
Friday, 14th Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 15th Nov 2014Cheltenham
Saturday, 15th Nov 2014Lingfield
Saturday, 15th Nov 2014Punchestown
Saturday, 15th Nov 2014Uttoxeter
Saturday, 15th Nov 2014Wetherby
Saturday, 15th Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 16th Nov 2014Cheltenham
Sunday, 16th Nov 2014Cork
Sunday, 16th Nov 2014Fontwell
Sunday, 16th Nov 2014Punchestown
Monday, 17th Nov 2014Leicester
Monday, 17th Nov 2014Plumpton
Monday, 17th Nov 2014Wolverhampton
Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014Doncaster
Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014Fakenham
Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014Southwell
Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014Wexford
Wednesday, 19th Nov 2014Fairyhouse
Wednesday, 19th Nov 2014Hexham
Wednesday, 19th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 19th Nov 2014Lingfield
Wednesday, 19th Nov 2014Warwick
Thursday, 20th Nov 2014Chepstow
Thursday, 20th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 20th Nov 2014Market Rasen
Thursday, 20th Nov 2014Thurles
Thursday, 20th Nov 2014Wincanton
Friday, 21st Nov 2014Ascot
Friday, 21st Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 21st Nov 2014Ffos Las
Friday, 21st Nov 2014Haydock
Friday, 21st Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014Ascot
Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014Gowran Park
Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014Haydock
Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014Huntingdon
Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014Lingfield
Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 23rd Nov 2014Exeter
Sunday, 23rd Nov 2014Navan
Sunday, 23rd Nov 2014Towcester
Monday, 24th Nov 2014Kempton
Monday, 24th Nov 2014Ludlow
Monday, 24th Nov 2014Wolverhampton
Tuesday, 25th Nov 2014Lingfield
Tuesday, 25th Nov 2014Sedgefield
Tuesday, 25th Nov 2014Southwell
Wednesday, 26th Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Wednesday, 26th Nov 2014Fontwell
Wednesday, 26th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 26th Nov 2014Lingfield
Wednesday, 26th Nov 2014Wetherby
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014Newbury
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014Taunton
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014Thurles
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014Uttoxeter
Friday, 28th Nov 2014Doncaster
Friday, 28th Nov 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 28th Nov 2014Musselburgh
Friday, 28th Nov 2014Newbury
Friday, 28th Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 29th Nov 2014Bangor
Saturday, 29th Nov 2014Fairyhouse
Saturday, 29th Nov 2014Newbury
Saturday, 29th Nov 2014Newcastle
Saturday, 29th Nov 2014Towcester
Saturday, 29th Nov 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 30th Nov 2014Carlisle
Sunday, 30th Nov 2014Fairyhouse
Sunday, 30th Nov 2014Leicester

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2014 December Horse Racing Schedule - UK & Ireland
Monday, 1st Dec 2014Kempton
Monday, 1st Dec 2014Plumpton
Monday, 1st Dec 2014Wolverhampton
Tuesday, 2nd Dec 2014Sedgefield
Tuesday, 2nd Dec 2014Southwell
Tuesday, 2nd Dec 2014Wolverhampton
Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2014Catterick
Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2014Lingfield
Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2014Ludlow
Thursday, 4th Dec 2014Clonmel
Thursday, 4th Dec 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 4th Dec 2014Leicester
Thursday, 4th Dec 2014Market Rasen
Thursday, 4th Dec 2014Wincanton
Friday, 5th Dec 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 5th Dec 2014Exeter
Friday, 5th Dec 2014Lingfield
Friday, 5th Dec 2014Sandown
Friday, 5th Dec 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 6th Dec 2014Aintree
Saturday, 6th Dec 2014Chepstow
Saturday, 6th Dec 2014Navan
Saturday, 6th Dec 2014Sandown
Saturday, 6th Dec 2014Wetherby
Saturday, 6th Dec 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 7th Dec 2014Cork
Sunday, 7th Dec 2014Huntingdon
Sunday, 7th Dec 2014Kelso
Sunday, 7th Dec 2014Punchestown
Monday, 8th Dec 2014Kempton
Monday, 8th Dec 2014Lingfield
Monday, 8th Dec 2014Musselburgh
Tuesday, 9th Dec 2014Fontwell
Tuesday, 9th Dec 2014Southwell
Tuesday, 9th Dec 2014Uttoxeter
Wednesday, 10th Dec 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Wednesday, 10th Dec 2014Hexham
Wednesday, 10th Dec 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 10th Dec 2014Leicester
Wednesday, 10th Dec 2014Lingfield
Thursday, 11th Dec 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 11th Dec 2014Newcastle
Thursday, 11th Dec 2014Taunton
Thursday, 11th Dec 2014Warwick
Friday, 12th Dec 2014Bangor
Friday, 12th Dec 2014Cheltenham
Friday, 12th Dec 2014Doncaster
Friday, 12th Dec 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 12th Dec 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 13th Dec 2014Cheltenham
Saturday, 13th Dec 2014Doncaster
Saturday, 13th Dec 2014Lingfield
Saturday, 13th Dec 2014Southwell
Saturday, 13th Dec 2014Tramore
Saturday, 13th Dec 2014Wolverhampton (Evening)
Sunday, 14th Dec 2014Carlisle
Sunday, 14th Dec 2014Navan
Sunday, 14th Dec 2014Southwell
Monday, 15th Dec 2014Ffos Las
Monday, 15th Dec 2014Plumpton
Monday, 15th Dec 2014Wolverhampton
Tuesday, 16th Dec 2014Catterick
Tuesday, 16th Dec 2014Kempton
Tuesday, 16th Dec 2014Southwell
Wednesday, 17th Dec 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Wednesday, 17th Dec 2014Lingfield
Wednesday, 17th Dec 2014Ludlow
Wednesday, 17th Dec 2014Newbury
Thursday, 18th Dec 2014Exeter
Thursday, 18th Dec 2014Kempton (Twilight)
Thursday, 18th Dec 2014Southwell
Thursday, 18th Dec 2014Towcester
Friday, 19th Dec 2014Ascot
Friday, 19th Dec 2014Dundalk (Evening)
Friday, 19th Dec 2014Southwell
Friday, 19th Dec 2014Uttoxeter
Friday, 19th Dec 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Saturday, 20th Dec 2014Ascot
Saturday, 20th Dec 2014Fairyhouse
Saturday, 20th Dec 2014Haydock
Saturday, 20th Dec 2014Lingfield
Saturday, 20th Dec 2014Newcastle
Sunday, 21st Dec 2014Fakenham
Sunday, 21st Dec 2014Lingfield
Sunday, 21st Dec 2014Thurles
Monday, 22nd Dec 2014Bangor
Monday, 22nd Dec 2014Kempton
Monday, 22nd Dec 2014Wolverhampton
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Down Royal
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Fontwell
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Huntingdon
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Kempton
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Leopardstown
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Limerick
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Market Rasen
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Sedgefield
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Towcester
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Wetherby
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Wincanton
Friday, 26th Dec 2014Wolverhampton
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Chepstow
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Kempton
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Leopardstown
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Limerick
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Southwell
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Wetherby
Saturday, 27th Dec 2014Wolverhampton (Twilight)
Sunday, 28th Dec 2014Catterick
Sunday, 28th Dec 2014Leicester
Sunday, 28th Dec 2014Leopardstown
Sunday, 28th Dec 2014Limerick
Sunday, 28th Dec 2014Lingfield
Monday, 29th Dec 2014Doncaster
Monday, 29th Dec 2014Kelso
Monday, 29th Dec 2014Leopardstown
Monday, 29th Dec 2014Limerick
Monday, 29th Dec 2014Newbury
Monday, 29th Dec 2014Southwell
Tuesday, 30th Dec 2014Haydock
Tuesday, 30th Dec 2014Lingfield
Tuesday, 30th Dec 2014Taunton
Wednesday, 31st Dec 2014Lingfield
Wednesday, 31st Dec 2014Punchestown
Wednesday, 31st Dec 2014Uttoxeter
Wednesday, 31st Dec 2014Warwick

Fixtures Home

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