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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 24th January 2017. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey OwnerOdds
3.20 Leicester A Hare Breath (IRE) Alkaadhem Pauling, Ben Bass, Mr D R Mrs S N J Embiricos 4/6
2.50 Leicester Global Stage Multiplex OBrien, Fergal Brennan, P J The Yes No Wait Sorries 10/11
3.20 Leicester Romain De Senam (FR) Saint Des Saints (FR) Nicholls, P F Twiston-Davies, Mr S Mr Dan Macdonald & Mr Chris Giles 6/5
1.20 Leicester Carnspindle (IRE) Ask Greatrex, W J Johnson, Richard Fitorfat1 Racing 13/8
2.50 Leicester Ballyarthur (IRE) Kayf Tara Twiston-Davies, N A Twiston-Davies, Mr S Graham And Alison Jelley 13/8
4.00 Wetherby Mr Big Shot (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Pipe, D E Scudamore, Tom Prof Caroline Tisdall 13/8
1.30 Wetherby Gris De Pron (FR) Gris De Gris (IRE) Greenall, Oliver Greenall, Mr Jake Daresbury, Hodgkiss 7/4
3.30 Wetherby Future Gilded (FR) Lost World (IRE) Snowden, Jamie OFarrell, C Owners For Owners: Future Gilded 7/4
1.20 Leicester Sister Sibyl (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Morrison, H OBrien, T J Mr L A Garfield 2/1
1.40 Southwell Daily Trader Medicean Evans, P D Mullen, Andrew Shropshire Wolves 2/1
2.40 Southwell Dungannon Monsieur Bond (IRE) Balding, A M Bryan, Joshua Dr E Harris 2/1
3.40 Southwell Linganno Felice (FR) Librettist (USA) Jardine, I McDonald, P J A Dawson & Mrs K Campbell 9/4
2.00 Wetherby Rocky Two (IRE) Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) Kirby, P A Dowson, Mr T Mr Andrew S Taylor 9/4
2.20 Leicester La Vaticane (FR) Turgeon (USA) Pipe, D E Noonan, Mr D G Ms Maria Bukhtoyarova 5/2
2.40 Southwell Moondyne Joe (IRE) Bushranger (IRE) Burke, K R Curtis, B A Mr J Burley & Mrs E Burke 5/2
4.00 Wetherby Robbing The Prey (IRE) Robin Des Pres (FR) Jefferson, J M Hughes, Brian The Bells Steakhouse Ltd 5/2
2.20 Leicester Tagrita (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Nicholls, P F Twiston-Davies, Mr S Axom Xlviii 11/4
1.40 Southwell Come On Percy Sir Percy Fahey, R A Hamilton, Tony P D Smith Holdings Ltd 11/4
2.30 Wetherby Dream Flyer (IRE) Moscow Society (USA) Dalgleish, Keith Nichol, Craig Equus I 11/4
3.40 Southwell Isharah (USA) Kittens Joy (USA) Johnston, M Fanning, Joe Mr Abdulla Al Mansoori 3/1
1.30 Wetherby Most Celebrated (IRE) New Approach (IRE) Mulholland, N P Scudamore, Tom Stephen & Gloria Seymour 3/1
4.10 Southwell Samphire Coast Fastnet Rock (AUS) Shaw, D Hamilton, Tony Mr Paddy Barrett 100/30
2.10 Southwell Treaty Of Rome (USA) War Front (USA) Shaw, D Hamilton, Tony Mr John R Saville 7/2
3.10 Southwell Encore dOr Oasis Dream Cowell, R M H Fanning, Joe Mrs Morley,g Johnson,newsells Park Stu 7/2
4.10 Southwell Playful Dude (USA) Drosselmeyer (USA) McEntee, P S Shepherd, Callum Mrs Rebecca McEntee 7/2
2.30 Wetherby Fingerontheswitch (IRE) Beneficial Mulholland, N P Scudamore, Tom Cahill, Atwell & Crofts 7/2
3.00 Wetherby Song Of The Night (IRE) Mahler Longsdon, C E Hughes, Brian Neysauteur Partnership 7/2
2.20 Leicester Desert Queen Desert King (IRE) Fry, Harry Fehily, Noel The Jago Family Partnership 4/1
3.50 Leicester Zante (FR) Zanzibari (USA) Moore, G L Moore, Jamie Heart of the South Racing 4/1
3.40 Southwell Tatting Street Cry (IRE) Mullaney, L A Mulrennan, Paul The Usual Suspects 4/1
1.30 Wetherby Regal Gait (IRE) Tagula (IRE) Whittington, H McGrath, Jeremiah Mr Paul G Jacobs 4/1
2.00 Wetherby Feeltherhythm (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Grant, C Hughes, Brian Mr Nigel E M Jones 4/1
3.00 Wetherby Grand Enterprise Fair Mix (IRE) Hogarth, H P Hamilton, Mr J Hogarth Racing 4/1
4.20 Leicester Miss Mash Multiplex Daly, H D Sheppard, Mr Stan Barlow, Brindley, Kent 9/2
2.40 Southwell Archie Stevens Pastoral Pursuits Evans, P D Mullen, Andrew Diamond Racing Ltd 9/2
2.00 Wetherby Captain Mowbray Shami Menzies, Rebecca Kelly, T Premier Racing Partnerships 9/2
1.20 Leicester Alizee Javilex (FR) Le Fou (IRE) Wadham, Mrs L Aspell, Leighton A F Lousada & J J W Wadham 5/1
1.50 Leicester Fly Home Harry Sir Harry Lewis (USA) Swinbank, G A Moloney, Paul Mrs J M Penney 5/1
2.20 Leicester The Organist (IRE) Alkaadhem Sherwood, O Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus 5/1
3.50 Leicester Dormouse Medicean Murphy, Anabel K Johnson, Richard Mr Aiden Murphy 5/1
3.10 Southwell Poyle Vinnie Piccolo Appleby, M Rawlinson, Ali Mr C L Bacon 5/1
1.30 Wetherby Getback In Paris (IRE) Galileo (IRE) Snowden, Jamie OFarrell, C Mr G B & G H Firmager 5/1
2.30 Wetherby Buffalo Ballet Kayf Tara Alexander, N W Alexander, Miss L Mr Hw Turcan & Sir Simon Dunning 5/1
3.00 Wetherby Joseph Mercer (IRE) Court Cave (IRE) Jackson, Miss T Nicol, Mr Adam Mr H L Thompson 5/1
1.50 Leicester Sonoftheking (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Martin, Miss Nicky Edwards, Mr D Bradley Partnership 11/2
3.50 Leicester Innoko (FR) Carlotamix (FR) Carroll, A W Slatter, Mr N Mill House Racing Syndicate 11/2
4.20 Leicester Kayflin (FR) Kayf Tara Jewell, Mrs L C Sherwood, Mr J Valence Racing 11/2
2.10 Southwell Very First Blade Needwood Blade Mullineaux, M Dennis, Mr P Ogwen Valley Racing 11/2
3.30 Wetherby Dartford Warbler (IRE) Overbury (IRE) Smith, Mrs S J Cook, Danny Mrs S Smith 11/2
1.50 Leicester Global Dream Lucarno (USA) Bailey, Mrs Caroline Pogson, Adam Mrs Susan Carsberg 6/1
3.50 Leicester Orthodox Lad Monsieur Bond (IRE) Harris, Miss G Banks, Mr J Grace Harris Racing 6/1
4.20 Leicester Flobury Overbury (IRE) Leavy, B D Gethings, Mr C Mr J K S Cresswell 6/1
4.20 Leicester Sudden Wish (IRE) Jeremy (USA) Moore, G L Nuttall, Mr J M&R Refurbishments Ltd 6/1
2.10 Southwell Mustnt Grumble (IRE) Intense Focus (USA) Loughnane, David ONeill, Ger Miss Sarah Hoyland 6/1
2.40 Southwell Desirable Stimulation (IRE) Barr, Brian Donohoe, Stephen Mrs I Eavis 6/1
3.10 Southwell Meadway Captain Gerrard (IRE) Smart, B Beasley, Connor Mr Michael Moses & Mr Terry Moses 6/1
3.40 Southwell Royal Marskell Multiplex Kelleway, Miss Gay Eaves, Tom Miss Chantal Wootten 6/1
4.10 Southwell Dose Teofilo (IRE) Fahey, R A Garritty, Jack Richard Fahey Ebor Racing Club Ltd 6/1
3.30 Wetherby Wells De Lune (FR) Irish Wells (FR) Longsdon, C E Hughes, Brian Swanee River Partnership 6/1
3.30 Wetherby The Cobbler Swayne (IRE) Milan Russell, Miss Lucinda V Scudamore, Tom Mrs R Stobart 6/1
2.40 Southwell Doctor Parkes Diktat Williams, S C Naseb, Milly Essex Racing Club 1 13/2
1.20 Leicester Little Acorn Presenting Fry, Harry Fehily, Noel Andy & Sharon Measham 7/1
1.50 Leicester Midnight Jade (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Groucott, J B Edwards, Lee Mrs Robin Birley 7/1
1.40 Southwell Elegantly Bound (IRE) Choisir (AUS) Given, J G Eaves, Tom The Cool Silk Partnership 7/1
2.10 Southwell Wimboldsley Milk It Mick Dixon, Scott ONeill, K T Paul J Dixon And The Chrystal Maze Ptn 7/1
3.10 Southwell Lightscameraction (IRE) Pastoral Pursuits Kelleway, Miss Gay Hamilton, Tony Lca Lights Camera Action Ltd 7/1
3.10 Southwell Bowson Fred Monsieur Bond (IRE) Easterby, M W Sullivan, James P Mrs A Jarvis 7/1
3.10 Southwell Razin Hell Byron Balding, J Mullen, Andrew Timms, Timms & McCabe 7/1
3.40 Southwell Western Prince Cape Cross (IRE) Appleby, M Curtis, B A Mr Craig Buckingham 7/1
4.10 Southwell General Tufto Fantastic Light (USA) Smith, C Lane, Martin Mr J R Theaker 7/1
2.30 Wetherby Oscar Oscar (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F Newroc 1 7/1
2.30 Wetherby Swing Hard (IRE) Zagreb (USA) Smith, Mrs S J Cook, Danny D P Van Der Hoeven & D G Pryde 7/1
3.00 Wetherby Dutch Canyon (IRE) Craigsteel Alexander, N W Alexander, Miss L E Barlow, R Cundall & W Kennedy 7/1
3.30 Wetherby Monbeg River (IRE) Indian River (FR) Todhunter, M Brooke, Henry V Vyner-brookes & Bill Hazeldean 7/1
4.00 Wetherby Rockportian (IRE) Definite Article Greatrex, W J Aspell, Leighton N W A Bannister & M J R Bannister 7/1
1.50 Leicester Arquebusier (FR) Discover Dauteuil (FR) Baker, Miss E J Banks, Mr J Miss E J Baker 8/1
1.50 Leicester Crown Hill (IRE) Definite Article Farrelly, Johnny Powell, Brendan Mr Johnny Farrelly 8/1
1.50 Leicester The Wexfordian (IRE) Shantou (USA) Keighley, M Tinkler, Andrew Peter Boggis & John Abernethy 8/1
4.20 Leicester Actlikeacountess Act One Mulholland, N P Corby, Sean Mrs J E Purdie 8/1
1.40 Southwell Georgio (GER) Approve (IRE) Balding, A M Probert, David Mr John Dwyer 8/1
2.10 Southwell Fortinbrass (IRE) Baltic King Balding, J Edmunds, Mr L Mr Billy Herring 8/1
2.10 Southwell Spowarticus Shamardal (USA) Dixon, Scott Swift, Mr Dale P J Dixon & Partners 8/1
2.00 Wetherby Master Burbidge Pasternak Mulholland, N P Scudamore, Tom Dajam Ltd 8/1
2.00 Wetherby Edward Elgar Avonbridge Bailey, Mrs Caroline Skelton, Harry Mrs Janet Dixon Smith 8/1
2.30 Wetherby Hughesie (IRE) Indian Danehill (IRE) Williams, Evan Wedge, Mr A Andrew Turton & Paul Langford 8/1
3.00 Wetherby Total Assets Alflora (IRE) Waugh, S G Bewley, Mr C Northumberland Racing Club 8/1
3.00 Wetherby Kelsey (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) Bowen, P Bowen, Mr S P Mr H Jones 8/1
3.30 Wetherby Easy Street (IRE) High Chaparral (IRE) ONeill, Jonjo Coleman, A Mr John P McManus 8/1
1.50 Leicester Monderon (FR) Laveron OBrien, Fergal Brennan, P J Mr Oscar Singh & Miss Priya Purewal 10/1
2.20 Leicester Cresswell Breeze Midnight Legend Honeyball, A J Cobden, Mr H Bright N Breezy 10/1
3.50 Leicester Friendship Bay Midnight Legend Evans, H J Poste, Mr B J Mrs J Evans 10/1
4.20 Leicester Wildehearted Woman (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Snowden, Jamie Featherstone, W Epds Racing Partnership 13 10/1
4.20 Leicester Katies Hen (IRE) Shantou (USA) McCain Jnr, D Stock, Mr H Donald McCain Racing Club 10/1
1.40 Southwell Greengairs Delegator Dalgleish, Keith Beasley, Connor Mr Johnny Higgins 10/1
1.40 Southwell Medici Moon Medicean Dixon, Scott ONeill, K T Grayson 5, P J Dixon, G Amey D & Y Blu 10/1
3.10 Southwell Distant Past Pastoral Pursuits Ryan, K A Doyle, Joe Mr J C G Chua 10/1
4.10 Southwell Little Choosey Cadeaux Genereux Bowring, S R Lundie, K Mr K Nicholls 10/1
4.10 Southwell Tell The Stars Monsieur Bond (IRE) Appleby, M Curtis, B A Mr Michael Appleby 10/1
4.10 Southwell Powered (IRE) Frozen Power (IRE) Evans, P D Donohoe, Stephen Mrs E Evans 10/1
2.00 Wetherby Farewelltocheyenne (IRE) Zagreb (USA) Alexander, N W Alexander, Miss L Douglas Miller, Dunning, Turcan 10/1
2.30 Wetherby Boric Grape Tree Road Waugh, S G Brooke, Henry Mrs E C York 10/1
3.00 Wetherby Ask Paddy (IRE) Ask England, Sam England, Mr J Gremot Racing 2 10/1
3.30 Wetherby Captain Redbeard (IRE) Bach (IRE) Coltherd, W S Coltherd, Mr S W Mr S Coltherd 10/1
4.00 Wetherby Log On (IRE) Scorpion (IRE) Dobbin, Mrs R Nichol, Craig Mrs Rose Dobbin 10/1
4.00 Wetherby Cousin Oscar (IRE) Oscar (IRE) McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T Mr T G Leslie 10/1
1.50 Leicester Nobel Leader (IRE) Alflora (IRE) Evans, H J Poste, Mr B J Mr S D Faiers 12/1
1.50 Leicester Danvinnie Midnight Legend Sherwood, O Garner, Mr T Mr J Rathbone 12/1
2.20 Leicester Kilronan High (IRE) Mountain High (IRE) Twiston-Davies, N A Twiston-Davies, Mr W Mrs J K Powell 12/1
2.50 Leicester Wood Pigeon (IRE) Presenting Murphy, Anabel K Poste, Charlie Touchwood Racing 12/1
3.50 Leicester Nebula Storm (IRE) Galileo (IRE) Blake, Michael Cobden, Mr H West Wilts Hockey Lads 12/1
3.50 Leicester Akula (IRE) Soviet Star (USA) Leavy, B D Johns, Mr A Mr Barry Leavy 12/1
3.50 Leicester Hill Fort Pivotal Sheppard, M Sheppard, Mr Stan Mr Tony Scrivin 12/1
3.50 Leicester Monday Club Strategic Prince Davis, D J S Ffrench Grant, Mark Faber, Ffrench Davis, Head & Taylor 12/1
4.20 Leicester Staunton Kayf Tara Johnson, Mrs S M Shoemark, Mr C P Mr I K Johnson 12/1
4.20 Leicester Premier Rose (IRE) Westerner Price, Katy Bellamy, Mr T Mr Nick Elliott 12/1
2.10 Southwell Satchville Flyer Compton Place Evans, P D Donohoe, Stephen Mr A Cooke & P D Evans 12/1
2.10 Southwell Life of Fame Equiano (FR) Walford, Mark Costello, Dougie Champagne Charlies Club 12/1
2.10 Southwell Cadeaux Pearl Acclamation Dixon, Scott Walsh, R P P J Dixon & Partners 12/1
3.10 Southwell Lady Nayef Nayef (USA) Butler, John Doyle, Hollie Greenstead Hall Racing Ltd 12/1
3.10 Southwell Showdaisy Showcasing Dalgleish, Keith Hart, Jason Ronnie Docherty & Partner 12/1
1.30 Wetherby Mr Globetrotter (USA) Henrythenavigator (USA) Jardine, I Shortall, Mr S New Approach Racing Limited 12/1
2.00 Wetherby Knocknamona (IRE) Trans Island Hammond, Micky Colliver, J The Rat Pack Racing Club 12/1
4.00 Wetherby Honest Intent Fair Mix (IRE) Carr, Mrs R A Kelly, T Mr W A Robinson 12/1
2.50 Leicester Smoking Dixie (IRE) Beneficial Pauling, Ben Bass, Mr D R Mrs Robin Birley 14/1
3.50 Leicester Trapper Peak (IRE) Westerner Dore, C R Brennan, P J Mrs Jennifer Marsh & Mrs Louise Marsh 14/1
4.20 Leicester Timeforfirth (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Candlish, Jennie Noonan, Mr D G A Baxter M Barrett B Cant & S Rogers 14/1
1.40 Southwell Baileys Apprentice Mastercraftsman (IRE) Johnston, M Fanning, Joe G R Bailey Ltd (Baileys Horse Feeds) 14/1
2.10 Southwell Upper Lambourn (IRE) Exceed And Excel (AUS) Holt, J R Stanford, Lulu Mr D Slattery 14/1
4.10 Southwell The Dukkerer (IRE) Footstepsinthesand Given, J G Mullen, Andrew Mr Andy Clarke 14/1
1.30 Wetherby Rich Man Poor Man (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) Kirby, P A Nicol, Mr Adam Mr P Kirby 14/1
3.00 Wetherby Houndscourt (IRE) Court Cave (IRE) Foster, Miss J E Brooke, Henry The Berry Syndicate 14/1
1.20 Leicester Midnight Walk (IRE) Oscar (IRE) McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T Graham & Carole Worsley 16/1
1.50 Leicester Running Wolf (IRE) Amadeus Wolf Hales, A M Woods, K K The Wolfgangers 16/1
2.20 Leicester Magic Money Midnight Legend Greatrex, W J Tinkler, Andrew Mr Michael Fennessy 16/1
3.50 Leicester Master Vintage Kayf Tara Phillips, R T Hiskett, Mr D The Someday's Here Racing Partnership 16/1
4.20 Leicester Madame Lafite Dutch Art Portman, J G Cobden, Mr H Mr J T Habershon-Butcher 16/1
1.40 Southwell Mungo Madness Sir Percy Feilden, Miss J Birkett, Miss S Mrs Emma Raffan 16/1
2.10 Southwell Loumarin (IRE) Bushranger (IRE) Appleby, M Mullen, Andrew Looksarnteverything Partnership 16/1
3.10 Southwell Top Boy Exceed And Excel (AUS) Shaw, D ONeill, K T Mr Brian Johnson (northamptonshire) 16/1
3.40 Southwell Tommy Docc (IRE) Thewayyouare (USA) Dalgleish, Keith Makin, Phillip Mr Ronnie Docherty 16/1
3.40 Southwell Luv U Whatever Needwood Blade Attwater, M J Mullen, Andrew Richard and Nicola Hunt 16/1
4.10 Southwell Rocket Ronnie (IRE) Antonius Pius (USA) Barr, Brian Kneller, Miss R The Golden Horse Racing Club 16/1
2.00 Wetherby Tsundoku (IRE) Medicean Dunn, Mrs Alex McLernon, R P Dave Arthur & W B B 16/1
2.30 Wetherby Sharney Sike And Beyond (IRE) Coltherd, W S Coltherd, Mr S W Mrs Catherine Hogg 16/1
3.00 Wetherby Should I Stay (FR) Muhtathir Brown, A D Lavery, G Mr David J Sturdy 16/1
2.50 Leicester Daring Knight Dick Turpin (IRE) Smith, Martin Clark, Tim Four Winds Racing & Martin Smith 20/1
3.50 Leicester Miss Benefitz (IRE) Beneficial Hammond, Mike Hammond, Mr C Mr Royston Morgan Evans 20/1
4.10 Southwell Falcons Reign (FR) Haafhd Appleby, M Rawlinson, Ali Mr W Sewell 20/1
4.00 Wetherby What Else (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) ONeill, Jonjo Coleman, A Mr John P McManus 20/1
1.20 Leicester Treackle Tart (IRE) Winged Love (IRE) Longsdon, C E Twiston-Davies, Mr S Bradley Partnership 25/1
2.50 Leicester Midnight Merlot Midnight Legend Williams, Noel Popham, Mr I Mrs Peter Prowting 25/1
3.50 Leicester Moss Street Moss Vale (IRE) Dore, C R Shoemark, Mr C P Mrs Jennifer Marsh & Mrs Louise Marsh 25/1
4.20 Leicester River Dun Indian River (FR) Edwards, G F Edgar, Mr K Mr G F Edwards 25/1
4.20 Leicester Miss Giselle Desideratum Thomas, Sam Bargary, J P Lilling Hall & Hedd Win Racing 25/1
1.40 Southwell Chillililli Monsieur Bond (IRE) Appleby, M Walsh, R P Mr Shaun Tolley 25/1
2.10 Southwell Pyroclastic (IRE) Tagula (IRE) Kent, Nick Parkes, D A Cynthia Commons, Nick Kent 25/1
2.40 Southwell Imjin River (IRE) Namid Stone, W B Doyle, Hollie Miss Caroline Scott 25/1
4.10 Southwell Einstein Aqlaam Gansera-Leveque, Mrs Ilka Naseb, Milly Brookside Breeders Club 25/1
2.00 Wetherby Herecomestrouble Gentlemans Deal (IRE) Egerton, Lucinda Pratt, Dean Mr J H Hewitt 25/1
3.00 Wetherby Amber Flush Sir Harry Lewis (USA) Ellam, Clare Crosse, Dave Mr Robert P Clarke 25/1
3.30 Wetherby Polkarenix (FR) Policy Maker (IRE) Powell, B G McLernon, R P Mr John P McManus 25/1
4.00 Wetherby Sams Gunner Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Easterby, M W Lavery, G Falcon's Line Ltd 25/1
4.00 Wetherby Jack Lamb Sulamani (IRE) Hall, Miss S E Colliver, J Miss S E Hall 25/1
4.00 Wetherby Blakolive (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Walford, Mark Greenall, Mr Jake Margaret Walton & Le Dream Team 25/1
1.20 Leicester Llantara Kayf Tara Symonds, Tom Davies, James Bailey-carvill Equine 33/1
1.20 Leicester Spy In The Sky Generous (IRE) OBrien, Fergal Brennan, P J Mrs Lisa Hall 33/1
2.20 Leicester Kassis Kalanisi (IRE) Snowden, Jamie Scholfield, Nick Mrs J A Thomas 33/1
3.20 Leicester Agreement (IRE) Galileo (IRE) Evans, Mrs N S Williams, Mr R J Nikki Evans Racing 33/1
1.40 Southwell Shadow Of Hercules (IRE) Roderic OConnor (IRE) Mullineaux, M Dwyer, Martin Mr M Lynch 33/1
2.40 Southwell Touch The Clouds Sleeping Indian Stone, W B ONeill, K T Miss Caroline Scott 33/1
4.10 Southwell Albert Boy (IRE) Falco (USA) Dixon, Scott ONeill, K T Mr J Radford 33/1
4.10 Southwell Trust Me Boy Avonbridge Long, J E Aspell, P R Pearson & J Pearson 33/1
1.30 Wetherby Jonofark (IRE) Arcano (IRE) Rothwell, B S Hamilton, Mr J Mr R Kent 33/1
2.00 Wetherby Torero Hernando (FR) Foster, Miss J E Brooke, Henry Golden Syndicate & Mrs Chris Potter 33/1
3.00 Wetherby Foible Fastnet Rock (AUS) Sowersby, M E Colliver, J Mr M E Sowersby 33/1
3.00 Wetherby Desert Nova (IRE) Desert King (IRE) Campion, Mark Coltherd, Mr S W Whitewall Racing 33/1
4.00 Wetherby Reverant Cust (IRE) Daylami (IRE) Atkinson, P G OToole, Mr F Mr P G Atkinson 33/1
1.20 Leicester Sue Be It (IRE) Presenting Evans, Mrs N S Williams, Mr R J Hanford's Chemist Ltd 50/1
2.10 Southwell Barnsdale Stimulation (IRE) Holt, J R Ellingworth, Megan Planters (leicester) Limited 50/1
4.00 Wetherby Bocasien Desbois (FR) Smadoun (FR) Todhunter, M Brooke, Henry Mr J D Gordon 50/1
2.10 Southwell Outlaw Kate (IRE) Bushranger (IRE) Mullineaux, M Dwyer, Martin Mr & Mrs S Ashbrooke And J P Daly 66/1
3.20 Leicester Sussex Road (IRE) Mahler Sadik, A Edwards, Lee Mr A Sadik 100/1
1.30 Wetherby Melodya (IRE) Arcano (IRE) Sowersby, M E Day, Mr R D Mounted Gamess Assoc Syndicate 100/1
4.00 Wetherby Emerald Thief (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Grant, C Shortall, Mr S Mr Chris Grant 100/1

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