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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 21st February 2017. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey OwnerOdds
2.40 Southwell Billys Connoisseur (IRE) Art Connoisseur (IRE) Easterby, T D Richardson, Miss R Habton Farms N/A
4.10 Southwell Wimboldsley Milk It Mick Dixon, Scott ONeill, K T Paul J Dixon And The Chrystal Maze Ptn N/A
3.00 Wetherby Jerrysback (IRE) Jeremy (USA) Hobbs, P J Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus 4/11
4.50 Taunton Monsieur Gibraltar (FR) Spirit One (FR) Loxton, Mrs Rose Williams, Mr L Gane, Fogg & Nicholls 2/5
2.40 Southwell Native Prospect Bated Breath Balding, A M Murphy, Oisin Mick And Janice Mariscotti 10/11
4.10 Southwell Bounty Pursuit Pastoral Pursuits Appleby, M Rawlinson, Ali Mr C L Bacon 10/11
3.50 Taunton Towering (IRE) Catcher In The Rye (IRE) Henderson, N J McGrath, Jeremiah Middleham Park Racing Lix 6/4
4.40 Southwell My Renaissance Medicean England, Sam Elliott, Jane Panther Racing Ltd 7/4
3.20 Taunton Verdana Blue (IRE) Getaway (GER) Henderson, N J McGrath, Jeremiah Crimbourne Stud 15/8
3.40 Southwell Escalating Three Valleys (USA) Appleby, M Edmunds, Mr L The Horse Watchers 2/1
2.40 Southwell Elegantly Bound (IRE) Choisir (AUS) Given, J G Mullen, Andrew The Cool Silk Partnership 9/4
3.20 Taunton Whatduhavtoget (IRE) Presenting Skelton, Daniel Skelton, Harry Highclere Thoroughbred Racing-presenti 9/4
2.00 Wetherby Cafe Au Lait (GER) Nicaron (GER) Leech, Mrs S Cowley, Patrick Faithful Followers 9/4
2.30 Wetherby Top And Drop Kayf Tara Williams, Miss Venetia Treadwell, Liam Graeme Moore, Kate & Andrew Brooks 9/4
2.30 Wetherby Money Maid (IRE) Blueprint (IRE) McPherson, Graeme P Woods, K K Epds Racing Partnership 5 9/4
3.00 Wetherby Eaton Hill (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Lee, Miss Kerry Moore, Jamie Mr & Mrs J H Watson 9/4
3.10 Southwell Custard The Dragon Kyllachy Mackie, J Fanning, Joe Derbyshire Racing 5/2
5.20 Taunton If The Cap Fits (IRE) Milan Fry, Harry Legg, Michael Paul & Clare Rooney 5/2
3.30 Wetherby Lightening Rod Storming Home Easterby, M W Hughes, Brian Mr N W A Bannister & Mr S Hull 5/2
5.00 Wetherby Redemption Song (IRE) Mastercraftsman (IRE) Frost, Kevin Hughes, Brian Doc Redemption 5/2
3.20 Taunton Cajun Fiddle (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) King, A Hutchinson, Wayne Mickleton Racing Club 11/4
4.20 Taunton Top Tug (IRE) Halling (USA) King, A Hutchinson, Wayne Elite Racing Club 3/1
5.20 Taunton My Story (IRE) Court Cave (IRE) Mulholland, N P Corby, Sean Mr R S Brookhouse 3/1
5.20 Taunton Or De Vassy (FR) Assessor (IRE) Skelton, Daniel Andrews, Miss B Andy Jansons & Keith Wetton 3/1
2.10 Southwell Log Off (IRE) Sir Prancealot (IRE) Evans, P D Mullen, Andrew Mrs E Evans 100/30
3.50 Taunton Heroes Or Ghosts (IRE) Indian River (FR) Davis, Miss J S Madden, N P Tony Worth & Vic Bedley 100/30
3.30 Wetherby Unzing (FR) Voix Du Nord (FR) Pogson, C T Pogson, Adam P & P Wordingham, J Allott, C Pogson 100/30
2.10 Southwell Too Many Shots Mullionmileanhour (IRE) Best, J R Fox, Kieren Tms & Beckett 7/2
3.40 Southwell Lady Nayef Nayef (USA) Butler, John Winston, Robert Greenstead Hall Racing Ltd 7/2
2.50 Taunton Master Burbidge Pasternak Mulholland, N P Fehily, Noel Dajam Ltd 7/2
4.20 Taunton Tommy Silver (FR) Silver Cross (FR) Nicholls, P F Sheppard, Mr Stan Done, Ferguson, Mason & Wood 7/2
5.00 Wetherby Our Belle Amie Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Bailey, K C Bass, Mr D R Chasing Hopefuls 7/2
5.00 Wetherby Questionation (IRE) Dubai Destination (USA) Crawford, S R B Geraghty, B J Mr Kieran McKay 7/2
4.20 Taunton Bertimont (FR) Slickly (FR) Skelton, Daniel Skelton, Harry Chris Giles 4/1
3.40 Southwell Dungannon Monsieur Bond (IRE) Balding, A M Bryan, Joshua Dr E Harris 9/2
4.40 Southwell Ralphy Lad (IRE) Iffraaj Swinbank, G A Curtis, B A Ray Parsons Racing 9/2
4.00 Wetherby Modulus Motivator Winks, P Winks, Mr R Mr P Winks 9/2
4.00 Wetherby Aengus (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) Candlish, Jennie Quinlan, Sean Mrs Pam Beardmore 9/2
4.30 Wetherby Suzys Music (IRE) Gamut (IRE) Crawford, S R B Hughes, Brian Mr R McGaw 9/2
4.20 Taunton Sizing Granite (IRE) Milan Tizzard, C L OBrien, T J Ann & Alan Potts 5/1
2.00 Wetherby Calarules Aussie Rules (USA) Easterby, T D Day, Mr R D Langham Hall Stud Three 5/1
2.30 Wetherby Chasma Kayf Tara Easterby, M W Greenall, Mr Jake Mr B Padgett & Lord Daresbury 5/1
3.30 Wetherby Chestnut Ben (IRE) Ridgewood Ben Winks, P Winks, Mr R Mr Russell H Lee 5/1
3.10 Southwell Vroom (IRE) Poets Voice Kelleway, Miss Gay Lee, Clifford Buy,clarke,whatley & Panther Racing 11/2
3.50 Taunton Zanstra (IRE) Morozov (USA) Tizzard, C L OBrien, T J Moonrakers 11/2
4.50 Taunton Ballytober Kahyasi Prichard, Ian Pritchard, Miss C John Thomson And Matthew Paterson 11/2
2.00 Wetherby Minella Suite (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Dobbin, Mrs R Murtagh, Mr L A Mr & Mrs Duncan Davidson 11/2
2.30 Wetherby Aces Over Eights (IRE) Old Vic Lee, Miss Kerry Moore, Jamie Sam Thorp & R L Baker 11/2
4.00 Wetherby Milan Express (IRE) Milan Bailey, K C Bass, Mr D R Mrs Penny Perriss 11/2
4.30 Wetherby Sharney Sike And Beyond (IRE) Coltherd, W S Coltherd, Mr S W Mrs Catherine Hogg 11/2
5.00 Wetherby Cockley Beck (IRE) Westerner Richards, N G Nichol, Craig Langdale Bloodstock 11/2
2.10 Southwell Bo Selecta (IRE) Dream Ahead (USA) Spencer, Richard Donohoe, Stephen Rebel Racing (2) 6/1
4.10 Southwell Kyllach Me (IRE) Kyllachy Smart, B Evans, Nathan The Smart Stoneacre Sarah Partnership 6/1
2.50 Taunton Tactical Manoeuvre (IRE) Marienbard (IRE) Dunn, Mrs Alex Wedge, Mr A The Tacticians 6/1
3.00 Wetherby Plus One (IRE) Winged Love (IRE) ONeill, Jonjo Coleman, A The Megsons 6/1
2.40 Southwell Finale Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) Morrison, H Norton, Francis Mr T D Rootes & Mr O F Waller 13/2
2.20 Taunton Actlikeacountess Act One Mulholland, N P Corby, Sean Mrs J E Purdie 13/2
2.20 Taunton Gold Bonne Raine (IRE) Gold Well Williams, Evan Wedge, Mr A Mr J V Byrne 13/2
2.50 Taunton Distant Sound (IRE) Luso Harris, Miss G Hawker, Robert Grace Harris Racing 13/2
2.50 Taunton Lake Shore Drive (IRE) Thewayyouare (USA) Farrelly, Johnny Powell, Brendan Mr P Tosh 13/2
5.20 Taunton Rockpoint Shirocco (GER) Tizzard, C L Obrien, P V John and Heather Snook 13/2
4.00 Wetherby The Game Is A Foot (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Davison, Miss Z C Penford, Mr F The Secret Circle Racing Club 13/2
2.10 Southwell Mungo Madness Sir Percy Feilden, Miss J Birkett, Miss S Mrs Emma Raffan 7/1
3.10 Southwell Unnoticed Observatory (USA) Pears, Ollie Norton, Francis Ollie Pears & Keith West 7/1
4.40 Southwell The Lock Master (IRE) Key Of Luck (USA) Appleby, M Rawlinson, Ali Mr K G Kitchen 7/1
2.20 Taunton Margarets Rose (IRE) Millenary Twiston-Davies, N A Bargary, J P Miss Katharine J Holland 7/1
3.20 Taunton Midnight Glory Midnight Legend Hobbs, P J Johnson, Richard Mrs L R Lovell 7/1
4.50 Taunton Delta Borget (FR) Kapgarde (FR) Jefford, L Wade, Miss V Here Come The Girls 7/1
5.20 Taunton Casterly Rock (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Hobbs, P J Houlihan, Mr S M Diana Whateley & Tim Syder 7/1
3.30 Wetherby Oscatara (IRE) Oscar (IRE) McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T Mr T G Leslie 7/1
4.30 Wetherby Fill The Power (IRE) Subtle Power (IRE) Smith, Mrs S J Quinlan, Sean McGoldrick Racing 7/1
3.50 Taunton Bells Of Ailsworth (IRE) Kayf Tara Vaughan, Tim Johns, Mr A Mr S Grys & Mr M O'boyle 15/2
2.40 Southwell Tewafeedj Mawatheeq (USA) Ryan, K A Stott, Kevin Mr H M K Al Mehairi 8/1
4.40 Southwell Go On Gal (IRE) Approve (IRE) Feilden, Miss J Birkett, Miss S Go On Gal Partnership 8/1
4.40 Southwell Horseguardsparade Montjeu (IRE) Twiston-Davies, N A Brown, Thomas Walters Plant Hire Ltd 8/1
2.20 Taunton Avithos Kayf Tara Gillard, Mark Banks, Mr J Mr N J McMullan & Mr T Winzer 8/1
2.20 Taunton Oscar Jane (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Farrelly, Johnny Powell, Brendan Mr P Tosh 8/1
2.20 Taunton Viking Mistress Bollin Eric Keighley, M Tinkler, Andrew Martin Keighley Racing Club 8/1
3.30 Wetherby Plaisir Damour (FR) Linngari (IRE) Williams, Miss Venetia Coleman, A Kate & Andrew Brooks 8/1
4.30 Wetherby Thedrinkymeister (IRE) Heron Island (IRE) Bailey, K C Bass, Mr D R Mr J Perriss 8/1
2.00 Wetherby Noble Galileo (GER) Galileo (IRE) Vaughan, Tim Blackwell, George Newport Rangers 17/2
4.00 Wetherby Grays Choice (IRE) Well Chosen Bewley, G T Bewley, Mr J Martingrayracing 17/2
2.10 Southwell Kyllachys Tale (IRE) Kyllachy Teal, R A Mitchell, Jack Mr Barry Kitcherside 9/1
3.40 Southwell Crosse Fire Monsieur Bond (IRE) Dixon, Scott ONeill, K T Paul J Dixon & Darren Lucas 9/1
4.40 Southwell Noguchi (IRE) Pivotal Dwyer, C A Gordon, Miss J Mr D McGrath 9/1
3.50 Taunton Handsome Sam Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) King, A Featherstone, W Andrew Gemmell & Ron Sullivan 9/1
2.00 Wetherby Bohernagore (IRE) Tajraasi (USA) Davison, Miss Z C Penford, Mr F The Secret Circle 9/1
2.00 Wetherby Xhale (FR) Halling (USA) Bailey, Mrs Caroline Sherwood, Mr J The Blue Harlequin Racing Club 9/1
2.00 Wetherby Medal Of Freedom (IRE) Mahler Coltherd, W S Coltherd, Mr S W Wendy Gilbert & Debbie Deans 9/1
2.30 Wetherby Mollyanna (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Snowden, Jamie McLernon, R P The Duchess Of Cornwall & Mr D Brownlo 9/1
4.30 Wetherby Swing Hard (IRE) Zagreb (USA) Smith, Mrs S J Brooke, Henry D P Van Der Hoeven & D G Pryde 9/1
4.30 Wetherby Oscar Oscar (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F Newroc 1 9/1
3.10 Southwell Pullman Brown (USA) Big Brown (USA) Kirby, P A Aspell, P Mr P Kirby 10/1
3.10 Southwell Dusky Dawn Kheleyf (USA) Swinbank, G A Curtis, B A Mr Ray Parsons 10/1
3.10 Southwell Boots And Spurs Oasis Dream Dixon, Scott Morris, Luke Mr S Chappell 10/1
3.10 Southwell Essenaitch (IRE) Zoffany (IRE) Evans, P D Mullen, Andrew Spiers & Hartwell Ltd 10/1
3.40 Southwell Archimedes (IRE) Invincible Spirit (IRE) Griffiths, D C Gordon, Miss J Ladies And The Tramps 10/1
4.10 Southwell Llewellyn Shamardal (USA) Carroll, D Dennis, Mr P Mrs Sarah Bryan 10/1
4.10 Southwell Autumn Tonic (IRE) Approve (IRE) Barron, T D Makin, Phillip Let's Be Lucky Racing 8 10/1
4.40 Southwell Sennockian Song New Approach (IRE) Johnston, M Fanning, Joe Kingsley Park 7 - Ready To Run 10/1
2.20 Taunton Bel Esprit (IRE) Presenting Stephens, Robert OBrien, T J Ms J Ludlam 10/1
2.20 Taunton Sweetnchic (IRE) Midnight Legend Rowe, R Glassonbury, Andrew Richard Rowe Racing Partnership 10/1
2.20 Taunton Hija Avonbridge Haywood, Miss G G Mills, Miss Alice Haywood's Heroes 10/1
4.20 Taunton Mr Kit Cat Lucarno (USA) Williams, Evan Wedge, Mr A Mr & Mrs William Rucker 10/1
3.30 Wetherby Groomed (IRE) Acclamation Smith, Mrs S J Quinlan, Sean Mrs S Smith 10/1
4.00 Wetherby Citrus (FR) Great Pretender (IRE) Pipe, D E Scudamore, Tom Mr C Kieswetter 10/1
4.30 Wetherby Dreamsoftheatre (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) ONeill, Jonjo Geraghty, B J Mr John P McManus 10/1
4.30 Wetherby Scarlet Fire (IRE) Helissio (FR) Richards, N G Day, Mr R D Tarzan Bloodstock 10/1
4.30 Wetherby Attimo (GER) Nayef (USA) England, Sam England, Mr J Guess What Racing 10/1
2.10 Southwell Hazell Berry (IRE) Big Bad Bob (IRE) Evans, P D Prince,Mr P Shropshire Wolves 3/legacy For Lucy 1 11/1
3.50 Taunton Somerset Lias (IRE) Golan (IRE) Buckler, R H Heard, Liam Mr D R Fear 11/1
4.20 Taunton Bobble Emerald (IRE) Rudimentary (USA) Keighley, M Tinkler, Andrew D Bishop, C Bowkley & M Parker 11/1
3.40 Southwell Captain Lars (SAF) Captain Al (SAF) Shaw, D Hamilton, Tony Mr Chris Hamilton 12/1
3.40 Southwell Wentworth Falls Dansili Harker, G A Makin, Phillip Stockhill Racing Partnership 12/1
2.20 Taunton Beautiful People (FR) Early March Phillips, R T Popham, Mr I Beautiful People 12/1
2.50 Taunton Drive On Locky (IRE) Milan Farrelly, Johnny Heard, Liam Mr P Tosh 12/1
2.50 Taunton Flow With Eve With The Flow (USA) Turner, W G M Maher, Cian Michael & Will Potter 12/1
3.20 Taunton Little Acorn Presenting Fry, Harry Fehily, Noel Andy & Sharon Measham 12/1
4.00 Wetherby Mortens Leam Sulamani (IRE) Sly, Mrs P Andrews, Mr J Mr G A Libson 12/1
5.00 Wetherby Birch Vale (IRE) Presenting McCain Jnr, D Kennedy, W T Tim & Miranda Johnson 12/1
2.10 Southwell Medici Moon Medicean Dixon, Scott Swift, Mr Dale Grayson 5, P J Dixon, G Amey D & Y Blu 14/1
4.10 Southwell Prince of Time Bahamian Bounty Ford, R Rodriguez, Callum Mr B Hartley 14/1
4.10 Southwell Very First Blade Needwood Blade Mullineaux, M Beech, Mr A J Ogwen Valley Racing 14/1
2.50 Taunton Definite Ridge (IRE) Definite Article Dunn, Mrs Alex OBrien, T J Miss Beverly Beaver 14/1
2.50 Taunton Karl Marx (IRE) Red Clubs (IRE) Gillard, Mark Banks, Mr J Mr Sam Bartlett 14/1
2.50 Taunton Without Frontier (IRE) Stowaway Vaughan, Tim Johnson, Richard Mr J Durston & Mr N Harris 14/1
4.50 Taunton Parkam Jack Grape Tree Road Woollacott, Mrs Kayley Thomas, Mr J L Mr J F Symes 14/1
4.30 Wetherby Allez Cool (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Bewley, G T Bewley, Mr J Mr John Wade 14/1
2.10 Southwell Our Lois (IRE) Bushranger (IRE) Dalgleish, Keith Makin, Phillip Equus I 16/1
3.10 Southwell Alpha Tauri (USA) Aldebaran (USA) Smith, C Robinson, Ben Mr J R Theaker 16/1
4.10 Southwell Multi Quest Multiplex Long, J E Norton, Francis Mr Martin J Gibbs 16/1
4.40 Southwell Sattelac Kodiac Dalgleish, Keith Makin, Phillip Mr Keith Dalgleish 16/1
2.20 Taunton Perfect Timing (FR) Sassanian (USA) Martin, Andrew J Hamill, Mikey Mr Andrew J Martin 16/1
2.50 Taunton Thundering Home Storming Home Mitchell, N R Mills, Miss Alice Mrs Katy Boughey 16/1
2.50 Taunton Anythingmayhappen (IRE) Publisher (USA) Scott, J Griffiths, Mr M Bradley Partnership 16/1
4.20 Taunton Work In Progress (IRE) Westerner Skelton, Daniel Popham, Mr I Donlon & Doyle 16/1
4.20 Taunton Star Foot (IRE) Soviet Star (USA) Davis, Miss J S Madden, N P John L Marriott & Albert L Marriott 16/1
3.00 Wetherby Tommy Odwyer (IRE) Milan Hammond, Micky McLernon, R P Mr J B Wallwin 16/1
3.30 Wetherby Witness (FR) Astarabad (USA) Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F R J Ball And R M & T Holdings Ltd 16/1
4.00 Wetherby Cheque En Blanc (FR) Bernebeau (FR) Symonds, Tom Davies, James Mr Simon Davies 16/1
5.00 Wetherby Doctor Thea Multiplex OKeeffe, Jedd Brooke, Henry Mrs Alurie O'Sullivan 16/1
5.00 Wetherby Raennavich Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Easterby, M W Greenall, Mr Jake Mr J Douglas 16/1
4.10 Southwell Gettin Lucky Bertolini (USA) Balding, J Curtis, B A Timms, Timms, Baker & McCabe 18/1
4.00 Wetherby Next Edition (IRE) Antonius Pius (USA) Kirby, P A Dowson, Mr T The Dibble Bridge Partnership 18/1
3.10 Southwell Stun Gun Medicean Shaw, D Hamilton, Tony Mr John R Saville 20/1
3.10 Southwell Among Angels Acclamation Loughnane, Daniel Mark Swift, Mr Dale Mr Phil Slater 20/1
4.10 Southwell Cadeaux Pearl Acclamation Dixon, Scott Walsh, R P P J Dixon & Partners 20/1
2.50 Taunton Big Diamond (IRE) Royal Anthem (USA) Plessis, Miss J Du Best, J A Mr Reg Hand 20/1
2.50 Taunton New Vennture (FR) Kapgarde (FR) Fry, Harry Madden, N P The King's Men 20/1
2.50 Taunton All But Grey Baryshnikov (AUS) Gray, C J Gethings, Mr C Mr R J Napper And Mr N P Searle 20/1
3.50 Taunton Gold Mountain (IRE) Gold Well Dunn, Mrs Alex Wedge, Mr A Mr James Burley 20/1
4.20 Taunton Workbench (FR) Network (GER) Skelton, Daniel Andrews, Miss B Mr N W Lake 20/1
5.20 Taunton Ouro Branco (FR) Kapgarde (FR) Hawke, N J Gethings, Mr C Pearce Bros & Partner 20/1
2.00 Wetherby Gasoline (IRE) Mahler Williams, Ian Noonan, Mr D G Mr Paul Downing 20/1
4.00 Wetherby Derrick Danjou (IRE) Double Eclipse (IRE) McPherson, Graeme P Woods, K K The Odd Foxes 20/1
5.20 Taunton Italian River Milan Gundry, Miss Polly Newman, Mr Joshua Mrs Heather Dunn And Mrs Anne Collier 22/1
2.30 Wetherby Shy (CZE) Tiger Cafe (JPN) Charlton, G A Faltejsek, Jan Mr George A Charlton 22/1
4.30 Wetherby Shanroe Street (IRE) Mustameet (USA) Russell, Miss Lucinda V Fox, Mr D R Netherfield House Stud 22/1
2.10 Southwell Panther In Pink (IRE) Zebedee Duffield, Mrs A Norton, Francis Mr P Bamford, Ms J Bianco, B & M Plows 25/1
2.10 Southwell Sublime Exceed And Excel (AUS) Millman, B R Murphy, Oisin Mr J L Rowsell 25/1
3.10 Southwell Ticks The Boxes (IRE) Fast Company (IRE) Herrington,M Winston, Robert Darren & Annaley Yates 25/1
3.10 Southwell Harwoods Star (IRE) Danehill Dancer (IRE) Butler, John Bryan, Joshua Whiterok Ltd 25/1
3.40 Southwell Orient Class Orientor Midgley, P T Garritty, Jack F Brady,a Williams,p Lindley,s Wibberl 25/1
4.10 Southwell Vivre La Reve Assertive Unett, J W Downing, George Mr M Hall 25/1
2.20 Taunton Amour Dor Winged Love (IRE) Westwood, Miss Jesicca Brennan, P J Chasing Gold Racing Club 25/1
2.20 Taunton River Dun Indian River (FR) Edwards, G F Edwards, Mr D Mr G F Edwards 25/1
2.50 Taunton Just When Dalakhani (IRE) Chamings, P R Boinville, Mr N de Inhurst Players 25/1
3.50 Taunton Danvinnie Midnight Legend Sherwood, O Garner, Mr T Mr J Rathbone 25/1
4.20 Taunton Whipcord (IRE) Tikkanen (USA) Farrelly, Johnny Powell, Brendan Mr W Clifford 25/1
4.50 Taunton Anglingforcharlie Catcher In The Rye (IRE) Childs, Miss Beth Lawton, Mr N Miss Beth Childs 25/1
2.00 Wetherby Broadway Belle Lucarno (USA) Grant, C Shortall, Mr S Mr Chris Grant 25/1
2.30 Wetherby Frank N Fair Trade Fair Davison, Miss Z C Penford, Mr F The Secret Circle Racing Club 25/1
3.30 Wetherby Grey Life Terimon Morgan, Miss Laura McLernon, R P Burton, Copley & Todd 25/1
4.00 Wetherby Buckontupence (IRE) Brian Boru Evans, H J McLernon, R P The Prince Of Darkness Partnership 25/1
5.00 Wetherby Westello (IRE) Westerner McPherson, Graeme P Hiskett, Mr D Mr Graeme P McPherson 25/1
5.20 Taunton Air Approach New Approach (IRE) Vaughan, Tim Featherstone, W Mr J H Frost 28/1
2.00 Wetherby Hughs Secret (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Kirby, P A Dowson, Mr T Mr Andrew Bradshaw 28/1
2.10 Southwell Diamond Princess Bahri (USA) Appleby, M Morris, Luke Mr L Hill 33/1
2.20 Taunton Barra Hooley (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Weston, T H Poste, Charlie Mr Tom Weston 33/1
3.20 Taunton Spy In The Sky Generous (IRE) OBrien, Fergal Brennan, P J Mrs Lisa Hall 33/1
4.50 Taunton Court In Session (IRE) Court Cave (IRE) Brook, Mrs Annabel Roberts, Ms Annabel Mrs Annabel Brook 33/1
3.00 Wetherby Robertson (IRE) Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) Morgan, Miss Laura Hughes, Brian Mr & Mrs W J Williams 33/1
4.00 Wetherby Simmply Sam Nomadic Way (USA) Fife, Mrs Marjorie Easterby, Mr W Mrs S Barker 33/1
4.00 Wetherby Quarry Wizard (IRE) Trans Island Leech, Mrs S Greenall, Mr Jake Mrs D J Brown & Mrs D Dewbery 33/1
2.10 Southwell Stag Party (IRE) Thewayyouare (USA) Brooke, Julia Scott, Rowan John Platts & Danny Brooke 40/1
2.40 Southwell Dibloam (USA) Hard Spun (USA) Evans, P D Prince,Mr P Diamond Racing Ltd 40/1
2.50 Taunton Gilly Grace Morpeth Frost, J D Frost, Miss B Frost Racing Club 40/1
4.50 Taunton Lambs Cross Rainbow High Hiscock , G Hiscock, Mr G Mr P Hiscock 40/1
2.00 Wetherby Shalamzar (FR) Selkirk (USA) Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F Maybe The Last Time 40/1
2.00 Wetherby Pertuis (IRE) Verglas (IRE) Hammond, Micky Brown, Hugo Thompson M H O G 40/1
2.50 Taunton Laoch Beag (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Nelmes, Mrs H R J Ring, C V Ka Nelmes & Lj Burden 50/1
3.20 Taunton Squeaky Kayf Tara Twiston-Davies, N A Twiston-Davies, Mr S Mrs David Plunkett 50/1
5.20 Taunton Justice Knight (IRE) Ravens Pass (USA) Scudamore, M J Cheesman, Mr T Mr Mark Savidge & Mr H Bennett 50/1
3.00 Wetherby Strike West (IRE) Westerner Hammond, Micky Colliver, J The Multi-taskers 50/1
5.00 Wetherby Irish Fashion Demetrius (IRE) Duncan, I A Watters, Mr G B Mr I A Duncan 50/1
5.00 Wetherby Donnachies Girl (IRE) Manduro (GER) Whillans, A C Edgar, Mr K Mrs Karen Spark 50/1
2.10 Southwell Albizu Campos Mastercraftsman (IRE) Mullaney, L A Hart, Jason Mr R Ward & Partner 1 66/1
2.40 Southwell Touch Of Faith (IRE) Zoffany (IRE) Appleby, M Curtis, B A Mr L A Hill & Mr C L Bacon 66/1
4.10 Southwell Culloden Kyllachy Harris, S A Bennett, Charlie Burflex (scaffolding) Ltd 66/1
4.10 Southwell Name That Toon Paco Boy (IRE) Shaw, D Beschizza,Adam Mrs Lyndsey Shaw 66/1
2.20 Taunton Monet Moor Morpeth Frost, J D Cobden, Mr H Frost Racing Club 66/1
2.00 Wetherby Next Hight (IRE) High Chaparral (IRE) Haynes, J C Irving, Mr D Mr J C Haynes 66/1
5.00 Wetherby Samba Time Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) Bewley, G T Bewley, Mr J Martingrayracing 66/1
3.00 Wetherby Suggestion Dansili Kirby, P A Nicol, Mr Adam Red Cap Racing 1 & Partner 80/1
3.10 Southwell Showing Off (IRE) Notnowcato Wigham, M Powell, Ryan Mr D Spratt 100/1
4.40 Southwell Indulgent Makfi Sowersby, M E Evans, Nathan Mr M E Sowersby 100/1
4.40 Southwell Port Lairge Pastoral Pursuits Chapman, M C Dennis, Mr P Quench Racing Partnership 100/1
2.20 Taunton Lady Cardinal (IRE) Papal Bull Naylor, Dr J R J Crosse, Dave Mrs S P Elphick 100/1
2.20 Taunton Cautious Kate (IRE) Witness Box (USA) Gray, C J Houlihan, Mr S M Mr L & Mrs J Waring 100/1
3.20 Taunton Dites Rien (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Mulholland, N P Reed, Mr W H R Neil Mulholland Racing Club 100/1
3.20 Taunton Timetobenefit (IRE) Beneficial Phillips, R T Popham, Mr I Helen Nixseaman 100/1
3.20 Taunton Sapphire Noire (IRE) Shantou (USA) Hawke, N J Best, J A Air Cdre & Mrs M R Hallam & Partner 100/1
4.00 Wetherby I Know The Code (IRE) Viking Ruler (AUS) Siddall, Miss L C Challoner, Mr Harry Lynn Siddall Racing II 100/1
4.00 Wetherby Politbureau Red Ransom (USA) Hammond, Micky OToole, Mr F Jimmy Mac 100/1
4.00 Wetherby Apachee Prince (IRE) Indian Danehill (IRE) Whillans, A C Whillans, Mr C Mr J D Wright 100/1
3.00 Wetherby Blakolive (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Walford, Mark Greenall, Mr Jake Margaret Walton & Le Dream Team 125/1
3.00 Wetherby Lady London (IRE) Beneficial Dobbin, Mrs R Nichol, Craig Miss C L Jones 125/1
3.00 Wetherby Rich Man Poor Man (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) Kirby, P A Dowson, Mr T Mr P Kirby 125/1
4.00 Wetherby Sthenic (FR) Fastnet Rock (AUS) Hammond, Micky Colliver, J Oakwood Outlaws 125/1
5.20 Taunton Formal Request Malinas (GER) Gardner, Mrs S Stoneman, Mr R W J Mrs Brenda Russell 150/1
3.20 Taunton Vitarra Kayf Tara Wilson, A J Hamill, Mikey Mrs M J Wilson 200/1
3.20 Taunton Mylyny Tobougg (IRE) Turner, W G M Prichard, Mr D G Mr R Forgan 200/1
3.20 Taunton Theatre Royale Sulamani (IRE) Barr, Brian Heard, Mr M Miss Daisy Hitchins 200/1

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