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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 22nd January 2017. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey OwnerOdds
1.40 Leopardstown Colwinston (IRE) Mustameet (USA) Barkley, Miss S Fogarty, Mr M P Mrs R McAloon 66/1
2.40 Leopardstown Bentelimar (IRE) Beneficial Barry, J R Robinson, D James V Ryan 11/1
3.10 Leopardstown After Rain (FR) Al Namix (FR) Barry, J R McGarvey, J S John P McManus 12/1
4.10 Leopardstown Chestnut Brave (IRE) Dubai Destination (USA) Barry, J R OFarrell, Miss K Mrs Hannah Lee 16/1
1.40 Leopardstown City Saint John (IRE) City Honours (USA) Birrane, F Bolger, M J F Birrane 100/1
3.40 Leopardstown Diamond Cauchois (FR) Crillon (FR) Bramall, Mrs S A Walsh, R Mrs S A Bramall 7/2
1.40 Leopardstown Geneva Barracks (IRE) Thewayyouare (USA) Brassil, Martin Walsh, M P J R Brennan 7/1
1.40 Leopardstown Capital Force (IRE) Kayf Tara Bromhead, Henry De Walsh, R Clipper Logistics Group Ltd 8/13
2.10 Leopardstown Gangster (FR) Green Tune (USA) Bromhead, Henry De Mullins, Mr D J Gigginstown House Stud 5/1
2.40 Leopardstown Stellar Notion (IRE) Presenting Bromhead, Henry De Mullins, Mr D J R S Brookhouse 5/1
1.10 Leopardstown Jessicor (IRE) Getaway (GER) Butler, Michael Kennedy, Mr P D Raymond Doyle 100/1
2.40 Leopardstown Lake Takapuna (IRE) Shantou (USA) Culloty, J H Moore, J M Dr R Lambe 12/1
1.40 Leopardstown Justmemyselfandi (IRE) Arcadio (GER) Doyle, Miss Elizabeth OConnell, Mr B T Well Oiled Partnership 4/1
3.10 Leopardstown Derulo (IRE) Arakan (USA) Doyle, Miss Elizabeth Heskin, A P John M Dwyer 25/1
1.40 Leopardstown Auction Reminder (IRE) Daylami (IRE) Duggan, Donncha Splaine, D E Christopher Buckley 100/1
2.40 Leopardstown Damut (IRE) Gamut (IRE) Dullea, Joseph Flanagan, S W E P Cogan 20/1
1.10 Leopardstown Synopsis Azamour (IRE) Elliott, Gordon Kennedy, J W David Spratt 66/1
2.40 Leopardstown Rightdownthemiddle (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Elliott, Gordon ORegan, Denis Richard Gilbert 20/1
2.40 Leopardstown Clarcam (FR) Califet (FR) Elliott, Gordon ONeill, Ms Lisa Gigginstown House Stud 16/1
2.40 Leopardstown Vukovar (FR) Voix Du Nord (FR) Elliott, Gordon Russell, D N D Charlesworth 20/1
2.40 Leopardstown Shadow Catcher Haafhd Elliott, Gordon Geraghty, B J Mrs P Sloan 33/1
2.40 Leopardstown Space Cadet (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Elliott, Gordon Burke, Mr J J C Jones 7/1
2.40 Leopardstown A Toi Phil (FR) Day Flight Elliott, Gordon Kennedy, J W Gigginstown House Stud 7/2
2.40 Leopardstown Killer Crow (IRE) Presenting Elliott, Gordon Meyler, D Gigginstown House Stud 16/1
3.10 Leopardstown Veinard (FR) Shaanmer (IRE) Elliott, Gordon Kennedy, J W T Howley Jnr & J N O'Brien 14/1
3.40 Leopardstown Sutton Manor (IRE) Gold Well Elliott, Gordon Mullins, Mr D J Gigginstown House Stud 7/2
3.40 Leopardstown Woodford Island (IRE) Trans Island Elliott, Gordon Kennedy, J W T J Doran 5/1
1.10 Leopardstown Clonearl (IRE) Beneficial Fahey, Mark Butler, S E Conor McGrath 100/1
1.10 Leopardstown Awayinthewest (IRE) Getaway (GER) Fahy, P A Russell, D N Good As Gold Syndicate 9/2
3.10 Leopardstown Head Turner (IRE) High Chaparral (IRE) Fahy, P A Burke, Mr J J William Hurley & Mrs Aisling Hurley 50/1
3.40 Leopardstown Jazz Ranger (IRE) Bushranger (IRE) Fahy, P A Leonard, Cillin William Hurley & Mrs Aisling Hurley 50/1
1.40 Leopardstown Harold Peto (IRE) Vale Of York (IRE) Fleming, A ORegan, Denis Barry Connell 7/1
3.40 Leopardstown Elishpour (IRE) Oasis Dream Fleming, A ORegan, Denis Barry Connell 16/1
4.10 Leopardstown Bakmaj (FR) Balko (FR) Fleming, A Clements, Mr S Barry Connell 6/4
3.40 Leopardstown Ah Littleluck (IRE) Mahler Gibney, Thomas Moore, J M Kevin Haigney 14/1
3.10 Leopardstown Hidden Cyclone (IRE) Stowaway Hanlon, John Joseph Blackmore, Miss Rachel Mrs A F Mee & David Mee 20/1
1.10 Leopardstown Ale Ambrosio (IRE) Big Bad Bob (IRE) Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M Robcour 16/1
1.10 Leopardstown Mistheatre (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Harrington, Mrs John Bolger, M J D N O'Connor 100/1
1.10 Leopardstown Jelan (IRE) Milan Harrington, Mrs John Geraghty, B J G McGrath 4/1
1.40 Leopardstown Kalinite (IRE) Kalanisi (IRE) Harrington, Mrs John Kennedy, Mr P D Geoffrey Ruddock 100/1
1.40 Leopardstown Din Diddle Inn (IRE) Alkaadhem Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M Over Subscribed Syndicate 100/1
2.10 Leopardstown Jett (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) Harrington, Mrs John Russell, D N G McGrath 25/1
3.10 Leopardstown Light That (IRE) Echo Of Light Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M Flyers Syndicate 33/1
3.40 Leopardstown Oscar Sam (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Harrington, Mrs John Power, R M Cooper Family Syndicate 7/1
4.10 Leopardstown Kivalina (IRE) Kayf Tara Harrington, Mrs John Harrington, Miss K Oaktree Racing Club 12/1
4.10 Leopardstown Made In Mayo (IRE) Dylan Thomas (IRE) Harty, Sabrina J Maguire, Mr F Adrian McAndrew 40/1
2.40 Leopardstown Hash Brown (IRE) Vinnie Roe (IRE) Hourigan, Michael Enright, M A John P McManus 14/1
1.10 Leopardstown Not A Whisper (IRE) Kodiac Howard, Aidan Anthony Cash, B M Mrs Margaret Miley 66/1
1.40 Leopardstown Carlitos Bay (IRE) Definite Article Hughes, Sandra Burke, Mr J J Seven To Eleven Syndicate 100/1
1.40 Leopardstown Kickham (IRE) Presenting Hughes, Sandra Loughran, R P J Gleeson 66/1
2.40 Leopardstown Total Recall (IRE) Westerner Hughes, Sandra Loughran, R Slaneyville Syndicate 12/1
3.40 Leopardstown Apache Jack (IRE) Oscar (IRE) Hughes, Sandra Loughran, R Mrs P Sloan 50/1
1.10 Leopardstown Toe The Line (IRE) Shantou (USA) Kiely, John E ORegan, Denis Lillingston Family 5/1
1.40 Leopardstown Boubafly (FR) Le Balafre (FR) Martin, A J Geraghty, B J Lyreen Syndicate N/A
3.10 Leopardstown Tudor City (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Martin, A J Colgan, R C John Breslin 16/1
3.10 Leopardstown Golden Spear Kyllachy Martin, A J ORegan, Denis Newtown Anner Stud Farm Ltd 5/1
3.10 Leopardstown Gladiator King (IRE) Dylan Thomas (IRE) Martin, A J Madden, N P John P McManus 25/1
3.10 Leopardstown Heartbreak City (FR) Lando (GER) Martin, A J Meyler, D Here for The Craic Partnership 9/4
3.40 Leopardstown Mydor (FR) Stormy River (FR) Martin, A J Russell, D N Mulvany's Bar Syndicate 8/1
1.10 Leopardstown Miss Eyecatcher (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) McGrath, Roger Joseph Townend, P Connery Family Syndicate 9/1
1.40 Leopardstown Kristian Goingwel (IRE) Beneficial McKiernan, Oliver Browne, Mr B Keep The Faith Syndicate 50/1
3.40 Leopardstown Stolberg (IRE) Vinnie Roe (IRE) McNamara, A J Blackmore, Miss Rachel Mrs A J McNamara 33/1
4.10 Leopardstown Biennial (IRE) Bienamado (USA) McNamara, Andrew Mullins, Mr P W Paul J McMahon 16/1
1.40 Leopardstown The Comediologist Fair Mix (IRE) Meade, Noel Flanagan, S W Gigginstown House Stud 20/1
3.10 Leopardstown Ice Cold Soul (IRE) Stowaway Meade, Noel Flanagan, S W Gigginstown House Stud 20/1
3.40 Leopardstown Brightest Flame (IRE) Shantou (USA) Meade, Noel Flanagan, S W Gigginstown House Stud 7/1
4.10 Leopardstown Mad Carew (IRE) Getaway (GER) Meade, Noel Benson, D J Mrs Patricia Hunt 8/1
1.40 Leopardstown Political Theatre (IRE) Presenting Moore, A L T Russell, D N C Jones 66/1
2.10 Leopardstown Baily Cloud (IRE) Touch Of Land (FR) Morris, M F Enright, M A R A Scott 33/1
3.10 Leopardstown Thats A Wrap Scorpion (IRE) Mullins, Thomas Geraghty, B J John P McManus 8/1
3.10 Leopardstown Grand Partner (IRE) Millenary Mullins, Thomas Mullins, Mr D J Mrs Helen Mullins 40/1
3.10 Leopardstown Sir Scorpion (IRE) Scorpion (IRE) Mullins, Thomas Walsh, M P John P McManus 16/1
3.10 Leopardstown Top Othe Ra (IRE) Whitmores Conn (USA) Mullins, Thomas Short, Mr A W Mrs Helen Mullins 25/1
1.10 Leopardstown Bargy Lady (IRE) Yeats (IRE) Mullins, W P Walsh, R Oakroom Racing Club 6/4
2.10 Leopardstown Yorkhill (IRE) Presenting Mullins, W P Walsh, R Andrea Wylie & Graham Wylie 1/5
2.10 Leopardstown Bellow Mome (FR) Honolulu (IRE) Mullins, W P Townend, P Mrs Audrey Turley 10/1
2.40 Leopardstown Tennis Cap (FR) Snow Cap (FR) Mullins, W P Townend, P Mrs Violet O'Leary 33/1
2.40 Leopardstown New Kid In Town (IRE) Gamut (IRE) Mullins, W P Blackmore, Miss Rachel Bowes Lodge Stables Partnership 20/1
2.40 Leopardstown The Paparrazi Kid (IRE) Milan Mullins, W P Fogarty, Mr M P Byerley Racing Syndicate 33/1
2.40 Leopardstown Rolly Baby (FR) Funny Baby (FR) Mullins, W P Walsh, R Teahon Consulting Limited 10/1
3.10 Leopardstown Cap Daubois (FR) Snow Cap (FR) Mullins, W P Mullins, D E Mrs S Ricci 25/1
3.10 Leopardstown Noble Inn (FR) Sinndar (IRE) Mullins, W P Fogarty, Mr M P M J Mulvaney 50/1
3.10 Leopardstown Thomas Hobson Halling (USA) Mullins, W P Townend, P Mrs S Ricci 12/1
3.10 Leopardstown Allblak Des Places (FR) Full Of Gold (FR) Mullins, W P Walsh, R George Creighton 12/1
3.10 Leopardstown Solita (IRE) Kings Theatre (IRE) Nolan, Paul Robinson, D Robert Hennelly 33/1
4.10 Leopardstown Simone (IRE) Presenting Nolan, Shane McParlan, Mr N Adam R Potts & Miss Zoe Casbolt & Barry Potts 20/1
4.10 Leopardstown Imperial Way (IRE) Getaway (GER) OBrien, Joseph Patrick Obrien, Miss S Gigginstown House Stud 11/4
1.40 Leopardstown Muhaafiz (IRE) Lord Shanakill (USA) OBrien, V T Kennedy, J W Sean O'Brien 50/1
1.40 Leopardstown Biggs (IRE) Getaway (GER) OGrady, E J Gray, S J Jonathan O'Grady 66/1
2.40 Leopardstown Kylecrue (IRE) Gold Well Ryan, John Patrick Mullins, D E John Patrick Ryan 20/1
3.40 Leopardstown Kilcarry Bridge (IRE) Balakheri (IRE) Ryan, John Patrick Mullins, D E Darraugh's Choice Syndicate 20/1
1.10 Leopardstown Rancher Lass (IRE) Tikkanen (USA) Thornton, Karl Meyler, D Mrs Dorothy L Murdoch-Gourley 100/1
4.10 Leopardstown Blairs Cove Presenting Twomey, P Walsh, Ms K P Twomey 5/1

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